Monday, February 22, 2010

Visionaries ... Art parallels life

This X-ray image from NASA 6 months ago ...

Supernova Remnant E0102-72
September 5, 2009

[Credit: X-ray - NASA / CXC / MIT / D.Dewey et al., NASA / CXC / SAO / J.DePasquale; Optical - NASA / STScI ... read more .]

And this from an artist and visionary 107 years ago ...

'The Sower of Systems', 1902 By, George Frederic Watts
(image courtesy of

The similarity between these two images is truly striking to me.  This similarity, hundreds of years apart is not totally unexpected; rather it is awe inspiring.  Also gives me a reason to believe my hope, "that perhaps we are here for some greater reason, a reason with a grander purpose and design", is not entirely unfounded.  Perhaps in finding connections like these, maybe I'm one step closer to figuring out just what my purpose in this grand design might be.

See other paintings by George Frederic Watts

My favorites by George Frederic Watts

NASA Astronomy Photo of the Day (APOD)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Government & Politics will just have to wait ...

I know I promised my next post would reveal all about the elusive E.O.s, but insomnia has been unreal lately.  I'm starting to see double I'm so tired ... :  )  I make of the most it and try to write when I can, read after that, and if I'm still up around 2 a.m., I resort to jewelry making.  My latest quest has been to try to use leftover pieces, in an effort to make something useful while eliminating scraps and waste.  Here's what I've been able to conjure up this past week ...

Note:  these pictures were all taken after 2 a.m. ... so you get what you get ...

This turquoise stone set, and matching hair ties, are a tribute my Native American heritage on my mother's side.  My Native American Indian name is 'Moon Willow' (and I had no influence on the outcome ... funny the way things work out and ring so true ...).

This purple bracelet and earrings are a tribute to the birthstone for the month of February: the amethyst.

Someone asked if this was 'face jewelry'? I had to laugh, but it is a valid observation. No, it isn't 'face jewelry' ... even though it happens to be pictured on the face of a statue of Buddha.  I was trying to find a good contrasting background and this book just happened to be on hand.  ; )

This bracelet and earrings set is a tribute of the 'Queen of Hearts', from the story "Alice in Wonderland". 

I love the story of Alice in her wonderland.  This was one of the first 'big' books I ever read.  My godfather gave me a very old copy of this treasured tale ... it was loaded with lot of fabulous prints and illustrations.  I need to find that book ... my copy of "Alice in Wonderland".  It's probably worth something today ... given how old the book was?  And this book ... my "Alice in Wonderland"... also has an enormous sentimental value to me as well.  Would be fun to reread and share with my daughters before the movie comes out.

I've often pondered late at night, and up all alone, what I wouldn't give for the secret to a refreshing, peaceful night's sleep that lasted longer than 3-4 hours ...  If you have any secrets:  PLEASE SHARE!  I'm so tired and yet still wired?!  I've tried just about everything ... won't do sleeping pills unless I'm at my wits end ... I hate drugs of any kind.  I don't drink coffee anymore (gave it up for good this summer) and I haven't had a 5-hour energy in days. 

P.S.  Checked in on Abe via
I brought him from Seattle back to Fort Worth, Texas and left him at the DFW airport.  Either he's still there, or whoever has him hasn't bothered to log in and give us a status update.  I'm kinda bummed.  : (  I did my part?  I'll try sending some positive energy his way.  Hopefully, he's having a trip wherever he may happen to be.  Hopefully he didn't meet his final demise in another washing machine load?!  And no, that wasn't my doing ... he was that way when I found him ...

Monday, February 15, 2010

BLOGGER Go-Round ...

It's been fun ... and funny ... to watch my blog bounce around the blogsphere ... here on blogger. I have to admire Blogger for their dedication to grouping blogs of a similar theme near one another. Since my blog has no ONE driving theme, however ... (other than clearing my head ... which needs to be dumped periodically, or I'd surely suffer a mind-meltdown : ) ::   I have been ALL OVER the place and BACK AGAIN.

For a time this summer, I was put in with the 'writers and poets.'  Summer was a difficult time for me and I began reading and writing lots of poetry in an effort to stay sane, I guess.  Then in the Fall, I was bumped in with a really cool group of artists ... which I didn't quite feel that I deserved.   I had begun jewelry making over the summer (again a sanity saving measure ; ).  I had also discovered a wonderful art site and began exploring art and art history of the pre-raphaelites.  I shared many of my favorite paintings and made lots of art posts.  And now that I think a bit more on it, I do seem to recall a few photography posts intermixed in there as well.  So perhaps my brief stint in the art category was justified.  Was fun while it lasted!

Around Thanksgiving and early Christmas, I was moved into the neighborhood with some pretty intense musicians and rappers ... from all of my music posts ... songs ... references to and songs by Jimi Hendrix, a write-up on a favorite opera ... I guess? 

Most recently, I seem to have been lumped in with bloggers writing with a  religious theme ... I'm okay with that, I guess? ... The religious thing ... hmmm?  Well, I do consider myself to be a pretty spiritual person?  I spend a fair amount of time listening to God, the Creator, and praying for the needs of others.  Just don't enjoy being judged by the pious.

And if anyone has bothered to read between lines here in my blog, you'd find a black and white movie, a Greek tragedy perhaps? ... or at the very least the beginnings of an intriguing opera?  Yes, I've always been more than what I choose to share with others on the surface ...  I'm an insomniac too, so I log on here at all kinds of strange hours and write ... often with many typos, missing words, etc. ... prolonged lack of sleep can have that effect on you ... what can I say? ... re-editing is what we writers (in the home stretch of finishing off my first novel) do best anyway, no?

One place that I haven't visited yet is the 'diet crowd' ... which seems strange to me, given all my references to stomach problems and not being able to eat ... fasting?  Guess there is a subtle difference between not being able to eat and trying to eat healthier.

Oh well, guess I can't complain?  It's been a fun ride thus far!  : )  Thanks again, Blogger, for your dedication! You guys truly ROCK!  I love having my blog to vent, clear my head and express myself.  And it is neat that, occassionally, I am able to make a small difference in someone else's life.

Look forward to seeing where I'll wind up next ... on the BLOGGER ride ....  ; )


Song: 'On A Carousel', By the Hollies

P.S. Post on government & politics coming next ... finally found time to finish up my research on E.O.s  ... Have to hold on tightly for that post or I might just get thrown off this ride?!  ; )

Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Wolfman" the movie ... My review


I find myself writing this 'review' while MUCH in need of coffee! So please, bear with me.

The moon has always held a special place in my heart, especially the full moon.  So, I suppose it's no surprise that I would be drawn to this movie:  "Wolfman."   I happened to view this movie  last night and it was awesome!  I absolutely loved it!  Once again, I would have to say the critics are dead wrong in their categorical dislike of this film.  Perhaps the critics missed the whole point of the movie? This movie was supposed to be a tribute to the original horror films of old, written and set in that genre. And, personally, I happen to think the producers and directors were spot on in their homage to horror films of days gone by.  "Wolfman" was a great movie not only on the surface, but deep down in between the dark lines as well.

The scenery in the movie, the sets and costumes, all captured the quintessential air of the late 1800's time period. The off balance slightly disheveled manor home of Sir John made you immediately feel the uneasiness about the place, lending credence to the notion that something was not quite right. The nighttime forest scenes with hints of lingering fog, splintered moonlight, and crackling tree branches had you right on the edge of your seat. The musical score was intense and riveting as well.  Now, I'm not big on gore, but I guess it would be hard to have a believable wolfman movie without some gore, no? Let's just say, I did a lot of eye-closing during the gorey scene flashes, that coupled with a lot of digging into poor Ken's arm. ; )

[I did NOT take this photo! Got it off the net at]

I thought that the characters were well cast and played; they were very believable. Love Anthony Hopkins; he's so versatile. Benicio Del Toro, as Lawrence, did an amazing job conveying a range of emotions in his character. I don't think I have ever seen  Emily Blunt (who played Gwen ... Del Toro's love) before, but she did a wonderful job portraying a woman of those times, with a passionate heart, who wasn't going to let propriety dictate her role in the events unfolding around her.  I was surprised to see Hugo Weaving (Cop from the Matrix) as the Scotland Yard detective investigating the murders, but he did a great job bringing his character to life.

I especially liked the love story between Lawrence and Gwen. That Lawrence and Gwen could be in love after only such a brief meeting, under such dire circumstances, and with just one magical kiss ... that true love could see beyond the beast ... won't say anymore or I'll ruin the end for you ... but, wow?!  I loved the end on multiple levels.  And yes, I had tears in my eyes in the end. Does that make me a hopeless romantic? No, probably just hopeless ...

Anyway, bottom line: if you like the dark movies of old, do yourself a favor and don't skip this one just because the almighty critics say so; they're dead wrong on this one!

Best Movie Trailer I've Seen ...

Plot Summary 

"The Wolf Man"   1941 Movie, wasn't the first but it gave us most of the legend we now accept today ...

P.S.  Race car driving before the movie was a BLAST too!  And no, I did not break anything.  I did not wipe out, nor did I run anyone off the track ... least, I don't think I did?  FUN times!  : )  Quirky way to celebrate the always dreaded Valentine's Day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Permeance ...

New word listing in

1. permeance

(buy permeance mugs, tshirts and magnets)

noun - the conducting power Facebook 'friend' lists to become intermingled, despite list owners never having actually met in most instances; the recipricol (inverse) of making flesh and blood acquaintances in the real world.

Related forms:

noun - permeation
adjective - permeative
noun - permeator
verb - permeate

Wow?! The permeance in my Facebook reality is unreal.

I wish it was as easy to permeate in the real world as it is in Facebook.

Randall, you've got 639 Facebook 'friends'? Dude, you're like the ulitmate permeator.

porous penetrable permeation permeative permeate

by Zombie Cheerleader Feb 12, 2010 share this

[Hey, if you have some free time ... why not visit  ... then, type in my word, 'permeance', and give me a thumbs up:  I'd appreciate it! : ) ]

P.S.  I'm not knocking Facebook with this definition; it just seems to ring true?! Hey, I even have 2 friends on my own list whom I've never met ... one, is the wife of my cousin and the other is a friend of my cousin. So I see how one can easily come to have many friends they've never met. I also have my marital status unset ... part of my alias and being ambiguous. That has gotten me alot of unsolicited friend requests too ... I guess? Haven't accepted many of those though ... because it seems to me that I would be less likely to make any posts (or any forthright ... informative ones) if people that didn't really 'know me' were 'listening' ... but that's just me.

Some people probably like all the attention and feedback that comes with having a huge friends list? Feedback, is highly overrated in my book. I march to the beat of my own drum ... could really care less what others think. So having a huge 'friends list' is not really a big draw for me.  I like hearing from friends, but I don't need their feedback.  I did draw the line at accepting a friend request from a friend of a friend who had 639 (?!!!?) friends on his list. He seems like a crazy fun kind of guy, but an expanded 639 friend audience is hardly compatible with keeping a low profile, no? Felt bad though, cause this guy really seemed like a nice guy, so I used him as an example in my definition.

My main reason for being on Facebook --despite my better judgment (hence the alias)--  is to connect with my family. Now that I live clear across the country, keeping in touch and up to date with the silly little aspects of everyday life occurrences of my family has been difficult. Surprisingly, Facebook has really helped in that respect. I've even connected with long lost cousins, Ken's sister and nieces that I have not spoken to in years. Facebook is definitely a social networking tool! You can really learn a lot about people by what they say, and more specifically (to my way of thinking, anyway) by WHAT THEY DON'T SAY. So for now, I remain logged on to Facebook (via alias), and I would like to sincerely THANK the folks at Facebook for the new and interesting perspective they've given me on the world. :

Song: 'These Arms of Mine', By Otis Redding (Just because! ... Okay and maybe a token nod to St. Valentine's Day?)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Time to move on ...

Okay ... this has been fun, but it's taking up way too much time.  Time to move on.  Hope I've provided you with some mild amusement and a brief distraction from the demands of everyday life.  Here are Mike's word plays and one last attempt at being artistic (not?) by me.

Mike's Creations (answers below ...)

Know this seems to be true in my life at times ... not bad for less than 10 min.'s of work?

Answers for Mike's Creations:

up, up and away
stairway to heaven
(italics) ‘italian’ sausage - okay it's a stretch, but fun
leaning tower of pisa
total ellipsis of the heart
come as you are - nirvana
40 yard dash
left behind
the glory path
singing in the rain
once upon a time in america
that’s a bold statement
little miss sunshine
always on my mind
eternal love
music box
wind beneath my wings
going long
thin lizzy
here’s looking at you
I'm melting
pieces of me
snap out of it
blade runner
nobody puts baby in the corner
the long and winding road
the empire strikes back - (had to do it, being the sequel to aaron's puzzles)
stand in the place where you live
pumped up

Thanks Mike!  You and Aaron are the best!  : )

Song: 'Wipeout!', By the Surfaris

'Blade Runner (Theme)', Complete Movie Soundtracks

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More WordPlays ... An Artistic Take

Regarding my post 'Play on Words', for 2/8/2010:  These are plays on words that I came up with after working on my book for 5 hours straight, at 2:00 a.m. in the morning.  Not bad for a tired and wired mind, but I knew that there were probably tons more of these ... and some loads better than what I was able come up with at 2:00 a.m..  So with this in mind,  I asked my artist brother to see what he could come up with, and he in turn gave another artist friend of his a tap on the shoulder as well.  Together they came up with some pretty inventive, somewhat artistic, and tres cool WordPlays.  Waiting to see if they are okay with my publishing them here to riddle you. 

While I'm waiting for their reply, here are some more complex/artistic renditions that I came up with up during normal waking hours (what a concept, eh?   ; ) ....

Let me know if any of you come up with any great plays.  That reminds me ... I guess I should illustrate the 4-play suggestion that I received, no?

Here are my brother's ... Aaron's ... creations ...

[Click on image for a larger view.]

Answers for the above and Mike's word plays to follow.  If  you have any plays you want to share, send them to me at ???  (temporary email address).  Look forward to hearing from you and be sure to include who to give credit to in your email.  Thanks!

Thanks Aaron.  These are AWESOME ... too fun!  : )

Answers for Aaron's Creations (1 thru 35):

1. Angle Iron
2. Above It All
3. Untoward Behavior
4. Hanging Chad
5. Breakaway
6. Falling Down
7. High Rise Building
8. Ice On Bridge
9. I Can't Believe It
10. I Understand
11. Stuck In The Middle With You
12. All Star Game
13. Broken Dreams
14. A Bold Plan
15. Fading Into Nothing
16. The Jet Stream
17. Cropped Up
18. Dark Room
19. A Blank Expression
20. Bipedal
21. I Long To See You
22. Look Out Below
23. Sliding Glass Doors
24. Strange Emotion
25. Elemental
26. Missing Piece
27. Partial View
28. A Higher Calling
29. One Ring to Rule Them All (For Ken)
30. Wind Up Toy
31. Around The Corner
32. Tunnel Vision
33. Congress In Session
34. Staggered Home
35. Star Wars (of course)

This stuff can be addicting!  : )

Song: 'Theme From Star Wars', Complete Movie Soundtracks

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Play on WORDS ...

'Play on Words'

Play on words?  Play with words? Working with words can be fun, sometimes when you hit a wall though: it’s just plain W-O-R-K. It’s almost 2 a.m. and I need a break from writing the novel! So thought I’d have some fun with words. I’ve seen some of these before … expanded upon the idea to create the rest.

Here’s how it works …
Example: S D R O W => words in reverse or “backwards”

If you need to do some mind calisthenics, need a break or just want to have some FUN … see how you do … Answers at the end.

[Let me know if I made any mistakes ... it's LATE now ... I'll double check tomorrow after some sleep.]


P.S.  Feel free to share with your friends ... I don't care ... these are in jpeg file format.  Hah!  Had an interesting suggestion for the word "play" used in a number 4 configuration.  Good play, but I think I'll leave that one off for now.  ; )

Busy day ... just got to rechecking this.  See that I got order reversed on LIFE and DEATH.  No one else caught this?  Will fix and repost.  Thanks!  : ) => Fixed.

ANSWERS 1: Sandbox; Split-level; Mind over Matter;

Downtown; Circles under eyes; I Understand;

See through Blouse; 6 ft. under ground; Long underwear.

ANSWERS 2: Highchair; Backward Glance; pair of Dice;

Just Between You and Me; Neon Lights; Life After Death;

He’s Beside Himself; Tricycle; Touchdown.

ANSWERS 3: Crossroads; 3 Degrees Below Zero; Low Profile;

Calm Before Storm; G.I.’s overseas; Reincarnation;

Underground Railroad; Recycle; Out of Touch.

Song: 'People Just Love to Play With Words', By Men at Work

Sunday, February 07, 2010

A beautiful mind ... A beautiful person ...

... Peyton Manning ...

You'd think that I'd be footballed out by now, right?  And that would probably be the case, but my man Peyton Manning is leading his Colts into Super Bowl XLIV against the New Orleans, Saints today.  I've always loved Peyton from way back in his college days at the University of Tennesse.

And this must be why? 
A beautiful mind: Colts’ Manning

"{ “I’m not certain I have any unusual way of describing it, but there is a term … hypermnesia, and he does have (it),” Caldwell said of a term that is the opposite of amnesia. “He has the ability to remember almost everything he sees and hears.

He not only can take that information in, but he can also (repeat) it, and he can utilize it. You’ll find a lot of people can take in volumes of information, but their comprehension, maybe they get some, maybe they don’t. But being able to apply it when you need it, and he can do all of those things in the heat of the battle, under pressure, with the game on the line.

“That’s what makes him so very unusual."

And so very productive.}"

Read more: 'A beautiful mind: Colts’ Manning' -


Anyway ... Go Colts!  Go Peyton!  Your rock and I'll be watching the game and rooting for you and your Colts.  God Bless!


Zombie Cheerleader, Halloween 2009

After math of a tragedy? ...

Oh well ... another one bites the dust?! Guess Colts have a recent Super Bowl win under the belts. Nice to see an underdog win, right? New Orleans is my favorite city, in the U.S., to vacation. So I guess, I'm happy for them. Know my parents (visiting relatives in Lafayette) and all my aunts, uncles and cousins down there must be ecstatic. Always next year, Peyton. Chin up!

Liked the 'Who' for the half-time show. Go with the tried and true, I always say ... well for big national PR moments anyway. Commercials well, the 'spineless guy' commercial was pretty funny. I probably liked that one the best. Was surprised to see Lance Armstrong doing a commercial for beer, given his recent struggle with cancer? Got really tired of the lame chickens ... free Grand Slam (heart attack for breakfast) or not. Was happy to see that I'm in fashion, as my favorite sweater was featured on the NCIS commercial. Don't have the skirt and boots though. My next purchase? And Tebow's commercial (story) did not air after all? Guess FCC decided that his story did fall within the realm of controversial? [2/9/10 ... Nope.  I stand corrected.  Tebow's commercial did air.  I must have just missed it.  The brilliant minds at NOW are claiming that the add "promotes violence against women"?  Because, Tim Tebow playfully tackles his mom at the end of the commercial?  NOW spokepersons are not upset that the commercial  is "anti-abortion" (as one might expect) though?  Talk about your planet spinning off axis?!  The things that make the world go round ... ]

And once again, Ken and I were on different pages ... he rooted for the Saints and me for the Colts. Last game was Ken rooting for University of Alabama against my University of Texas ... even though, I faithfully rooted for his dang Gators all season long. Hmmm, telling of where our relationship is heading? Or an opportunity to kiss and make up? Time will tell ... meanwhile, I'm making Ken cook dinner even though his team won. I'm too bummed : (    How much Ken complains ... and how enticing his meal turn outs ... will decide the outcome of the latter.  ; )  ... 

(Dinner was chicken linguini in a sundried tomato and pesto sauce ... knew there was a reason that I married this guy. : )

P.S.  As for Manning walking off the field without congratulating the Saints ... well, I would have liked to have seen him congratulate the other team, but I guess I can understand.  Here's another point of view:  Shutdown Corner: A Sports Blog, By Chris Chase

Thursday, February 04, 2010

All the Rage?

All the rage on Facebook seems to be about ... the Wikipedia wanna be of dictionaries.  I'll have to admit I was skeptical at first, but it does prove to be mildly amusing ... even entertaining if you're bored, or need a break and have nothing else to do.  Guess, I'm a bit behind the times?  They've been around for 10 years now and this is the first I've heard of them.  I need to get out more?!

Anyway, last night after returning home from the grocery store (one of my absolute least fav things to do), I decided to unwind with a glass of wine and ''.  I browsed through their 'word of the day' postings for the past month or so and I must admit: I did find myself laughing on more than one occasion.  Giving someone 'the time' now has a whole new meaning for me ... I'll be careful how I use that expression in the future!

I wonder if anyone has actually ever taken a 'Febreeze Shower'?  Nearly gave my monitor a wine shower upon reading that one.  I could easily see my brother and his buddies doing this in their college, hockey playing days.  I also liked the terms: airplane mode, short story long, hyphenated and movie-gating.  If you're curious:  Look 'em up.  ; )

What's in a name? Most people seem to use the Urban Dictionary to find out the urban meaning of their name.   And yes, ... I did inevitably input my own name and found to my surprise that the definitions ... for the most part ... were'nt far off:

Michelle  ... meaning "one who is close to God"


Renee ... meaning "rebirth" or "renaisannce"

Even my alias name (for Facebook) rang somwhat true ...

Once again my motto holds true:  "Never Say Never!"  I'm on Facebook (under an alias of course) ... I've used ... and the list goes on and on ...

By the way, here's the definition given for their site:

Urban Dictionary
Dec. 9, 2009 (their 10th Anniversary)

"A site where users attempt to mock and explain everyone and thing in life, under the guise of cynical quasi-intellectualism.

It should be both noted and ignored, embraced and dismissed, laughed at and revered.

Urban Dictionary shows us we're all just a type, no matter how hard we try to escape or deny it.

by Nobody0000  "

And today's word of the day is:

February 4, 2010

"To look up your own name on Urban Dictionary, either for definition or myspace useage.

Me and Rianna went on Urbaning last night, her name means a xxxxxxx. Lets put it on myspace.

by aarongance"

So bottom line:  you may want to check this site out ... to see what all the hype is about if nothing else.  Then you'll be in the know when your friends speak of the Urban Dictionary

Enough fun: Time to get  back to writing!  Happy day to you!  Peace out.


P.S. Guess it's also celebrity doppelganger week on Facebook.  I posted Kate Hudson as my profile picture.  Today I received fan mail in my inbox.  Too funny!  Should I let them down nicely or play along for awhile ; )

3/1/2010 Not bad for a Monday ... saw this today ... best post ... sweetest definition that I've seen for my name so far:  ... definition #22 as of today.  God Bless whoever wrote that ... needed to read something like today.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

What is the Tea Party Movement?

What is the Tea Party movement?  A force to be reckoned with?  You decide ...

Posted by: Yahoo, Finance News

Reltated Articles:

'Take Me to Your Leader: Is Sarah Palin the Future Tea Partier in Chief?', Posted Feb 03, 2010 10:30am EST by Peter Gorenstein in Recession, Election

' "Just Ordinary Americans": Don't Underestimate the Tea Party Movement', Posted Feb 03, 2010 07:30am EST by Aaron Task

'The Movement: The rise of Tea Party activism'
By Ben McGrath, 'The New Yorker', Feb. 1, 2010

Monday, February 01, 2010

Vincent Van Gogh: A closer look ....

Someone else thinks of Don McLean's ballad when pondering Vincent as well : )

A beautiful compilation put together by user: tdifatta, September 23, 2006


Other interesting facts on Vincent Van Gogh to follow ...

Post-Impressionist (simply meaning artists who followed after the intitial movement) and a forerunner of Expressionism.  Vincent Van Gogh started out working for a group of art dealers, then worked briefly as a teacher, after which he "became a lay preacher in a Belgian mining district. ... He was fired when the Church became concerned with his over-zealous attempts to help the poor. Vincent had at last found his true vocation: illustrating the plight of the local peasantry."

Orginal artistic influence by Millet.  Then in 1886 Van Gogh went to Paris, where his style changed dramatically ... "influenced by Impressionism ... his palatte lightened and he began to employ bold simplifications of form. Like Gauguin, he also used colours symbollically, rather than naturalistically."

With his brother's financial support, Van Gogh moved to southern France.  Here he was joined briefly by Gauguin for a time, until the two had a clash ... which some speculate hastened his mental collapse. Despite his illness, Van Gogh continued to paint at a remarkable pace. Sadly, Van Gogh only sold one of his paintings during his lifetime, but the artists work "has since become the most popular and sought-after of any modern artist."

[information and quotes from: "World Art: The Essential Illustrated History", @2006 Flame Tree Publishing]

One thing that I notice about Van Gogh's work is how well he captures the essence of the people that he paints in the their eyes.  There is a beautiful simplicity to his work, but Van Gogh captures and converys a depth of feeling and emotion in his recreation of the detail of his subjects' eyes.   If it is true that the eyes are a mirror to the soul, then Van Gogh had a gift for seeing into the soul ... just my humble opinion.  I've always had trouble with eyes ... perhaps it is because when I try to draw eyes, I am looking with my mind and not my soul.  My anxiety over capturing the eyes prompts the mechanical in me to take over ... removing moving a work which may have started in the spiritual realm abruptly back into the material realm.  Something to think on ...

Another point that fascinates me is the number of self-portraits done by this artist.  What courage to look that deeply into oneself and reproduce what is seen.  How many of us, I wonder, ever take the time or effort to analyze ourselves that closely ... that critically?  Takes A LOT of courage to do the latter in my opinion ... I've never had the courage to undertake a serious self-portrait of myself.  Don't know that I ever will either?

Well, I hope that perhaps I've provided you with a brief retreat from the demands of your everday existence.

Joyful day to you!  God Bless!