Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Can I Impact the Political Process?

The following is a draft in progress. If you have any relevant web links, or comments: please help me out via the comment (pencil icon, at bottom of each entry) section of my blog: Thanks!

What can we do, as normal everyday citizens, to impact the political process?
1) Acknowledge that our U.S. Congress, representatives, senators, governors, State representatives & senators, etc. , ARE ELECTED BY "WE THE PEOPLE," and that these elected officials are in office to serve in OUR collective best interests.
2) Know who your elected representatives are.
Here are websites that you can visit to get this information:

a) general elected officials

b) U.S. Senators

leadership in the U.S. Senate

c) U.S. Representatives

leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives

Note: you can also find out on which committee each Senator and Representative serves, via links from b) & c) above.

3) Make sure that these elected officials are in fact making decisions (i.e., voting on legislation and introducing legislation) that are, in fact, in our collective best interest. We can do this by:

a) directly calling our elected officials
b) writing to our elected officials via the U.S. mail
c) writing to our elected officials via the Internet and email
d) physically visiting their offices, via appointment, and meeting with them face to face.

e) here is a government sponsored website that lets you write directly to your congressmen on-line:

f) there is an interesting website that is monitoring President Obama himself to see how many of his campaign, and subsequent promises he holds true to:

g) for official voting records, bill texts, and more visit:

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Senate

h) here is the link to a website that tracks how elected officials actually vote on key (note: issues site determines as key)issues:

i) A friend of mine gave me a link to a website where her congresswoman tracks the detailed activities of the current congressional session in a daily log. This congresswoman is very fiscally conservative. This is her take on the 111th Congress. Some interesting reading.

4) Stay informed about issues that impact you, your family and your community by reading newspaper & new magazines (or their on-line counterparts), watching local and national new programs, listening to talk radio programs, and having conversations with your friends, family & co-workers about these issues.

a) Something to watch is censorship of the talk radio via the "fairness doctrine" -- this actually a misnomer as the doctrine is anything but fair. Sean Hannity refers to this doctrine as the "censorship doctrine," and I would have to agree with him. Here are some links to check out on this issue:

Basic Info -

Why the doctrine is anything but fair -

b) Interesting reading on stimulating the economy -- lots of charts and pretty pictures:

5) Make an effort to challenge others to get involved in the political process as well:
a) via direct conversations with your friends, family and co-workers.
b) via community meetings.
c) via the Internet (e.g., blogs, emails, u-tube videos, etc.).

6) Become a registered voter and keep your registration current.Find out how to register and update your information (e.g., if you move) at:

7) Join a political party. The Republican Party was a splintered party in this last election. Efforts are currently underway to revamp the party and to develop an oversight and platform that truly encompasses core conservative values. If you would like to support this process, I strongly urge to join and/or make a contribution.

Obama still has an enormous coffer of funds, remaining from his election bid, that he and his party will continue use in order to: reach his base, garner support for their causes, and when needed to once again mobilize their electorate. In order to compete and get the conservative message out, the Republican party also needs to secure funds. Your contribution, no matter how small makes a difference! Check out their website:

Republican National Committee Official Website -

8) Stay informed about local elections and voting opportunities (via local city government websites, local newspapers and news TV programs), so that your voice can be heard, and SHOW UP TO VOTE! You should, however, make every effort to be informed about the issues and candidates that you show up and vote for!

9) When necessary draft petitions, to be signed by local citizens, to enact needed change. Here is an interesting website for petition creation and signing:

10) Know what a PAC is (Political Action Committee). Know how PACs work and which ones are working for or against the issues that impact you, your family, and your community. These PAC's can wield a lot of power!
a) basic definition of a PAC:
b) more specific details on PACs:

c) federal government website on PACs:

d) history of PACs:

e) look up specific info on a particular PAC:

11) Volunteer to work on the campaign of an elected official that you strongly believe in (e.g., in this last election, I made several dozen phone calls to citizens all over our nation on behalf of the candidate that I believed in. I did this using only the Internet supplied phone list and my home telephone.). There are lots of ways that you can help out in a political campaign: from going door to door for your candidate, posting yard signs and posters, to helping in the campaign office, stuffing mailers, etc.
12) By the same token, you can actively campaign to have an elected official REMOVED from office, if he/she is not serving, in good faith, the people who elected him/her.13) You yourself can run for political office and have a direct impact on the political process. We need more talented and honest people in the process at higher levels!

Friday, February 13, 2009

The Government Has Transgressed Its Constitutional Authority?

I followed up on the link previously given and found no draft for a resolution "enumerating present day transgressions by our federal government".

Apparently, however, many states (at least 8 and maybe as many as 20) are drafting such resolutions, using the words of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson and our own U.S. constitution themselves.  These resolutions will be written to assert the claim that our government has "transgressed its constitutional authority" and will further call for decisive action that would ensure further transgressions be put to an end. These resolutions are prompted by congressional passage of the most recent "stimulus" package --by both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.

This "stimulus" package was finally released in print as of 11:00 p.m. EST last night.  The resulting document was a whopping 8 inches thick, filled with hundreds of handwritten corrections, cross outs, and side notes. The latter document release is supposed to contain the details of the $787 billion reconciliation between the U.S. House and Senate versions of the most recent stimulus bill. The most disturbing thing is that the U.S. House and Senate are supposed to vote on this final draft today, Just hours after its initial release!

I just don't see how our elected representatives in the U.S. House and Senate can possibly read this document with such a short turn around times and still make an informed decisions regarding how they will vote?  Even more concerning, to me, is the fact that not only has the "pork" in this bill come to light -- which many are now claiming was inserted merely as a distraction for other more nefarious agenda items -- but there are also claims from those who have attempted to tackle this monster document that steps to socialize our nation's health care system have been tucked into this bill as well. Likely, additional socialist agenda measures will soon be uncovered, hidden within the 8 inches of text, cross-outs and side notes, once we all have a chance to further digest this massive (and wholly unbelievable?) document.

For further reading on how other concerned citizens feel about the passing of this unprecedented piece of "stimulus" legislation, check out this letter to President Obama and Congress, from the Heritage Foundation, dated Feb. 13, 2009:

I have to wonder sometimes, these days: what is America coming to?  From what I have seen, heard and read thus far, I would have to say that I am on board with those that say our government has indeed overstepped its bounds. I fear, however, that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

[How we did get to this point?

1) A recession -- which is not always bad for a nation's economy, as it flushes the bad out of an economic system (e.g., housing derivatives) and resets prices to a more affordable level, which is good for consumers. Americans have just gotten used to living high on the hog. They assumed that big market and strong economy was just the norm and the way things would always be. They were wrong!

America has survived deep recessions in our nations past, and we may yet survive this one: if the socialist agenda of our newly elected government can be reigned back in and doesn't do too much damage.

2) An unpopular War -- In Iraq and Afghanistan, with the unpopularity being fueled by unfair media reporting and coverage, and a liberal agenda setting the stage for the rise to fame of Barack H. Obama.

3) A massive mobilization of the electorate, behind a charismatic individual, who stood to change history by becoming the nation's first "black" president and who was extremely adept at utilizing 1) & 2) above to his advantage, as well as uniting millions of people -- informed and educated along with uninformed -- behind a platform with little substance aside from the promise of "change."

4) A splintered Republican party.

Millions of Americans who voted for President Obama and his party -- which subsequently gained control of the U.S. House and Senate -- essentially gave Obama and his party a wild card to do whatever the **** they wanted. And they are! You asked for and you got it. I just hope (and PRAY!) that our nation can survive this presidency intact. If you aren't scared yet: you are either stupid or in denial.

With friends like these in Washington: who needs foreign enemies?! They can just sit back and watch in delight as we destroy ourselves from within?! Too bad we can't take a vacation from our government! I had hope for Obama in the beginning, but with the passage of the recent stimulus package I just lost the last thread of hope.

We may all have pressing issues and concerns in our own daily lives, but we've got to get a handle on Washington and hold them accountable before this current administration spends and legislates America's way into 3rd-worldism via socialism.]

God Help us!


Sidebar: Imaginary Friends

Remember when you were a kid and you had an imaginary friend? Well many of us did. Wouldn't it be nice if we could have real friends, as adults, that were just like our imaginary friends? Imaginary friends don't have any expectations of us. Not a single one. They love us on good days and bad days alike. They don't care if our hair is messy. They don't care if we have fancy clothes. They don't care if we drive fancy cars. They don't care whether, or not, we are extremely exciting people, who travel to exotic places and lead adventurous lives. And best of all they don't ask, or expect, a single thing of us in return for their friendship.

I think that most of us would do well to ask ourselves, "am I a true friend to the people in my life?" Then to answer the latter question: use the "imaginary" friend as a template. Would we not all be better friends, and better people in general, who made a difference in the world --one person at a time -- if we lowered our expectations of others and stopped looking at friendship as a "what have you done for me lately?" situation? Or as some twisted, name dropping (i.e., "I know so and so"), social climbing, living vicariously through someone else, scenario? And, I think gossip should be one of the 'deadly sins'.

Maybe my astrological sign, Taurus -- which I typically regard as total crap -- has a grain of truth in it after all? Taurus don't have many friends, but the friends they have: they have for life.

3/29/09 I've had much time to reflect upon this entry, and I think that I found an answer:

"Never attribute to malice that which can be explained by stupidity." Hanlon's Razor (akin to Ockham's Razor)


My girls just finished a year of public school, in the new state where we are now residing. They have always gone to private schools. I have to say, that this year of public school has been so refreshing. We're finally dealing with real down-to-earth people, who aren't putting on airs and keeping up appearances. I would never do the keeping up appearances thing. I'm a die-hard rebel in that respect. So I guess we never fit in with the 'boutique' family crowd. We're much happier here. Wish we'd done this sooner -- give public schools a try. Of course, I do have to supplement some, but not much. This summer we'll do science projects (e.g., blow things up, etc. : ), I'm teaching the girls French and doing a music/art appreciation thing. Public school can rock with good parent involvement and support!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Economic Stimulus Package: A "Ghostbusters" Moment

I feel as if I am stuck in a really bad dream ... a nightmare, just like the one at the end of the 1980's movie "Ghostbusters" ... and at any moment a huge snowman (in keeping with the snowball scenario from yesterday), with a height to rival the tallest skyscraper in New York City, is going to come stomping through the streets of Washington, D.C., making its way forth from our nations capitol.

Yes, as of late this morning, the "stimulus" bill has passed in the U.S. Senate. The Democrats even wheeled in the ailing Senator Ted Kennedy -- God bless him -- so as to give the allusion of winning by more than the minimum number of required votes on this first piece of critical legislation by the new administration. So the Democrats passed the "stimulus" bill by 61 votes, instead of the 60 votes needed. They won by one vote?! Who's counting? The damage is done.

Now the reconciling process begins to bring the House and Senate versions of the bill into line with one another. President Obama claimed in his address to the nation, last night, that the entire package would be made available, on-line, "for all Americans to see."

I strongly urge ALL citizens of the United States to get on-line and look at the details of this bill -- both House and Senate versions. A government "of the people, by the people, and for the people ..." only works if the PEOPLE (You and me!) are truly involved in the process and hold our ELECTED officials responsible for what they say and do. Without public concern, voice, and oversight: greed, special interests, and corruption will prevail.

Americans voted, in unprecedented numbers, in the last presidential and congressional elections. Now, YOU (WHO VOTED) owe it to your country, your children, and your children's futures to step up to the plate and become engaged in the political process: TO BE INFORMED!

This truly is (ongoing) "an unprecedented moment in the history of our nation." How this moment plays out, however, is up to you: the average American citizen ... be you black, white, or any color in between. Will you just embrace the rhetoric? Or, will you answer the call to action and become an informed, concerned, and engaged citizen of the United States of America. The call to action began with your vote, but the responsibility of that vote did not end with the election.

Let's see how this plays out ...

Here is your opportunity to answer the call to action ...
Here is the link to both chambers of congress versions of the stimulus bill:

Monday, February 09, 2009

Economic Stimulus Package: A Monster Snowball

My 8-year old observed this morning that, "this spending bill seems like a snowball." The President started it rolling (as his stimulus bill), and it has just gotten bigger and bigger as it has rolled through the House and now rolls through the Senate.

With President Obama set to address to the nation this evening, it seems as if we are inevitably going to get hit with one huge, monster ball of snow. Hopefully, however, the TRUTH will prevail, and the congress will find a way to dig themselves out of the resulting avalanche.

I have to hope that our government, and its elected leaders, can work better than the snowball scenario to create and enact legislation. I have to hope that any bill, once introduced by our new President, will not ultimately grow to such an enormous monstrosity that it will ultimately brute force its way into law. Our nation and its citizens deserve better!

I am still praying! Hope you are too.

One last thought -- before the President's address this evening: didn't President Obama say repeatedly in the presidential debates that, "We are going to go through the Federal Budget, line by line, and if an item is wasteful: we are going to put a line through it." Wasn't this Obama's pledge of FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY by the Federal Government? Was he lying to us?

I, for one, am going to hold President Obama to this pledge. If he stops the spin and PR blitz, if he is honest with himself and his inner circle: Obama has to realize that this current stimulus package falls considerably short of his presidential debate pledge of FISCAL RESPONSIBILITY. We aren't buying the "need for immediate action" ploy, Mr. President. We know that there is time (per Congressional Budget Office itself!) to rewrite this package and come up with something better.

God Bless our nation.


Saturday, February 07, 2009

Economic Stimulus Package: Time to Start Praying

Two words: Fiscal Responsibility.

President Obama called for fiscal responsibility in his inaguaration speech. Average citizens need to practice this, businesses and CEO's need to practice this. Doesn't our government need to practice fiscal responsibility?

How does this massive special interest spending package show fiscal responsibility by our government and elected officials? It doesn't!

It is time to step up to the plate ladies and gentlemen of congress: put this spending package out of our misery and go back to the drawing board.

This is supposed to be government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The American people have spoken: WE DON'T WANT THIS STIMULUS PACKAGE. TRY AGAIN!

The American people are watching. We are willing to wait for a better package that won't cost us, our children and our children's children, so dearly. We will hold you accountable. History will hold you accountable.

When reason fails: PRAY. I am!


Friday, February 06, 2009

Final Hours: Economic Stimulus Package ... the TRUTH

First of all let me say this to ALL of the Senators on Capitol Hill:

If you won't listen to public opinion (60% of Americans now oppose this stimulus package), and you won't listen to all of the economic & financial analysts , and you won't listen to your peers, then LISTEN TO YOUR OWN CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE. The Congressional Budget Office says this bill is wasteful spending that isn't going to stimulate the economy in the short term!

Republican and Democrat alike, PLEASE save us, and our children, and our children's children from this bill! We can do better. We owe it to ourselves, our country, and our children to demand better.

This moment will live on in infamy. How will you be remembered senators?

As someone who towed the party line at the expense of the country?
As someone who worked in the 'spirit of bipartisanship' (per President Obama), only to leave our country with a legacy of debt that will last for generations and do little, if anything, to immediately stimulate the economy of our nation.

I am not saying don't act; just act judiciously. Reject this bill and start fresh with a new bill that is truly bipartisan and in the best interest of our country as whole.

( I know how Collins, Snow, and Spectre will be remembered ... especially when they come up for re-election in 2 years. It's not too late to walk back across the aisle senators.)

Last night, President Obama called for bipartisanship, but acting haphazardly on a wasteful and ineffective bill is not bipartisanship: it is stupidship. Bipartisanship is not Nancy Pelosi saying 'we won, so we're writing the bill. Now, shut-up and sign.' Bipartisanship is working together, with ideas from both sides of the aisle, to draft a thoughtful, targeted, and effective economic stimulus package that will work to create jobs and move the economy in the short term.

This current piece of legislation serves special interests, won't truly stimulate the economy, and is anything but bipartisan. It needs to be scrapped and new, truly bipartisan, effort needs to be undertaken. Contrary to what President Obama said last night: our nation will not suffer an economic meltdown if this bill is not passed this weekend. The CBO, and most economic analysts, predict that this recession will begin turning itself around within the next 18 months -- even if the congress does nothing at all.

President Obama's grandstanding and PR move at the House Democratic meeting, in Virginia last night, was sad but predictable. Obama tried to strong arm the Senate Republicans into signing his "stimulus" bill by applying a last minute media blitz. When in trouble, or doubt, Obama turns to his fan club, the liberal media -- who has been said to have a "man-crush"on him -- for support, rallying of the masses, and of course spin.

Last night, Obama criticized those who have called his plan a spending bill saying, with emphatic incredulity, "that's what a stimulus bill is (come on people get with my program ...after all I am the anointed one?!)." Well, President Obama, yes a stimulus plan can involve spending, but it should be spending that is specifically targeted at stimulating the economy. Spending that will truly and expeditiously stimulate the economy and create jobs in the here and now. Spending that will stand up to economic/financial analysis and public scrutiny -- yes, some of us out here have a brain, truly care what our government is doing, voice our opinions and stay informed.

A stimulus package SHOULD NOT BE spending that resembles a Democratic frat party, with Democrats cramming in every piece of left-wing agenda legislation that they have been trying to push through congress for the last two administrations. In fact, a "stimulus" package doesn't have to be spending at all. Here is an example of a stimulus that would not involve any spending: offer American companies, manufacturing products or providing services via foreign workers, significant tax breaks for bringing jobs back into the U.S. and employing American workers -- what a concept!

President Obama also said something to the effect of 'why wouldn't we want to replace the government fleet of cars with newer more fuel-efficient and greener vehicles?' Well, for starters we just gave the Big 3 auto-makers a huge bailout -- wasn't it $600 billion. What about the commercial and defense aerospace industries? These industries have also been hard hit with job layoffs, and more layoffs are still coming down the line. What is this bill going to do for workers in the aerospace industry? Have we forgotten about them?

I haven't felt the need to state the obvious lately, but $350 billion for 'birth control and sexually transmitted disease prevention. ' Please, someone spin that one for me?! How is this going to stimulate the economy in the short term and create legitimate jobs?

Stay strong our Republican and honest Democratic warriors in the Senate. Do not give into temptation and sign this pitiful excuse for a piece of legislation. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't; so what's the rush? Don't be fooled either by the magic number $800 billion. The Democrats --and sympathizers -- have added fluff to push the stimulus package up to a whopping $932 billion (last count? who can keep track). The fluff is just a distraction. Then, in these final hours, they will appear to compromise and pull the crap back out, thus allowing you to feel as if you've held your ground. Don't fall for it!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Forget Global Warming: Let's do something tangible, right here and NOW, to secure a bright future for our children

I've had another thought about the current proposed economic stimulus package. Instead of spending one single penny on "global warming research," let's put seat belts in our children's public school buses. I am sure that the $450 million allocated for global warming research will more than cover the bill for equipping our nation's school buses with seat belts.

How can we even worry about an abstract, highly controversial, and future problem like global warming when we are sending our kids out, right now and on a daily basis, on these school buses without seat belts?! Death or injury by bus accident seems a much more statistically probable concern than global warming. The comparison would almost be laughable, if it weren't so appalling.

States have laws requiring parents to have seat belts on children under 12. Some states even require car seats up to 70 lbs. now, but these same states allow school buses to operate without seat belts? What are our lawmakers and politicians thinking? They aren't! And where are the parents whose children ride on these buses? Even if a child walks to school, they may ride on school buses for field trips and other events. Why aren't parents up in arms about this very real and potential hazard to their children?

Let's do something tangible, right here and now, to secure a bright future for our children:
let's put seat belts in our nation's school buses.

Now, I'm not saying let's totally dismiss global warming. I am saying let's put things into perspective. Let's tackle a REAL problem -- one that we have some immediate control over -- that can do some good, right here and now, for our children. And bonus: tackling this problem can create real jobs to stimulate the economy at the same time.

I just haven't jumped on the "Al Gore global warming" bandwagon. Contrary to popular opinion -- which is not hard core science -- there are many many individuals and scientist who are not on board with the "Al Gore theory on global warming." I am not convinced that global warming is anything that we, as mere humans, can truly control, or that our contribution to global warming is a factor that will significantly speed up, or impact, a process which has scientifically been proven to have occurred many times in the history of our planet, when humans were not a significant contributing factor.

Let's do the objective research -- empahsis on OBEJTIVE -- but let's tone down the cost of doing the research. With this approach, we can address more immediate and pressing issues like the safety of our children and the pitiful state of our nation's economy.

For more enlightened info on the truth about global warming and how it is being played check this out: