Sunday, March 29, 2009

Global Warming: Has it Stopped? Reversed?

'Politically correct' environmentalists and politicians -- I believe, with an ulterior profit driven agenda -- have been trying to convince us as we humans of planet earth continue pumping huge amounts of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the environment that the net result of our actions alone will be a significant rise in global temperatures. They also claim that possibly within the very next decade that this 'global warming' will have potentially devastating consequences (i.e., shrinking Arctic ice, rise in sea temperatures and sea levels, etc.).

But according to a recent University of Wisconsin study, some unknown natural processes may have actually stopped the warming trend that was first detected in the late 1970's. According to the Wisconsin study, research has indicated that global temperatures have actually flat-lined since 2001.

The Wisconsin scientists can only theorize as to the cause for this trend. Some theories include: 1) increase in tropical cloud cover reflecting sun's light back out into outer space; and 2) unusually strong ocean currents sucking warmer water back down to the ocean's depths where it is then cooled.

While the University of Wisconsin study doesn't completely discredit the global warming hysteria, it should at least merit a national headline. Wouldn't you agree? Have you seen any such headlines? Further, this study lends credence to what many scientists have long been saying: "that science still doesn't fully understand the immense complexity of Earth's ever-changing climate." As evidence to the latter:  the year 2008 was the coolest year on record in the entire past decade, with snow paralyzing much of the United States Midwest and Eastern Coasts. Europe suffered through similar storms of its own as well, and snow fell on New Orleans and Las Vegas of all places. Go figure?

Just something to think about. Maybe now would be a good time to start questioning some of the hype that is being crammed down our throats? Information is power.

For a non-biased scientific look at the complexities involved in assessing and predicting Earth's complex ever-changing climate take a look at: .

Also check this out: "NASA errors put global warming 'facts' in doubt"

Please don't misunderstand:  I absolutely love nature! I love gardening and animals. I love just being outside and in touch with nature. Just ask my kids, I don't even like killing flies and spiders. I try to trap them in a glass and set them back outside. I'm all for planting trees, recycling, and conserving our natural resources. That being said, I am just not ready to buy into the whole global warming hype. What truly concerns me about our environment  is all of the chemical toxins that we are constantly dumping into our environment -- even household cleaning products. There is a balance to everything. With a little bit of insight, ingenuity and effort, I am confident that we (the human race) will find that balance.

And one last thought 5_18_09: What about all of the toxins and chemicals that we are constantly pouring out into our environment? These toxins have a much more immediate, and devastating effect, upon us in the here and now (i.e., cancers, increase in thyroid diseases, and hormone imbalances in women and young children, lead poisoning, etc.).

So What about toxic pollution?! Why isn't there a universal uproar, and 'green approach', to dealing with toxic pollution? Why: because the Almighty DOLLAR is at stake in this instance.  The cost to stop, reverse and clean-up toxins has been deemed too costly by the  'powers that be'... They simply won't allow a public uproar or information dissemination to occur. Also, there is no chance for profit in cleaning up toxic pollutants -- like there is in the sale of 'green' cars, 'green' light bulbs, 'green' appliances, etc. Follow the dollar trail:Go figure?!