Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Dreaded Task of Shopping for School Supplies!

Back to school is just around the corner. The school district is starting before Labor Day this year, in anticipation of possible snow days -- based upon what we had happen last school year.

Anyway, "back to school" means the always fun task of shopping for school supplies. I've already done the new clothes and bigger shoes thing; I can handle that. [Although, sometimes I wonder if it might be easier to shop for new clothes for three little boys, as opposed to three highly opinionated little girls -- gee wonder where they get that from?] It's the shopping for pencils, construction papers, rulers, wipes, etc., times three (kids) that drives me nuts! Maybe not so much the task, as having to deal with the crowds of people and other people's screaming kids?

Well, as I said in a post a few days ago: my kids and I have been off on adventures this past week (I'll try to post some photos soon). We've bee trying to pack in some last minute end of summer fun. Seems as if I haven't sat down, for five straight minutes, in the last seven days. My legs and feet just aren't what they used to be; they're aching and sore! So my plan for today, Sunday, was a day of quiet rest ... fitting for a Sunday, wouldn't you agree?

The kids, however, just want to keep going and going. They've had a blast this past week and they don't want it to end -- guess, I can't blame them. I had to put my sore foot down, on the notion of going horseback riding today. Horseback riding will have to wait until next weekend, but shopping for the dreaded school supplies was still on the table. As I was trying to mentally psyche myself up for the challenge, my husband -- out of nowhere -- offered to take the kids on his own. I nearly fell out of my seat and doused myself in a steaming hot cup Earl Grey tea. In all of the years of shopping for school supplies, Dad has never taken on this task on his own. He did offer to come along to help ONE time and then bailed midway through.

But hey, who am I to look a gift-horse in the mouth? If Ken was offering: I was going to take him up on it! So here I now sit, alone in peace and quiet ... with the sun actually up (i.e., it's not after midnight or the wee hours of the early morning) ... sipping a freshly made cup of hot tea, with my sore feet propped up on top of the printer. Of course, I have the phone right next to me just in case Ken has any questions or concerns. No worries -- right?! Ken left with three, relatively in-tact children; I'm sure he'll return with the same -- hopefully not more?! Yes, I have faith in Dad's organizational skills and infinite patience. I'm confident that he's up for the challenge, and I sincerely appreciate his taking on this daunting task so that I didn't have to ... today of all days. Thanks Ken! Love you!

Joyful to day to you and yours -- especially those of you preparing for "back to school".

God Bless!

8/31 (opps! forgot August has 31 days too!) Mission accomplished! Ken even went to 2 different stores in order to finish checking off all items on all three lists. He even brought the three kids home fed. Most impressive and greatly appreciated! Maybe you can use this story to inspire your hubby to do the same for you? You never know; stranger things have happened. : )

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Happy Birthday John McCain!

Happy, Happy Birthday John McCain!

Thank you for all of the many times that you have answered the call to serve our great nation.

May God continue to bless and guide you in the upcoming year ahead!

PJP (Peace, Joy & Prosperity)


Friday, August 28, 2009

My “Privileged Perch” and the Power of Prayer …

The internet, not unlike my “privileged perch” in my dream under the Hunter’s Moon, provides me with a new perspective: it lets me know that I am, in fact, a part of something “bigger and more profound” than just me. The internet – specifically blogs of other bloggers – gives me a greater appreciation for my fellow humans inhabiting this amazing planet, third rock from the sun.

I see, that while I must personally deal with my own issues firsthand, I can still “listen” – read the stories of others via their blogs – to others and keep them in my prayers:

Gabrielle, a talented artist currently residing in New Zealand, struggles to make a work connection and deal with the new recruiting norms in the this day and age where technology reigns supreme. She does this, while taking time out to look in on an ailing elderly neighbor who is currently in the hospital.

Azaad, an aspiring accountant and college student, from India, struggles with passing exams and regrouping to find the courage to try again after a partially failed first pass attempt.

Paul, a talented photographer -- and proud father -- currently residing in the state of Utah, in the U.S., prepares for an important gallery showing, while making an equally important reconnection in his love life.

So as each of these -- and other individuals [My Dad who is trying to get very high cholesterol numbers back down; My friend Eileen, and her husband, who are trying to grow their beautiful little family; My friend Kathy, who is grappling with issues regarding the health of her young son; My friend Monica, who is searching for a better job and love] -- enter into my mind throughout my busy day … or sometimes in quiet moments, late at night, as I wait for sleep to hopefully arrive: I offer up a little prayer for each of them. I pray that they will find peace, joy, and prosperity (their own versions of success) in their own lives. It may seem silly, but I am a firm believer in the power of prayer. I’ve witnessed too many little, and BIG, miracles in my own life, and in the lives of those around me, not to be!

And even if I feel “unworthy” at times – which is quite a bit these past few weeks – I know that God, the Creator, still listens to me … hears me. Maybe, He listens more when we take a moment out of our own busy lives to pray for the needs of others?

PJP (Peace, Joy & Prosperity) to you!

God Bless!


P.S. If you have any special needs: let me know and I’ll pray for you too – might as well put my insomnia to good use. : )

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Found Something That I Had Been Missing ...

(Photo by me, on my cell phone camera while in my PJ's. I'm not proud: no finished make-up or hair fixing yet, but hey I'm SMILING again! That was the whole point. This was the moment and I went with it. And yes, I almost always have a cross on ... even when I sleep ... just makes me feel safe. Guess PJ top is see-through? At least I have something under it? I don't know: should I take this down? Need some unbiased opinions ... Okay: it stays.)

Woke up this morning and when I looked into the mirror, I found something that I had been missing as of late: MY SMILE!

Spending time on adventures, with my kids, these past few days has been good for me. It's helped to remind me what's really important in life and how to find the joy, and enjoy, the simple things in life.

Anyway, I'm on the way back. I Hope to be smiling A LOT more in the days ahead.

Peace and joy to you and yours!

God Bless!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Music for reflection ...

"To the Unknown Land", Edmund Blair Leighton, Date: 1911

Need to hear a new song on log in ... Nickelback is just too upbeat for me these days. Tried to fool myself, but it isn't quite working. I'll get there ... just not there yet.

Here's some music for quiet reflection, or meditation -- whatever works for you ... I love Loreena McKennitt's voice: mesmerizing ...

I'm off with kids trying to squeeze in some last minute, end of summer, forays. School starts in a week and half.

Peace ...


Song: Incantation, An Ancient Muse, By Loreena McKennitt

Song: Gates of Istanbul, An Ancient Muse, By Loreena McKennitt

[This painting spoke to me, because it made me ponder what life in the here, and now, means to me ... and what I believe comes after. It is also about letting go of things which I can no longer carry and trusting that they will be alright without me.

What does it say to you? ]

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Escape for awhile ...

Escape for awhile ...

Song: "The Star Bangled Banner, Purple Haze, Jimi Solo", By Jimi Hendrix (14+ min.) --song#114

So easy to just get lost in the music ...

Enjoy! M

(P.S. Sorry! The direct link won't play?!

I've never heard this one before ... think it is from Woodstock?

Anyway go to my playlist and it is at the bottom of the list #114: )

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Regarding: 'Rolling up my sleeves and getting my hands dirty ...'

... Then again, there's nothing quite like cleaning bathrooms -- specifically toilets -- to help put your life into perspective. : )

Come on: you have to laugh? I did!

Sometimes, you have to laugh just to keep from crying ...

Joyful day to you!


P.S. It's been over four weeks now since I pledged to give up coffee. And aside from one singular lapse -- which left me crumpled on the floor, clenching my stomach, not five minutes later ... won't be doing that again! -- I have been faithful to my pledge to give up coffee for the sake of a returning stomach ulcer. Peace and power to those of you struggling with your own "addictions".

Friday, August 21, 2009

Latest Jewelry Creations ...

After a night of soul searching on Wednesday, I needed to roll up my sleeves and get my hands dirty. I needed to create something to help me reengage in the here and now. So here are the latest jewelry creations. And thanks to the wonders of modern medicine: I did sleep for 6 hours last night. I absolutely hate to use drugs, but once in a while: it's nice to feel human again!

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water ...

P.S. I did compose a sequel to "The Hunter's Moon", but you'll have to email me for a copy if you want to read it. It's just too personal to post out here for all the world to see ... And sometimes, you have to brave the darkness in order to understand the light.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dream Interpretation of "The Hunter's Moon"

Luna - By, Evelyn Pickering DeMorgan (courtesy of

I’ve been up all night – no sleep this night – but, I think that I’ve finally figured out what my dream under the Hunter’s Moon meant:

I was visited by a spirit being -- one of my soul guides, or perhaps a guardian angel, perhaps even the Creator himself … (still working on this part). This being set me up into the heavens in order to help me to realize that I was, in fact, a part of something bigger than myself no matter how alone or insignificant I felt at the time.

While I was visited by only one of the three possibilities in the "Hunter's Moon", the spirit being gave me hope for a connection with the other two possibilities from the poem. The spirit being conveyed to me directly, by a warm and gentle touch to my trembling hand, that I was deeply loved by the Creator. His touch was also meant to convey that I should keep hope and an open heart, for a love fully returned in the one to whom I had pledged. And in that fullness of a love returned, I would at last find the fulfillment of a soul mate. Lastly the touch was also meant to convey that I should not to close myself off from new connections and friendships in the future: they would be worth risk, even if that risk sometimes involved pain and rejection …

In sum, the dream meant:  to keep hope alive and peace will follow.

On that note ... here’s a tribute to friends past, present, and potentially future:
Live each day to the fullest, as if it might be your last, and don’t be afraid to dance! Do this and you just might sing a little along the way. I  still haven’t sung yet, but I’m hopeful …

Song: If Today Was Your Last Day, By Nickelback

God Bless!


P.S. Had a dejavu moment just before I crashed for two hours ...
I guess that we do what we know... Maybe this time we'll get it right.
[I did write a sequel to "The Hunter's Moon" ... Not sure what I'll do with it?]

Found this on-line interpretation with regards to "dreaming of the moon": 

Moon Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning: From time immemorial the moon has been regarded as the source of fertility as it governs the tides, rainfall, birth and menstruation. Within dreams, it can therefore symbolize the possibility of personal growth. The moon usually represents the feminine aspect of the self and anything hidden or mysterious. Its associated with water also identifies it with the imagination. A full moon may indicate completion whereas a new moon symbolizes new beginnings. An eclipse of the moon may show that your feminine side is being overshadowed by something. A Freudian interpretation of this would say that an eclipse represents getting rid of the attachment to your mother that is detrimental to your personal growth. If the moon eclipses the sun, this may show that unconscious forces may be overpowering the conscious ego.
Mystical Meaning: Palmistry tells us that the lunar region of the hand (opposite the thumb) is the area where you will find the lines of travel. To dream of the moon may therefore indicate a journey ahead. This is likely to be across water.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

On Soul Mates ...

After reflecting on the dreams that I was having -- three nights in a row, starting on Aug. 7 -- and the poem that came about as a result of those dreams ("The Hunter's Moon"): I've begun to question my notions abouts soul mates. I haven't completely gotten there yet, but I am thinking that perhaps a soul mate might just be someone with whom we seem to feel, and share, a very strong spiritual connection. And that connection does not always have to manifest itself in a physical or romantic way. In that line of thinking then, perhaps there can be more than one soul mate for each person. I guess, I'm getting to the point where I am ready to shed the limiting notion that a soul mate has to necessarily be a better, or other, half of someone: a unique counterpart.

I'm still reflecting on these thoughts. I'll let you know when, and if, I finish processing these possibilities ...

The dynamics in my life have been have been all over the place lately. That makes it harder to tune in to what I'm truly feeling. Still, I'm getting there. I'm hopeful and peace is slowly returning, day by day.

Have good one!

God Bless!


P.S. Also trying to figure out what this song means to me; it came on my mp3 player as I was mulling over thoughts on soul mates ... Any thoughts?

Song: The Space Between, By the Dave Matthews Band

Confusing song?!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Words That Speak to Me ...

The Shadow, By Edmund Blair Leighton

Over the weekend, I found some time to read from a book of famous quotations ("Familiar Quotations", By John Bartlett). This book was given to me by the parents of my best friend at the time, Mary, as a 'graduation' gift from junior high.

At the time of receiving this gift, I surveyed the massive volume (1,750 pages) and thought to myself: "Wow! That's a BIG book. Whatever am I going to do with it?"  I flipped through the pages "Bartlett's Familiar Quotations" that day, barely understanding what I was attempting to read -- not so much the vocabulary as the wisdom and meaning of the verse contained within. Since that time, so very long ago --then with starry-wide eyes of innocent youth-- I have spent many enjoyable hours perusing, savoring and digesting this 'BIG book', tome.   Each year that I read from this treasured volume's pages, I seem to  come to a greater understanding of the wisdom, and more recently the wit and sense of humor, contained within its many pages.   It seems as if we've grown-up with one another, this big book and me, so to speak?  Though, perhaps I'm not quite as "starry-eyed" these days?  From the Bible and the Koran, to the early Greeks and Romans, Chaucer, Milton, Cervantes, Dante and Shakespeare, to wisdom our founding forefathers, and even Confucius:  this book contains a wealth of insight that is as relevant today, as the day that it was written not so seemingly long ago.

As I happened to be flipping carefully through my treasured book over the weekend, my fingers settled rather decisively upon a section containing the works of the wordsmith William Shakespeare. One of Shakespeare's more prominent sonnets, Sonnet 116, captured the attention of my aching heart. Shakespeare's words spoke especially to me at this particular time in my life and so here they are for you to share.  Perhaps this particular sonnet is a favorite of yours as well?

"Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove:
O, no!  It is an ever-fixed mark,
That looks on tempests and is never
It is the star to every wandering bark,
Whose worth's unknown, although his
height be taken.
Love's not Time's fool, though rosy lips
and cheeks
Within his bending sickle's compass
Love alters not with his brief hours and
But bears it out even to the edge of
If this be error, and upon me prov'd,
I never writ, nor no man ever lov'd. "

~William Shakespeare, Sonnet 116

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Knowing what I want is the important part of the 'Battle' ...

To my surprise, and relief, last night was a good night. Despite what some might say, I’m a firm believer in the notion that “absence does make the heart grow fonder.” Time apart had given both Ken and I some perspective.

The weekend gave Ken and I the time, and energy, to reconnect over an evening game of chess. Afterwards, we reminisced over old times --before we knew one another-- on subject of life in the military: Ken having served in the Army (to pay for his college) and me growing up in an Air Force military family, perpetually on the move. We shared how these experiences had shaped our lives for better and worse. I can’t honestly remember the last time that we had truly talked, about more than the upcoming college football season or what was going on with the kids, or at work. I can't remember the last time that we talked about us. It was good to laugh, to listen and to be heard. (Ken’s not much of talker, but I so need that – to converse with others -- to connect to something outside of me, something larger than me.)

Despite having to get up afterwards to do the dishes and chase the kids into bed, I felt refreshed. As I was washing the dishes, my middle daughter came to me with a complaint about how her wrist hurt when she bent it a funny way. I laughed, and with soapy hands I gave her a kiss upon the forehead. Then, I simply said – as all parents have at some point: “Well if it hurts, stop doing that?!” Reassured that she would, in fact, be alright, Bethany walked away with a silly smile. As I plunged my hands back into the dish water, I thought to myself: “Now, how would the advice that I just gave Bethany apply to my life, right here and now?”

I don’t know if you have noticed? But I haven’t been happy lately and “peace has eluded me”, as I said just yesterday. So for a brief moment, I thought: “I haven’t been happy lately, doing what I’ve been doing, so why shouldn’t I just stop doing it?!” It felt good to express that thought for a brief moment, but then I thought: “But, I’m not a child. I’m a grow woman, a grown-up, and sometimes in life, being a grown-up means making hard choices and working through some hard stuff"– really hard!

I’m living proof of the fact that that which does not kill you, does actually make you stronger – a little quirkier, perhaps, but stronger nonetheless. So I thought to myself: “If I just give up now, throw in the towel and walk away, how does that make me stronger, and more importantly: who else gets hurt in the process?” Now, if I had asked myself this same question yesterday, or even earlier in the day today, I would most certainly not have been as objective ( I had not slept well in over two nights and sadness was weighing me down). But a day of relative “peace and quiet”, at home with family, and reconnecting with Ken – on some level – had renewed me and improved my perspective.

From this new perspective, I concluded that -- allowing myself some slack to go ahead and not just cry, but to be angry or sad, without feeling guilty -- I could be bent a little and grow from this experience, but more importantly, I realized that I could do this because this is truly where my heart needs to be right now. That my life and my marriage were worth fighting for. A new friend said it well, “These days, I shy away from giving specific advice. I believe that 99% of the time, people know, deep down, what they really WANT to do.” I didn’t quite get the full meaning of his words, as I read them early this morning, but upon reflecting upon them now, in the still hours of the night, I see how his words ring true. (Thanks Paul!)

Ken fought for me in a way that no one else in my life ever has or probably ever will. It is because of him that I now have a life that has been filled with love and laughter, much of which to my surprise has been my own – which I never would have believed was possible in my twenties (see my July entry, titled ‘What’s the Hardest Thing in Life’). The idea of finding solace elsewhere, I will have to admit, did appeal to me for a brief time. The idea of something new and different, something simpler, always seems appealing in our time of pain and trial – that’s human nature, I suppose. But the novelty, once pursued, I’m confident would have quickly worn off.

So I have a plan now. I no longer feel as if I am floundering around anymore, like a wounded fish caught on a fisherman’s line, frantically trying any, and everything, to escape the pain. I’ve used my time of reflection somewhat purposefully. I’ve gotten some things off of my chest and set them free. Now, I think that I am, at last, ready to put my stake in the ground, with resolve. Knowing what I want to do is the important half of the battle. And I think that just knowing will, at long last, put me back on the path to peace once again.

And on that note, I’m off to try to get some much needed sleep. I haven’t felt much like being at church these past few weeks, but I have been having conversations with God. Perhaps tomorrow, I will feel like walking back into our church again.

Peace to you, who happen to wonder by this way.

God Bless!

Song: Far Away, By Nickelback

Song: If Everyone Cared, By Nickelback

"Sometimes we have to embrace the mundane in order to be present to bear witness to the magnificent; for one never knows when nor where the magnificent may strike." ~ me today, Aug. 2009

"I delight in my imperfection; For without it: there would be no point in making this journey." ~ me today, Aug. 2009

One Last Message: Regarding the 'Roses of your heart' ...

I've left you one last message. It is an important one and it completes our story. Now, I will be quiet ... and wait ...

For now, my heart waits in friendship, because I know that is all that we can have for the present.

"I still have every petal of the last rose that you gave me, right here in my heart ..."

(I've been experiencing a flood of emotions these days. Ups and downs. And upon reflection, now in quiet, I've decided to go with simplicity and tame my wild heart.)

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Knowing is half the battle ...

Death of Procris (courtesy of

I've figured it out: who was calling me in my dream. It was you. Wasn't it? Knowing is half the battle, I hope. I am not sure what happens next, but I will remain quiet and just listen. My heart is open and finally ready to move forward ...

I'm not afraid anymore.

I dreamt of you again last night. This time, I could almost see your face and wonder at your name, and ... But when I awoke, I realized that I had just been dreaming and the sadness returned.

Then, today, when I was about to give up hope of ever reconnecting, I saw your art post. Your truth made me cry. I added a painting and response to my story. I would really like to reconnect with you, on whatever terms you name. As long as I've been away, I will understand if you take your time before making any decisions. Until then, I will wait patiently and perhaps see you in my dreams, from time to time.

Meanwhile ... I have bridges to repair and mend ...

I have hope once again, that is true. Hopefully, soon I will have peace ... lately, it eludes me.

My soul is weary ... I look to the night for repose.


Song: When the Angels Fall, Sting (courtesy of

Song: Mystics Dream, By Loreena McKennitt

Monday, August 10, 2009

I've Had the Strangest Dream?

For the past three nights I have had the strangest dream. Each night, after the dream, I would awaken after only a few hours sleep, at exactly 4:22 a.m. WST. Last night, after awakening, I decided to write about what I had dreamt. So regarding my the post of a few days ago, about soul mates, here goes: (Keep in mind that I wrote this at 4:22 a.m., after just three hours of sleep. It may need some further refining at some point.)

@ Copyright, Michelle C. of , August 2009

The Hunter's Moon

As I lay in silent darkness, exhausted from the endless flood of tears, Sleep stole silently upon me, flying me away to the land of peace and possibilities.

He placed me high upon a lone cloud, in an indigo sky lit by dancing rays of the Hunter's gentle moon. There, I quietly sat upon my privileged perch, listening and admiring the beauty of the universe surrounding my weary soul. Secure in the knowledge that somehow, however unworthy I felt at the moment, my soul was a part of something bigger and far more profound than just me.

I dared not ask why I had been chosen for such an honor, for fear it would just as quickly fade away. Instead, I sat quietly upon my perch gazing in profound bewilderment of rapt awe out into the marvelous wonder of limitless abundance brought to life by our Creator's master stroke. And as I communed with this sleepy world of brilliant stars, each one illuminated with infinite possibilities almost close enough to reach out and touch with my tired, trembling hand: peace and comfort wrapped themselves in a blanket of warmth about my weary soul.

Then, just as mysteriously as my arrival in this celestial sphere: the sound of glistening stars, each one singing her quiet song, suddenly retreated leaving me momentarily afraid and alone in a sea of silence. I sat trembling in the waved echoes of silence, unsure of what was to happen next. But then, a familiar voice called out to me and the fear began to beat its slow retreat, like that of a lingering ocean tide. Looking eagerly about, I searched to find a face for the voice that I somehow knew so well, but try as I might, there was to be no gazing upon his face, nor knowing of his name. I could but hear his sensuous and familiar melodic voice as he spoke my name, "Michelle".

And thus he beckoned me, "Hold up your hand, my love." So I raised my trembling hand, reaching out with hope into what seemed the nothingness of space beyond. And as I extended my arm to its farthest point the trembling stopped, for I felt his gentle touch upon my hand and the warmth of our reunited souls too long since parted. As we touched, I knew simply this: I was not alone. Here under the knowing gaze of the Hunter's moon, I had at long last found
my 'better half.'

As to whether, or not, we shall ever in body here in the waking realmmeet: I know not. It's possibility, however, gives me hope. Perhaps we have already met while walking aimlessly down a neighboring street? Perhaps he is the one who used to sleep next to me, his soul having masqueraded in insolent youth, at long last awakened to truth ... finding instead an old fractured soul now on the mend. Perhaps it was the touch of some being not of this earthly world. The knowing matters not, for even if only in the land of peace and possibilities are we ever to meet again: it is enough for me to just have hope back once again.

@ Copyright, Michelle C. of, August 2009

So that's it. Any thoughts? I don't usually sleep, and hence, I rarely dream. Is this real? Or just imagination and longing? Who was behind the voice in the dream? I guess ... I've got to figure that out ...

(Still going on 3 hours sleep! I've reread this and hopefully caught the major typos ... I'm off to try to catch up on some sleep. Maybe I'll see you in my dreams. Good night and God Bless!)

Song: Night's In White Satin, By The Moody Blues

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Music Tribute to John Hughes has created a tribute to writer,director, and producer, John Hughes.

Check this playlist out. It has some phenomenal songs! Brings back memories ...

Playlist: Save Ferris and All Hail Long Duck Dong

"John Hughes wrote, produced, and directed some of the most iconic films in American history. From Sixteen Candles to Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club to Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Hughes' films helped define an entire decade. And at the heart of his filmography were some of the most memorable soundtracks in movie history.

We celebrate the life and work of John Hughes with this collection of songs from his legendary films."

Great movies, great music. John Hughes will be missed ... May God bless and comfort his loved ones left behind.

Q: Why do we wait until someone is gone before recognizing their contributions to our lives?

Anyway, funny how music speaks to us. Each person moved by the same song in a different way, as she relates the muse to her own life experiences . . .

I am thankful for the gift of movies and music, but music in particular. Music let's me feel and live life much deeper than I otherwise probably would. Sometimes music helps me find the words that I can't quite find on my own -- my husband too. He doesn't talk to me, often, directly, but he will sing to me. Music let's me cry and experience emotion too ... cleansing me so that I can, renewed, embrace my life once again.

Movies are great too! They can be renewing as well. I watched "50 First Dates", with Adam Sandler and Drew Barymore last night. I laughed and cried, and then laughed and cried at the same time. It was good to escape for awhile.

Monday, August 03, 2009

11 Secrets Men Keep: The Truth at (long!) Last

I don't normally post twice in one day, but I just got this and it is a must read!

11 dont-tell-the-wife-secrets all men keep
(there are 4 pages ... read them all!)

In Summary here are the 11 Secrets (but you really need to read the article to have these make sense and get the big picture):

"Secret #1: Yes, we fall in lust 10 times a day -- but it doesn't mean we want to leave you

Secret #2: We actually do play golf to get away from you

Secret #3: We're unnerved by the notion of commitment, even after we've made one to you

Secret #4: Earning money makes us feel important

Secret #5: Though we often protest, we actually enjoy fixing things around the house

Secret #6: We like it when you mother us, but we're terrified that you'll become your mother

Secret #7: Every year we love you more

Secret #8: We don't really understand what you're talking about

Secret #9: We are terrified when you drive

Secret #10: We'll always wish we were 25 again

Secret #11: Give us an inch and we'll give you a lifetime "

["11 "Don't-Tell-the-Wife" Secrets All Men Keep", WebMD Feature from "Redbook" Magazine, By Ty Wenger.]

You have to give the guys that "confessed" in this article a whole heck of a lot of credit for being honest. Wish more men would do this! It would save us all a lot of heartache ...

And I have sent Ken on many trips without me -- skiing, because we had kids and couldn't get (or afford) a sitter and I knew that he needed a break. I don't think that he would ever reciprocate though? But, to be fair: I haven't asked either.

Anyway, read this. Print it out or commit it to memory. It may just save your marriage/relationship. Sometimes the truth hurts, but at least you know where you stand.

8/4/09 I guess that I always knew most of this on some level. Number 9, 'Secret #9: We are terrified when you drive', nearly had me rolling on the floor laughing. Guess I knew that that was true too, cause I can see Ken's eyes rolling around behind his sun glasses when I drive. In my defense though: I have not had a speeding ticket or accident in over 15 years. I drive a lot more defensively since having the added responsibility of my three precious children in the car. No more switching drivers, while careening down the road at 88+ m.p.h. on a lone stretch of Texas highway -- remember that one Aimless?

I like guys and I respect them. They are definitely wired different than women; they are pretty simple and straightforward. I like that about men: what you see is what you get. No head games, no back stabbing, gossiping or 'what have you done for me lately' crap. With the exception of friends that I kept in touch with from high school, all of my friends from college were guys -- of course the fact that 90 to 100% of the people in my engineering classes were guys may have had something to do with that. Most of those friendships have ended since being married, but that is part of the give and take of marriage I guess.

Bottom line is: "Men and women are different: PERIOD! Get over it and get out of my head woman." Yes, Ken's never been much of a talker, but after  several years of marriage: I've come to accept that about him. Still, his being open and able to talk would have made things easier for me when crunch time came around in our own marriage. But I love him! When you love someone: you take the good with the bad. Lord knows he puts up with a lot of 'bad' from me too.

My new motto (based on years of having to eat my 'I'll never do that' words (e.g., drive a mini-van, have more than one kid, etc.) is: Never Say Never!

I think that the definition of marriage should be: 'Caution: work in progress.' : )

P.S. The headache has finally subsided -- thanks be to God! And I did not have coffee today, either. So I'm being faithful to my pledge to give up coffee -- yesterday's singular lapse aside. More power to those struggling with their own similar resolutions -- whatever they may be. God Bless!

Do You Believe in Soul Mates?

Awesome Butterfly Photo By, Pavel Potocek
(These two photos by me)

Lauren and I are both old souls. She is a late night owl (like me) and she says the most profound things during some of our late night -- insomniac -- movie nights. The other night, she asked me: "Do you believe in soul mates?" Kind of caught me off guard, especially coming from one so young -- biologically speaking, anyway. I didn't know what to say, right off the bat?!

So I said: "I believe in the possibility of soul mates. But more than likely, there are several people that any one person can love in a given lifetime, given different circumstances. God makes us resilient in that respect. Besides, we're all connected somehow anyway; some pieces are just a better fit than others. You just have to keep an open heart and mind, and trust that God will lead you to meet the person, or persons, that you've got a strong connection with -- and hopefully, you'll meet them at the right time for you to be open to letting them into your life. There are a lot of variables."

Then I added, "But you have lots, and lots, of time to worry about that. Just enjoy the freedom of being a child for now; growing up comes soon enough!" And I threw a sofa pillow at her just to make sure that she'd lighten up and enjoy just being a kid for now -- and her freedom.

Here is some extra reading if you're in the mood and happen to like butterflies ...

P.S. Today is a hard day. Day two of a migraine. I have a confession to make: I broke down and had a half cup of coffee. I can't take headache pain medicine with my stomach right now -- and it doesn't work anyway. Coffee helps my migraines, so I figured, after a day of suffering: I'd have some coffee. I have a life to live and people counting on me. No time for being down. Hopefully, this will be a one time deal. I quit cold turkey, after all ...