Friday, November 30, 2012

Undermining our National Security?

Some thoughts from a middle class citizen's perspective as our nation teeters on the brink of its "fiscal cliff" ....

Would I like to receive my “2K” tax break this tax year? Of course. My family would put this additional ‘income’ to good use. Do I think that the net combined effect of this middle class tax-break will have a significant positive impact on the economy? No I do not believe that this middle class tax- break will have a significant impact on the economy. I believe that the impact on the economy will be marginal at best. What we need in order to get our economy moving once again is long term job creation (i.e., create an environment favorable to bringing jobs from overseas back to the United States and heavily penalize goods & services brought back into the U.S. by companies choosing to have their products and services 'made' by foreign workers).

Do I think that raising taxes on those individuals making over $250,000 a year will be a major source of revenue generation. No I do not think that raising taxes on those individuals making over $250,000 a year will be a major source of revenue generation. That being said, if we are looking to slash benefits for programs like Medicare and Medicaid --in a effort to reign-in and reduce deficit spending-- then is asking the top income earners to pay a bit more that outrageous? I don’t think so. And as for the Republican argument that “raising taxes on individuals making over $250,000 a year will hurt small businesses who are job creators, employing approximately 25% of the American workforce”: then why not just enable a tax-provision whereby those who file taxes as a legitimate small business owner will continue to pay the lower tax rate as they have done in previous years. Why is it so difficult to make the latter distinction? But if Republicans give on the raising taxes for individuals making over $250,000 --with the business caveat—I don’t think that Democrats should be able to slide addressing concrete spending cuts to entitlement programs in order to address deficit spending over into next year. There has to be a give and take --on both sides of the aisle-- right now.

I think that we have become such a sharply divided nation, in terms of politics, these past few years –and after this recent Presidential election most especially—that our elected representatives have come to approach the problems facing our nation from an “all or NOTHING!” or “winner take all” perspective, totally overlooking the possibility of a middle=ground for viable solutions to move forward.

So in light of the above: Am I willing to forgo my middle class tax-break? Absolutely!! … I will gladly forgo my tax-break if the elected representatives of “we the people” will stop playing political volleyball with our country’s future and national security, by finally getting their butts to the negotiating table, rolling up their sleeves, sitting down and doing what it takes to stop sequestration cuts from going into effect. Enough with the party politics already?! With a 49 -51 split on the Presidential vote neither side has sweeping mandate to do ANYTHING. The sequestration cuts –which will go into effect after the first of the new year-- will greatly undermine our National Security, in my humble opinion, at a time when we can ill-afford to have our military undermined in such an egregious fashion. It’s been four years since Congress has been able to pass an actual budget: I think it’s about dang time they got down to business!! If they can’t: maybe “we the people” should recall* them ALL?

[* That is to say vote them out of office when they are up for re-election.  Technically there exists no formal provision in the Constitution for recalling elected officials by the people they represent ... a senator or congressman can only suffer expulsion via the elected body in which they serve (i.e., via Congressional vote or Senate vote).]

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wondering ....

If the world went mad would we be too busy with trivialities or complacency to even notice??  Would we notice the early warning signs?

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Perspective of Illumination ....

Black and White often begets shades of grey ...

"Meditation" ...
@Copyrighted Image, November 2012.  All Rights Reserved:  Isabelle Black Smith.
We actually had some glorious sunshine here today  =)
@Copyrighted Image, November 2012. All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.
12/7/2012 ... I think he knows I've been on a private journey to hell and back again.  He knows that if you love something you have to be willing to set it free ... And he knows that he saved me as much as I ever saved him.  Sitting here now, I know now --beyond a shadow of a doubt-- that my heart belongs to him ... Ken.

Autumn Perspective ...

"Don't Fence Me IN!"
@Copyrighted Photograph.  All Rights Reserved:  Isabelle Black Smith.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Scuba Anyone??? ............

"Scuba Anyone???"
@Copyrighted Image.  All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.

Having trouble making myself stick to stuff … tasks… lately? What’s the remedy for that --besides sleep?

11/25/12  Finally slept for more than 3 consecutive hours in a row.  I slept for five whole hours in a row and then went back to sleep for 3 more.  I feel human once again! =)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tune into the Song of Thankfulness in YOU ...

Think today is a day for tuning out the materialism and worries of the world and tuning into the Song of Thankfulness in YOU!

A Happy, Inspiring Drawing By My Youngest =)

I’m thankful for so many things … Makes my head swim to stop and ponder an enumerated list. My list seems to have no real end. God, our Creator, is so good. He’s always with me and that gives me what I need to get through just about anything and still hold onto at least a glimpse of all that is good. When the darkness that sometimes finds me clears, the light of all the good in my life surrounds me and lifts me up to find my wings … Thankfulness, truly makes my heart sing. So on this special day of reflection with family, friends and loved ones, it is my sincerest hope that the song of thankfulness overwhelms you too and makes your heart sing its own glorious song. Let our songs of thankfulness reach out to touch the loved ones in our lives, multiplying to spread forth and renew the face of this weary land.

Happiness is a state of mind; change your perspective: change your LIFE!!

God Bless the USA!

May God’s Blessings of His Eternal Peace & Love
be yours this Thanksgiving Day and throughout the
Holiday and Christmas season ahead.


Sunday, November 18, 2012

Farewell to Autumn & Happy Thanksgiving!

Sadly, I think the last of Autumn's fiery display has now blown away.  Always hate to see Autumn go; it's my favorite time of year ... ripe with hope and possibilities.  I suppose the fact that winter's icy fingers have begun to take hold also plays a role in my 'sadness' (still flying in Peace & Love though, per my last post =).  I truly dislike being COLD.  The fireplace is my new companion on cold winter nights ... love reading by the fire.  So that's something to look forward to, I suppose. 

Well as the last of Autumn blows away, I still have my photos of Autumn to keep her memory alive.  Here's a painted set of windblown leaves.  Love the fiery, defiant reds in this one!  Enjoy and Happy last of Autumn to you.  Happy Thanksgiving to all those living here in North America as well.  Know it may be difficult in this lousy economy, but try to count your blessings and find reasons to be thankful.  God Bless one and ALL!

Peace & Lots of Love,

"Kaleidoscope Autum"  ... Peace, Love & Forgiveness blowing in the colorful wind.
@Copyrighted Photograph:  Isabelle Black Smith.  October 2012.  All Rights Reserved.
P.S.  I have my desktop background set to this.  So colorful:  I love it!  Feels like a BIG (((HUG))) from Autumn =)  If you download this image for personal use only (not for profit) you can use it too.  My Thanksgiving gift to you =)  (Note: Easy to re-size up or down by % in MS Office photo or other software for optimum display)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Free-Falling into Peace & Love ...

Ever reach a point in your life where you just free-fall.  You've wrestled with a problem, issue, personal demon and you finally reach the point where you're ready to let it go and you just relax and fall away from it.  It's the coolest feeling ... Hard to describe, but it almost feels like flying.  Your spirit has found its wings again and you're free-falling, soaring in the thermals of God's eternal Peace and Love.  It's the complete opposite of being weighed down by constraints and worry.  I love it!  Such a wonderful place to be ... I could stay here forever.  I feel so close to a higher power and a reason for being at times like these.  The light is shining so brightly all around and I am no longer alone in my darkness.  God, the Creator of one and all, is so good.  Sending some of His Peace & Love your way!  God's Blessings be with all who pass this way and most especially with those on the east coast struggling to recover in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.

[Sorry no image to post here tonight (I'll try to find one tomorrow).  Making a mess of cupcakes with my daughters, giggling and trying to decide if we will deviate from our Christmas tradition of going to see a play or ballet and maybe do something wild and crazy like bungee jumping, sky diving or paint-ball shooting instead.  Life's too short to always be predictable, right? Gotta to change it up every now again.  We'll fill dad in when he wakes up ; ) ]

"Falling Star", By Witold Pruszkowski (1884)
Image Courtesy of
Letting go of the notion that we need to be perfect in order to be loved.

P.S.  639 pageviews here today?  Guess, my blog is free-falling too  0 =) )(

(figured it out ... "A place to clear my head" has now become worthy of inspection by all of these web ranking sites.  Not a thought that had ever crossed my mind, but nice to be given a nod of notice, I guess. Think my downfall --if I were serious about blogging for a specific audience or to provide a service or some form of entertainment (e.g., desktop backgrounds and wallpapers or photography tips)-- is that you can't really pin my blog down.  I have art, politics, religion, photography, poetry, short stories, wordplays, music and personal epiphanies and trials.  No boxes ... no lines ... just the way I like it.  Turns out that these experts think my blog is worth a whopping $284.00 dollars --could go out for really nice dinner on that or buy part of plane ticket.  Out of 30 million blogs ranked to date I'm only ranked above 7 million, but that's not bad for not even trying, right?  Then again, I think ... I used to write and post in relative obscurity and that I could handle.  Am I now ready to be this out here?  Maybe ignorance and lack of stats/rankings is bliss?  Have some thinking to do on this, maybe? But for the time being:  The way I look it, my blog provides me with a much needed outlet for my creativity and my always wondering, searching, looking for answers heart and mind.  Blogger gives me a place to vent and clear my head.  I should be paying them? ; )  ... Thanks Blogger:  You're Amazing and I don't know what I'd do without you!!)

Friday, November 16, 2012

Kissed By Raindrops ...

This poem was written many decades ago, but I have just recently been able revisit my words of so very long ago ... found them in an old brown box I'd been carrying around from place to place --with each move-- but somehow I never seemed to have the time (courage?) to open the box.   Finally strong enough to share them here with you now …

“Kissed By Raindrops”

Outside Pouring Rain,
Angels' tears
Trickle down
To puddles …
Ripples echo
Dripping drops’
Sweet refrain.
Inside a storm begins
Its raging:
Tears in me
Welling up,
Bleeding pain,
Echoes that remain.
Walls are closing
In …
Have to run …
Fast and far.
Where doesn’t really matter.
Just run to where
You can’t follow me.
Barefoot running,
No one’s coming:
Running hard,
Right on through
The pounding pain …
Run, run, run till I can’t
Run no more.
Collapsing into
Tear-soaked puddle,
Angels' tears …
They draw me close
And hold me dear.
Touch me ever-so
Tenderly where fear resides.
Their faith abides,
Wash away the pain.
With Angel kisses renewing,
My inner storm subsides
... And on my way
Back home
I find myself, somehow,
Dancing softly in the gentle rain.

@Copyrighted Poem: Isabelle Black Smith, October 2012. All Rights Reserved.

[Needed some typing translation ... My brain often flies faster than my fingers can keep up with.  I read these words here again and I wonder how much my writing has changed since then?  How much have I changed since then?  How long will I leave this up here?

There is an unwritten line at the end ... "Hopeful that one day I'll find my voice to sing again."   A decade++ later, I still haven't found that voice, my voice to sing again, but I'm still hopeful ...  ]

... Early A.M.:  Still awake.  Bad headache.  Listening to music, fiddling around with words off & on.  Came up with this to "compare" to my write above, from younger days ...


Clearing Angels’ sublime vision.
Cascade of tear-dropped
Viscous tension …
Fluid encapsulated,
Heaven’s knowing
transcends perfection.
Silent prayers raining down.
Frequency and intensity varying,
Echoing pitter-patter marrying:
Pouring forth to renew,
Heaven’s subtle reminder that
All that is heard need not be spoken.
@Copyrighted Poem: Isabelle Black Smith, November 2012. All Rights Reserved.


Thursday, November 15, 2012

Starbucks & Raves ...

God Bless the young gentleman at the Starbucks drive-thru. Always nice to hear that you are beautiful in the eyes of someone other than your significant other, right?

“Hello. You’re looking exceptionally beautiful today. Are you going anywhere special tonight?”

Totally caught me off guard. “Umm, grocery shopping?”

And I’m cool enough to discuss the next Rave party happening with while we wait on my order. It’s the little things, right? ; )

Slowly re-grounding myself after days of lamenting heavily … I’ll get there. Oddly enough, listening to my music (loving the new Spotify!) is helping enormously:   rhythm of Life …

Sunday, November 11, 2012

God Bless our Veterans ...

God Bless our veterans this Veterans Day 2012.  We are forever grateful for your service and sacrifices that keep our nation strong and free.

A bit out of sorts these days, myself.  Lots of really bad headaches ... not entirely sure what is going on?  So in lieu of a newly written post in honor of our veteran's, think I'll just link back to one of my favorite Veteran's posts.  I love the tale at the end of this post, in the post-script.  To this day, this story remains one of my all-time favorite memories in this life that I have lived thus far.  Hope you enjoy as well. 

My favorite Veterans Day Post:  Veterans Day 2008

God Bless, one and all!!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

Freedom in America?

I have been thinking a lot about liberty and personal freedoms lately myself, with the outcome of this Presidential election. The ever-widening divides that I see in our country now-a-days seem to be polarizing our nation to an extent much like the issue of slavery back in the early days of our nation's founding. It almost seems to me that our nation has gone full circle w.r.t. "freedom" and "liberty." During the revolutionary and civil war eras individual freedom was the ultimate goal and so many were willing to sacrifice their lives in an effort to secure their “unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Declaration of Independence

Contrast this to the modern United States of America today, where people in the United States seem to have absolutely no problem with willingly giving up many of their hard-won freedoms in order to get “free-stuff” from the government. It seems as if there is this huge disconnect with our country’s rich history and where we came from.  I have to wonder if our education system is failing our children and young adults in this respect?

John Stossel took a camera to the celebration rally for President Obama, in Chicago, on election night. He asked several people of varying ages, gender and race “So what does President Obama’s win tonight mean for freedom [in America]?” And not one single person asked had an answer. Some were just completely dumbstruck and speechless. Others said “Ummmm, I don’t know?”, with a pained and puzzled look upon their face. Clearly, few --if any-- had even stopped to consider the implications of their voting choice upon the very principle on which our nation was founded.  People just don't seem to understand what "freedom" means anymore or that it should even be important to them.  That just boggles my mind?!

There is definitely some more searching for answers and a way forward while pondering this topic, I think. Watch the full “Stossel” episode here (Democracy question above starts at time= 1:00 minute):

Watch: "Stossel" television episode 11/8/2012

Have you ever seen the movie "Equilibrium", with Christian Bale?  Makes me wonder if we are headed towards a society where freedom of thought is the thing that the "State" wants to outlaw, replacing independent thought with feel-good emotion and stuff as opposed to a pill maybe?  Of course, George Orwell's novel 1984 is another great narrative on this theme.

Well, perhaps I've given you something to ponder for yourself?  Or maybe not?  But, in closing it is my sincerest wish that more Americans will embrace and rediscover our country’s rich history in an effort to explore where it is that we have come from so that we can move forward with wisdom and insight toward a hopefully brighter future for our now floundering nation.  ... Toward this end, might I recommend a great place to start might be to actually read and truly contemplate the words of the famous document that started it all, the Declaration of Independence  and then follow it up with a reading of the Constitution of the United States of America --it's really not that long, break it up into the various articles and then the Amendment themselves if you need to and there are lots of useful on-line references to provide additional information and insights should you need further input and/or explanations. 

Friday, November 09, 2012

We Are Spirits in the Material World ...

"We Are Spirits in the Material World"
@Copyrighted Image/Photograph, Isabelle Black Smith.  Nov. 2012.  All Rights Reserved.


Thursday, November 08, 2012

Nails in the coffin of conservatism ...

Some thoughts today ...

Today I find myself wondering if the outcome of this election is perhaps a humbling visited upon the self-righteous religious conservatives that have tended to dominate the Republican party and continuously sway the party agenda and platform. Maybe this election finally hits home the point to religious conservatives that their staunch social stands and inflexibility are not the way forward? That is to say that there needs to be a distinction between holding a moral conviction and the infliction of those convictions upon others? This is fundamentally what “free will” is all about … We are here to make our own choices and those choices must be embraced, felt and wholly processed in both the heart and mind of the individual. Spiritual enlightenment and progression of the soul along its journey does not move forward as a result of coercion or fear. So while religious conservatives may feel that they are in the right and doing God’s will by continually pressing to force others to make the “right choices”, the Creator may be sending them a wake-up call to rethink what it truly means to do God’s will here on Earth. If we follow Jesus’s example, we as children of God … Christians … do not judge, do not condemn: we lead by example, not by condescending self-righteousness. We welcome the sinners.  We love them unconditionally, one and all … We shelter them, feed, clothe and heal (inside and out) them and in doing so we open their hearts and minds to see that they are worthy of God’s love and that they can choose to make choices here on Earth that further His will and advance the spiritual evolution of their immortal souls. And yes, many Christians do much of the latter, but how many can honestly say that their help comes with unconditional love ...without conditon?

To that end, I would say that the time for Republican party to abandon their staunch stands on women’s reproductive health, and more specifically on abortion, has come. Yes, abortion is the taking of an innocent life and it is not the will of God, but if one truly believes in “life ever-lasting” … in the existence of an immortal soul … then they have to trust that these innocent souls are with God and He will decide when and if they will re-incarnate again. As Christians we can educate others and lead by our example, but the final choice on these issues has to be a personal choice, processed on an individual spiritual level. We interfere with God’s wisdom and plan for the progression immortal souls along the path of spiritual enlightenment when we force others to do the “right thing” with forced legalities. As Christians we can be “pro-life” in our beliefs and show our support for life (e.g., supporting adoption programs that offer support to expectant women and find homes for unwanted children) but we should not dictate or inflict these beliefs onto others. I know that this way of thinking will be a sore point for many “Christians”, but I strongly feel that if people would momentarily remove “religion” from the equation and pray/reflect upon this in their own heart and mind that they would then begin see the reason for our being here on Earth and the journey that we are each on, individually, on a higher spiritual level which to my way of thinking super cedes the ways of the world.

I'm not blaming the defeat of the opposition to "four more years of the same" --and likely worse with another full-blown recession looming in our immediate future-- in this election on Christians ... I'm just saying that perhaps, in light of this election's outcome, it is time to do some serious self-assessment as "Christians" and as "Republicans."  Granted this election saw an unbelievably downright and dirty campaign on the Democratic side, the likes of which I think history will prove out that the American people have never before seen.  This campaign has forever changed the face of politics in this country and not for the better.  The outcome of this election will likely forever change the face of America as we once knew it, because we are no longer the "Land of the Free and the home of the Brave." With this election 2012, America has become the "Land with the illusion of 'free' and the home of the 'free-ride'." The problem with what 51% of Americans have voted for in this election is that ultimately there is no "FREE" ride. The free-ride that people think they want from government comes with conditons that will slowly, quietly and systematically whittle away so very many of our hard-won American freedoms (i.e., true free speech, personal health-care choices, religious freedoms).  But what concerns me most about this election, and its final outcome, is the fact that the United States of America has now become a nation where honesty, integrity, hard work, truth-based fact and accountability no longer seem to matter and that saddens me deeply. To me this election rings with a newfound, dark and demoralizing truth: that not only are our American votes for sale, but our hard-won --by the sacrifices and lives of those brave Americans who came before us-- American way of life now seems to be for sale as well.  Christian values do embody many of the latter noble principles--principles that have made America a great nation-- so in that respect Christians may just wind up being this country's saving grace.  Bottom-line: I am not knocking Christians, I am simply wondering if this might be a good time to reassess how Christians approach others when it comes their personal beliefs and moral convictions.

The above being said, I would not want to be in B.O.'s shoes for anything right now. The progressive liberal agenda has been gifted an unwarranted and unprecedented second chance given the current state of the economy. They now have an additional four years to make their case and if they fail, the repercussions will be lasting, not to mention devastating.  In fact, I would venture that these progressives would sooner sacrifice their “messiah” by having him die a martyr’s death –allegedly at the hands of the 'radical extreme', 'evil right' … thereby hammering yet another nail into the coffin of conservatism—before they will ever see their ideology outright fail.  

P.S. And I know many “Christians” will reflexively counter with arguments lumping all life issues together into one. Arguing that if we do not impose legal repercussions on abortion, then why not remove penalties for murderers, rapists and child-abusers. Why? Because the former does not have immediate and far-reaching implications on the functioning of an ordered society. Because those living here in the world would be significantly hindered in their ability to grow and progress along a path of spiritual enlightenment if they perpetually lived in fear for their lives and the safety of their children, thereby limiting the progress they could make --spiritually speaking-- in their present life incarnations.

[ Have not had much sleep of late ... So I am writing and editing this in waves as time, clarity and energy permits and also as I receive feedback from family and friends ... some of whom seem to be taking my questions here as a personal attack on them, as Christians, and their entire way of life.  At times like these I have to remember Bible passages where even Jesus often felt misunderstood by the people that were supposed to be his own.]

Think some people misunderstand my suggestion here:  I am not saying that religion should be disbanded by any stretch of the imagination and I am not implying that religious conservatives should no longer participate in helping to shape the party agenda. Organized religion is not all bad. I am not criticizing any Christians “for believing” or questioning their right to BELIEVE, nor are most people who have a problem with organized religion. I am simply saying let us reconsider how we, as Christians, embrace the world around us. I am saying that maybe the way of God is true peace, love and understanding and not the infliction of our beliefs onto those in the world around us --which IS the problem that most people (and maybe even God?) have with organized religion. That's all I'm saying.  ... And someone else mentioned changing demographics (all comments via email).  Yes, I do agree changing demographics is also an issue that needs to be addressed by the Republican party.  Clearly the Democratic party has a better handle on demographics than the Republican party did (during the election)/does now.  I have to wonder if the problem lies in the fact that many voters who might potentially vote with the Republican party --given the right candidate and platform-- now identify themselves as Independents and hence are not adequately accounted for or readily able to be identified?

Sunday, November 04, 2012

BELIEVE in America: Romney - Ryan 2012

Change with momentum, direction and a PLAN!!
I wasn't really keen on Mitt Romney when he won the Republican Party nomination and became the viable alternative to four more years of the same.  Having watched each of the Presidential debates, however, I now feel confident that Mitt Romney is the best candidate to put the United States back on track and get us out of this stagnation in a "recession status quo" with the possibility of another recession looming in our foreseeable future.  Gov. Romney has a plan and proven record of economic success to back him up.  I'm sorry, but our country simply cannot afford four more years of THE SAME (Obama-Biden).  So this independent is voting for REAL CHANGE:  job creation & economic growth with the Romney-Ryan 2012 ticket.
God Bless the USA!!

[ I am happy that people stand up for what they believe in.  That being said it is difficult to be surrounded by so many people with such a different perspective on the state of our country from what I have.  I am an Independent, with Republican leanings.  I've never been a crowd pleaser or a follower and quite frankly, I don't care if people don't like me because I have a different political viewpoint.  My vote is not for sale at any price.  I will speak my mind --but I will also listen-- and even if only ONE single person listens to what I have to say and stops for a moment to consider another point of view, then all of my struggle and efforts to be heard will not have been in vain.  Most people, I find are okay with "agree to disagree."  I have even had a few civilized discussion of a political nature with liberally minded individuals.  It's the extremes that really catch you off guard --on both the left and the right-- people who are so emotionally tied to their viewpoints that they seem to leave all reason and rational thought entirely out of the equation.  People who literally "hate" you for your political viewpoints alone.  Those kind of people scare the hell out me.  They make me worry about the future of our nation.  I wonder sometimes if we truly can bridge the divides that have come to polarize our nation --these past four years especially-- after this election 2012, but I still keep a "dreamer's" hope that we can.  ... On a lighter note:  just noticed 11/6/2012 just after midnight, a search tag for my blog tonight is "will the planets align on nov. 6th."  Made me smile =)  It could happen?  I'll be throwing in my spiritual weight for a fair and uncontested election, for what it's worth.]


Friday, November 02, 2012

Is it easier to love an idea than a person?

Think, maybe, it is sometimes easier to love an idea than a person?  Not entirely certain ... Still rolling this notion around in my sleep-deprived head.  We'll see how the arguments --for and against-- settle out ...

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Anonymously Captured ....

One of my first ever photographs on this photographic journey.
"Morning Has Broken"
[Compliments to Blogger here:  My photos always look so great with your viewing
 software.  Not always the case with other applications that I use on-line.]

“Anonymously Captured”

Not in search of honor or high praise,
Don’t want recognition all ablaze.
Simply seeking snapshots far and few:
Look through my lens and renew.
Joyful sharing of beauty that abounds,
Serendipitous moments to astound!
With ‘unseen’ world: perpetually enraptured.
Forever suspended, freezing space in time,
An ever-unfolding story with child-like rhyme …
My window on the world: anonymously captured.

@Copyrighted Poem: Isabelle Black Smith, Nov. 1, 2012.  All Rights Reserved.

This pretty much sums up my philosophy on my photography.  To my way of thinking, why would I waste your time showing you that which you could already see with your own two eyes?