Thursday, November 22, 2012

Tune into the Song of Thankfulness in YOU ...

Think today is a day for tuning out the materialism and worries of the world and tuning into the Song of Thankfulness in YOU!

A Happy, Inspiring Drawing By My Youngest =)

I’m thankful for so many things … Makes my head swim to stop and ponder an enumerated list. My list seems to have no real end. God, our Creator, is so good. He’s always with me and that gives me what I need to get through just about anything and still hold onto at least a glimpse of all that is good. When the darkness that sometimes finds me clears, the light of all the good in my life surrounds me and lifts me up to find my wings … Thankfulness, truly makes my heart sing. So on this special day of reflection with family, friends and loved ones, it is my sincerest hope that the song of thankfulness overwhelms you too and makes your heart sing its own glorious song. Let our songs of thankfulness reach out to touch the loved ones in our lives, multiplying to spread forth and renew the face of this weary land.

Happiness is a state of mind; change your perspective: change your LIFE!!

God Bless the USA!

May God’s Blessings of His Eternal Peace & Love
be yours this Thanksgiving Day and throughout the
Holiday and Christmas season ahead.


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