Sunday, November 04, 2012

BELIEVE in America: Romney - Ryan 2012

Change with momentum, direction and a PLAN!!
I wasn't really keen on Mitt Romney when he won the Republican Party nomination and became the viable alternative to four more years of the same.  Having watched each of the Presidential debates, however, I now feel confident that Mitt Romney is the best candidate to put the United States back on track and get us out of this stagnation in a "recession status quo" with the possibility of another recession looming in our foreseeable future.  Gov. Romney has a plan and proven record of economic success to back him up.  I'm sorry, but our country simply cannot afford four more years of THE SAME (Obama-Biden).  So this independent is voting for REAL CHANGE:  job creation & economic growth with the Romney-Ryan 2012 ticket.
God Bless the USA!!

[ I am happy that people stand up for what they believe in.  That being said it is difficult to be surrounded by so many people with such a different perspective on the state of our country from what I have.  I am an Independent, with Republican leanings.  I've never been a crowd pleaser or a follower and quite frankly, I don't care if people don't like me because I have a different political viewpoint.  My vote is not for sale at any price.  I will speak my mind --but I will also listen-- and even if only ONE single person listens to what I have to say and stops for a moment to consider another point of view, then all of my struggle and efforts to be heard will not have been in vain.  Most people, I find are okay with "agree to disagree."  I have even had a few civilized discussion of a political nature with liberally minded individuals.  It's the extremes that really catch you off guard --on both the left and the right-- people who are so emotionally tied to their viewpoints that they seem to leave all reason and rational thought entirely out of the equation.  People who literally "hate" you for your political viewpoints alone.  Those kind of people scare the hell out me.  They make me worry about the future of our nation.  I wonder sometimes if we truly can bridge the divides that have come to polarize our nation --these past four years especially-- after this election 2012, but I still keep a "dreamer's" hope that we can.  ... On a lighter note:  just noticed 11/6/2012 just after midnight, a search tag for my blog tonight is "will the planets align on nov. 6th."  Made me smile =)  It could happen?  I'll be throwing in my spiritual weight for a fair and uncontested election, for what it's worth.]


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