Thursday, November 01, 2012

Anonymously Captured ....

One of my first ever photographs on this photographic journey.
"Morning Has Broken"
[Compliments to Blogger here:  My photos always look so great with your viewing
 software.  Not always the case with other applications that I use on-line.]

“Anonymously Captured”

Not in search of honor or high praise,
Don’t want recognition all ablaze.
Simply seeking snapshots far and few:
Look through my lens and renew.
Joyful sharing of beauty that abounds,
Serendipitous moments to astound!
With ‘unseen’ world: perpetually enraptured.
Forever suspended, freezing space in time,
An ever-unfolding story with child-like rhyme …
My window on the world: anonymously captured.

@Copyrighted Poem: Isabelle Black Smith, Nov. 1, 2012.  All Rights Reserved.

This pretty much sums up my philosophy on my photography.  To my way of thinking, why would I waste your time showing you that which you could already see with your own two eyes?

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