Saturday, November 17, 2012

Free-Falling into Peace & Love ...

Ever reach a point in your life where you just free-fall.  You've wrestled with a problem, issue, personal demon and you finally reach the point where you're ready to let it go and you just relax and fall away from it.  It's the coolest feeling ... Hard to describe, but it almost feels like flying.  Your spirit has found its wings again and you're free-falling, soaring in the thermals of God's eternal Peace and Love.  It's the complete opposite of being weighed down by constraints and worry.  I love it!  Such a wonderful place to be ... I could stay here forever.  I feel so close to a higher power and a reason for being at times like these.  The light is shining so brightly all around and I am no longer alone in my darkness.  God, the Creator of one and all, is so good.  Sending some of His Peace & Love your way!  God's Blessings be with all who pass this way and most especially with those on the east coast struggling to recover in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.

[Sorry no image to post here tonight (I'll try to find one tomorrow).  Making a mess of cupcakes with my daughters, giggling and trying to decide if we will deviate from our Christmas tradition of going to see a play or ballet and maybe do something wild and crazy like bungee jumping, sky diving or paint-ball shooting instead.  Life's too short to always be predictable, right? Gotta to change it up every now again.  We'll fill dad in when he wakes up ; ) ]

"Falling Star", By Witold Pruszkowski (1884)
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Letting go of the notion that we need to be perfect in order to be loved.

P.S.  639 pageviews here today?  Guess, my blog is free-falling too  0 =) )(

(figured it out ... "A place to clear my head" has now become worthy of inspection by all of these web ranking sites.  Not a thought that had ever crossed my mind, but nice to be given a nod of notice, I guess. Think my downfall --if I were serious about blogging for a specific audience or to provide a service or some form of entertainment (e.g., desktop backgrounds and wallpapers or photography tips)-- is that you can't really pin my blog down.  I have art, politics, religion, photography, poetry, short stories, wordplays, music and personal epiphanies and trials.  No boxes ... no lines ... just the way I like it.  Turns out that these experts think my blog is worth a whopping $284.00 dollars --could go out for really nice dinner on that or buy part of plane ticket.  Out of 30 million blogs ranked to date I'm only ranked above 7 million, but that's not bad for not even trying, right?  Then again, I think ... I used to write and post in relative obscurity and that I could handle.  Am I now ready to be this out here?  Maybe ignorance and lack of stats/rankings is bliss?  Have some thinking to do on this, maybe? But for the time being:  The way I look it, my blog provides me with a much needed outlet for my creativity and my always wondering, searching, looking for answers heart and mind.  Blogger gives me a place to vent and clear my head.  I should be paying them? ; )  ... Thanks Blogger:  You're Amazing and I don't know what I'd do without you!!)


Whitemist said...

Ah that feeling such a wonderous feeling...I still remember a dream i had after one of these times...I was a sparrow flitting through the air with no cares or worries. Bungie jumping, parachuting - not my cup of tes, but enjoy what you can.

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Yes, it is a wonderful feeling. So glad you've experience this for yourself, Joey. =) Peace, Love & Joyful day to you ... God Bless.

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Ah the ever-sleep deprieved me. I meant "experienced" ... Very cool you were a sparrow with glorious wings. Must have been a wonderful dream. Have a fabulous week, Joey, and Happy Thanksgiving. Will you be cooking this year? I will check in on your page for recipes. Have a good one!