Sunday, November 18, 2012

Farewell to Autumn & Happy Thanksgiving!

Sadly, I think the last of Autumn's fiery display has now blown away.  Always hate to see Autumn go; it's my favorite time of year ... ripe with hope and possibilities.  I suppose the fact that winter's icy fingers have begun to take hold also plays a role in my 'sadness' (still flying in Peace & Love though, per my last post =).  I truly dislike being COLD.  The fireplace is my new companion on cold winter nights ... love reading by the fire.  So that's something to look forward to, I suppose. 

Well as the last of Autumn blows away, I still have my photos of Autumn to keep her memory alive.  Here's a painted set of windblown leaves.  Love the fiery, defiant reds in this one!  Enjoy and Happy last of Autumn to you.  Happy Thanksgiving to all those living here in North America as well.  Know it may be difficult in this lousy economy, but try to count your blessings and find reasons to be thankful.  God Bless one and ALL!

Peace & Lots of Love,

"Kaleidoscope Autum"  ... Peace, Love & Forgiveness blowing in the colorful wind.
@Copyrighted Photograph:  Isabelle Black Smith.  October 2012.  All Rights Reserved.
P.S.  I have my desktop background set to this.  So colorful:  I love it!  Feels like a BIG (((HUG))) from Autumn =)  If you download this image for personal use only (not for profit) you can use it too.  My Thanksgiving gift to you =)  (Note: Easy to re-size up or down by % in MS Office photo or other software for optimum display)

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