Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bahamian vs. Bohemian: Get it Right People!

One more thing! It just makes me cringe to hear reporter, after reporter, referring to things of and relating to the Bahamas as "Bohemian".  Seriously? News and Entrainment People you are paid to get the facts straight not proliferate ignorance. Please, my elementary school student knows the difference.

Things of and relating to the Bahamas are "Bahamian" not "Bohemian". There is a difference! Like an entire ocean of difference and associated land mass type and size, not to mention climate. The Bahamas are a tropical set of Islands, near the equator, in the Caribbean. Bohemia is a region in the now Czech Republic, in Eastern Europe.

Thanks to Anna Nicole Smith you've learned some useful geography and terminology. God Bless Anna ... May you find peace and renewal before heading to your next great adventure.


The Zoink said...

My friend just got back from the Bahamas and was telling me all about how cool Bohemian culture, food, etc is. I thought it sounded weird but I figured he was right since he had just spent time there. So glad I was skeptical enough to google it. Thanks!

whatplanetareyoulivingon said...

Had forgotten about this post?! : ) But I am glad that you found it useful ... even after all this time. Never been to the Bahamas myself ... hope to get there one day soon. Peace! -TM

Alissa said...

I never understood why people even said "Bohemian". I'm Bahamian and whenever I tell people this, they say stuff like "you're Bohemian? that's so cool!" and it always bugged me because I didn't know why everyone said it wrong. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!

I had a discussion recently with this topic as a 'disagreement' and everyone thought I was crazy when I was describing a Bahamian Beer {from The Bahamian Brewery].

they said I was being silly and just to say the word right - Bohemian. I just gave up when I tried to explain they couldn't be two in the same!


Michelle (Isabelle) said...

I feel your frustration, Anonymous! Consider yourself not only educated, but enlightened. Glad I could help back up your initial instincts. Cheers back to you!