Saturday, August 18, 2012

You can have my fries ...

It's the little things, right?  Conversation with my daughter, Bethany, this evening.  I was too tired in many ways to cook tonight, so I gave in and went to pick to up "fast food" --cringe, but almost everything was grilled or a salad.

I was working on the computer while the kids ate as my stomach wasn't up for food.  Bethany sneaks in behind me and gives me a hug.  “I love you, Mommy. I just want you to know that.” She gives me another Big HUG. “And you can have my fries if you want =)”

Kids keep the world ... make the world worth ... spinning, I think.  Love you, Beth.  ♥

Song:  "The Good Life", By One Republic

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Getting Lost in the Music ...

“Feel The Music”

Falling, falling, free-falling: effortlessly lost in airborne, unwinding spiral.
Feel music’s intense energy pulse, penetrate and soothe: I’m going viral.
Getting lost in harmonious echoes of resonating ebb and endless flow.
Untethered release, begs repeat, I’m taking flight and finally letting go.

@Copyrighted Poem, August 2012. All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.

♪♪♪Song:  You have to decide that one for yourself.  Find your own resonant frequency ...

Monday, August 13, 2012

No Through Road ...

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions?” … Agree? Disagree?

This one of those little bits (pearls?) of conventional wisdom, that I tend to disregard in general. If convention’s ”doing it”, chances are: I’m not. I’m taking the circuitous route, coloring outside the lines or flying right on overhead. But the latter aside, let's analyze this little bit of wisdom in a bit more detail. Right off the bat, you would have to agree with the assumption that there is in fact a “Hell”, would you not? And I don’t believe in “Hell” in the traditional sense -–now there’s an interesting discussion in the making.

But let’s say that you go with the assumption that there is indeed a “Hell” … Then, from a balance perspective, you would have to assume that there is an opposing force or place for Hell … So let’s say there is a Heaven, and for the time being let's assume this Heaven comes with a benevolent Divine presiding power … God a Creator ... And it is this Divine power who gets to ‘determine’ just exaactly who is going to Hell. Well, I would have to question the prevailing Divine wisdom, or ruling balance, that would allow the road leading to this Hell to be paved with “good intentions.” Wouldn’t you????? To quote a friend of mine, in such an existence “If there is a 'God' [then] he must be a mean mother-fucker.” ... His words, not mine.  The point being, such a 'God' would be pretty far from benevolent and that goes against everything I have come to know --or otherwise intuit-- about our Creator thus far.

I mean, if a person’s intentions are “good” then they must be aiming to do “right” by someone or something, even if they haven’t quite gotten IT right yet? Right? Even if you don't buy into into a Divine ruling source of over-arching universal balance, a 'God', but perhaps you believe that it is a persons actions alone which will determine whether or not they go to Heaven as opposed to Hell ...  One has to wonder: is it an all or nothing deal? Or is it a percentage of intent --w.r.t. to actual outcome-- that determines whether or not your path leads into Hell? And in either case, do you only get ONE chance --one LIFE-- to get it “right”? And Dante Alighieri's cast of characters (one of my recent reads), stranded in the various levels of his highly imaginative vision of Hell, is swimming through my mind right now.

Well these are the thoughts running through my head today. My mind tends to wander to odd places when I’m stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Hah! … And I just drove over a road sign, knocked flat, sans pole, into the middle of a four lane --each way— highway. What’s the sign say? “NO THROUGH ROAD” … Hmmm:  Perhaps this sign says it all?  ; )

Song:  "Demons", By Imagine Dragons

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Spirit Dance ...

"The Middle Ground"
@Copyrighted Photograph.  All Rights Reserved: Isa Black Smith.

“Spirit Dance:  Night Owl”

These chains that bind me
Are loosed at night
And there my spirit dances,
Wild and free.

If you seek me, find me there,
Always by way of the silhouette.
Ouroborus, borne again and again.

These chains that bind me
Are loosed at night
And there my spirit dances,
Wild and free.

Tonight the Owl met the Eagle's gaze.
Looked him square within the eye.
Now the mystics dance,
Wild and free.

Homeward bound,
Pure in spirit,
Freed from earthly care,
Flying wild and free,
Borne upon ethereal wings
At long last my spirit sings.

@Isabelle Black Smith, August 2012.

This write was the bounce back --a need to escape and reconnect with the Divine ruling balance-- from writing another poem: "Old Brown Box."  The latter poem was written after finally finding the courage to re-open a tattered old, brown cardboard box that I've lugged around for years and years, always hiding it away in the back of each new closet.  I actually didn't consciously remember exactly what was inside the box when I pulled it out into the light a few days back.  Opening this box was like instantaneously reliving all the pain, within a matter of minutes, all over again.  I had forgotten that I had so hastily thrown so many of my deep dark secrets into a simple cardboard box ... Well, I poured my tears out into the aforementioned poem,"Old Brown Box", but I don't think I'll be sharing that poem here, save to say it felt like "crying someone else's tears."  Think maybe there's a country song in there?  Crying someone else's tears ...

Thursday, August 09, 2012

"Parasitic Ineptitude" ...

"Parasitic Ineptitude" ...

Definition: My new 'phraseology' for the blind incorporation of judgmental and divisive attitudes in the form of religious moral beliefs, allegedly based upon “the interpretation of sacred scripture”, in the name of Christianity or any other religion.

Of course the recent “Chick-Filet” incident springs to mind. I have no problem with CEO Dan Kathy believing whatever he wants to believe and practice in his own life. Further, Kathy has every right to apply those practices to the way that he runs I business, I suppose, but I do find his implication in a public arena that other types of families (i.e., those unions not between a man and woman) are not “family friendly” to be divisive and judgmental.  I also find his statement in the public arena to be counter-productive to the running of a business, in general, much less a business that claims to be a “Christian” business. I have to say that scores of “Christians” rushing to the nearest “Chick-Filet” to support Kathy kind conjured up the image of Lemmings jumping off of a cliff, but I’ll stop myself there … Save to say, can you imagine the things that we could accomplish in this country if everyone was willing to jump into their car, with a fistful of cash, in support of meaningful issues like “Let’s put an end to homelessness in America”?

People in this country would do well to grasp one simple and fundamental concept: the distinction between holding a personal moral conviction or belief and the infliction of those convictions upon another. One of the basic tenants of most religions is the concept of “free will.” In essence that is why we are here: to make choices that will advance or hinder the progression of our spiritual evolution. We can’t make the choices for others, but we can perhaps share an enlightened wisdom and lead by example. I don’t think that judgment and division serve any useful purpose toward the end of spiritual evolution and enlightenment.

I would challenge those who would call themselves “Christians” to re-examine what being a Christian truly means to them, individually, instead of merely being content to be led by others and always follow the crowd. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Jesus the man who willingly associated with the undesirable and the impure on a regular basis? And was he divisive and judgmental in his dealings with these people? Jesus to my way of thinking was about Peace, Love & Understanding.  Jesus focused his efforts where he saw that they would potentially do the most good and he spoke and acted with a message that would knock down barriers, eliminate division and heal those most in need of his compassion and love. If your approach to life and dealing with those that you encounter along your journey is anything less than the latter, then perhaps you would do well to call yourself something other than “Christian.”

The United States of America is already divided enough these days.  Instead of finding and embracing reasons for further divide, I wish we would focus on coming together as Americans, working together to find solutions for the really BIG issues issues facing our nation right now.

Peace & Love and Understanding  ... Here's to putting them into action.


P.S.  This was written on day three of a really pounding, debilitating headache, so maybe I'm not "speaking so softly"?  What can I say, everything seems to be amplified with a headache, I guess? ... I just couldn't stand seeing another "Chick-Filet" support posting from friends and family without having a place to vent.  I may revisit this post and edit further at some point after the headache clears.  And yes, I finally did post my opinion about the important distinction between holding a moral convinction and the inflinction of those personal beliefs upon another, coupled with my hope that Americans can somehow find a way to unite behind finding solutions for the REALLY BIG issues currently facing our nation.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

A toast: Here's to 60,000 page views!

I love it!  I noticed earlier today that I was fast approaching 60,000 page views ... Thought to myself at the time, wouldn't it be cool to log in and be the exact 60,000th page view and here I am.  Logged in at 12:42 p.m. my time (after popping a peach pie into the oven .... craving peach pie for some strange reason tonight?) and the count was exactly 60,000 page views ... Not one more or less, but 60,000 page views on the chilli.  Pretty cool to me, but then it's the little things for me.  We live in an amazing universe --multi-verse-- and what we see and think we know is merely the tip of an enormous and infinitely expanding "iceberg"... Finally surrendering to this idea has opended my mind to a whole new way of thinking about this journey that I am on and brought so many incredible experiences my way.  What a ride ...

(Some really cool iceberg photos here.  Check them out.)

Enjoy the ride!  Peace & Love ♥   ~M

P.S.  This night (early morning) was also another reason for celebration.  A dear friend of mine was rushed to the ER with a life-threatening illness.  Her mother and family were worried she might not make it through the night.  I spent the night off&on in prayer for her ... sometimes in tears --probably feeling connected to the energy of her family surrounding her.  I received word in the early morning hours that this friend, Grace, had opened her eyes and smiled briefly at her mother, and I just knew at that moment that all would be well.  Grace is, thankfully, doing much better today.  She is stronger and she should make a full recovery her doctors say:  Praise God!  Miracles happen every day ... Sometimes, maybe, you just have to have a little faith and embrace a willingness to BELIEVE in something bigger than ourselves. 

3/31/2017 I'm at over 250,000 visits now and I took a year off.  My how time flies!?!

9/2017 Just now seeing comment from  Shaikh Reza.  For some reason I cannot post any reply to this comment? So I am putting my reply here, in the main post.  Reply:  A Great Quote, Shaikh Reza. Thank you for sharing!  

Saturday, August 04, 2012

All Creatures Great and Small ...

Questioning your Agnosticism? I love it! Now there is a precipice worthy of taking a good long look over, if there ever was one. Life’s a journey and what a shame if we don’t question, learn and grow along the way, right? Think a wise man once said “The fool thinks himself to be wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

Abortion, Capitol Punishment, Euthanasia, Gun Control ( owning a gun and actually using it to protect your home and family) … hypocritical positions? I hear you, such is life … and here we are talking about LIFE. I think, most people don’t really want to take a stand one way or another. They don’t want to commit to the thinking and information gathering needed to make an ‘educated’ decision. Then again, there are many who leave educated thought at the door and let others do their thinking for them (which is scarier to me!?!) . So at least you’re willing to tackle your own hypocrisy and commit to some serious thought provoking engagement. This puts you ahead of the game in my humble opinion. And even when you think you’ve ironed all of the kinks in your reasoning, keep in mind that many of those who do take a stand “for” or “against” any one of the previous “life issues” stands a good chance of changing their positon –for or against-- when the truth of their “choice” is staring right smack in the eyes.

You would laugh at me. I catch spiders and bugs --that somehow wind up in the house-- inside glasses or jars and then release them outside.  Flies are near impossible to corner and bees pack a mighty punch with that sting, but I am a hypocrite too, I guess? You see, I just could not bring myself to catch roaches when we lived in Texas. They just scared the hell out of me for some reason? They are God’s creatures too, right? I would rather tackle a snake, tarantula, or scorpion than a roach any day the week. I’d often call Ken and make him deal with the roaches, which thankfully were never many. The other times, I just told myself I was giving them an express ticket back home to see their maker --which is a good thing right? ; ) I love it up here in Washington: I have not seen a single roach the entire four years that we have lived up here.

Anyhow, I look forward to seeing your thoughts on these issues unfold. Always have enjoyed the way your mind works. Do miss having your input in my life, but I am thankful that you are so committed to sharing your vision of the world via your blog. Take care of you!

Peace & Much Love to you …

P.S.  Here's another sign you might appreciate? Took this photo while out on a hiking trail up here.  Made ME laugh, but maybe that's just me? ... Besides, all of the important "answers" (adventures) aren't going to be found along the well-beaten path to my way of thinking.

And HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO YOU TOO!!! =)  XOXO  Peace, Love & Abundant Blessings in your  new year ahead. ♥

Thursday, August 02, 2012

My new favorite word ...

My new favorite word:  Quixotic.  Such a fabulous word, wouldn't you agree????? Love it!

..."extravagantly chivalrous or romantic" ...
Now there's something you don't often find nowadays?

I've always wanted to read this tale, "Don Quixote", by Cervantes.  Might just be my next read.

Happy almost FRIDAY, ya'll!  Do something impulsive ... quixotic.... to celebrate.

Going to get lost in my words today.  Always amazes me how I so totally loose all connection with Time when I'm playing with words. 

Peace & Love,


Song:  "Don Quixote", Gordon Lightfoot

Song:  "Shake It Out", By Florence and the Machine  ... (Came across this song today.  Reminds a bit of the dream I had --wrote about- about the moon the other night and my life in general, where the second girl in the tree at the end would be my inner child.)

A poem to go with this song & video ...

“Sweetness of Surrender”

You speak to me finally with two faces, I see:
The hidden nature of your own conflicting duality?
My own subconscious mind finally awakened …
Now conscious to past regrets long since mistaken.
Reconnecting against better judgment’s worldly reason.
Seeking truth for confusion’s swirling thoughts of treason.
Opened and vulnerable, on my knees I bleed once more.
Unworthiness and doubt the seeds of my neglected store.
In childish hopes of finding a long held wanting of release,
My Inner Child rises to grant unanswered chaos final peace.
With her grace, illusion is at last with liberation forcefully shattered …
Together, we two, now step forth to embrace the truly mattered.
The Life we seek comes from up above and infinitely all around.
In surrender there is an indescribable peace that will never be found.

@Copyrighted Poem, August 2012. All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.

A friend of mine said she loved this poem, but did not understand the last line.  So here is the explanation:   Yes, the last line can be confusing, because it is our human nature to always "think", "reason" and "seek" ... What I meant here was that indescribable peace cannot be found by us, it finds us when we are finally ready to surrender to it ... like an innocent child : )  ... But maybe you were able to figure this out all on your own?