Sunday, August 05, 2012

A toast: Here's to 60,000 page views!

I love it!  I noticed earlier today that I was fast approaching 60,000 page views ... Thought to myself at the time, wouldn't it be cool to log in and be the exact 60,000th page view and here I am.  Logged in at 12:42 p.m. my time (after popping a peach pie into the oven .... craving peach pie for some strange reason tonight?) and the count was exactly 60,000 page views ... Not one more or less, but 60,000 page views on the chilli.  Pretty cool to me, but then it's the little things for me.  We live in an amazing universe --multi-verse-- and what we see and think we know is merely the tip of an enormous and infinitely expanding "iceberg"... Finally surrendering to this idea has opended my mind to a whole new way of thinking about this journey that I am on and brought so many incredible experiences my way.  What a ride ...

(Some really cool iceberg photos here.  Check them out.)

Enjoy the ride!  Peace & Love ♥   ~M

P.S.  This night (early morning) was also another reason for celebration.  A dear friend of mine was rushed to the ER with a life-threatening illness.  Her mother and family were worried she might not make it through the night.  I spent the night off&on in prayer for her ... sometimes in tears --probably feeling connected to the energy of her family surrounding her.  I received word in the early morning hours that this friend, Grace, had opened her eyes and smiled briefly at her mother, and I just knew at that moment that all would be well.  Grace is, thankfully, doing much better today.  She is stronger and she should make a full recovery her doctors say:  Praise God!  Miracles happen every day ... Sometimes, maybe, you just have to have a little faith and embrace a willingness to BELIEVE in something bigger than ourselves. 

3/31/2017 I'm at over 250,000 visits now and I took a year off.  My how time flies!?!

9/2017 Just now seeing comment from  Shaikh Reza.  For some reason I cannot post any reply to this comment? So I am putting my reply here, in the main post.  Reply:  A Great Quote, Shaikh Reza. Thank you for sharing!  

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Shaikh Reza said...

Come as you are. As you were. As I want you to be. ~ Kurt Cobain Quotes