Thursday, August 09, 2012

"Parasitic Ineptitude" ...

"Parasitic Ineptitude" ...

Definition: My new 'phraseology' for the blind incorporation of judgmental and divisive attitudes in the form of religious moral beliefs, allegedly based upon “the interpretation of sacred scripture”, in the name of Christianity or any other religion.

Of course the recent “Chick-Filet” incident springs to mind. I have no problem with CEO Dan Kathy believing whatever he wants to believe and practice in his own life. Further, Kathy has every right to apply those practices to the way that he runs I business, I suppose, but I do find his implication in a public arena that other types of families (i.e., those unions not between a man and woman) are not “family friendly” to be divisive and judgmental.  I also find his statement in the public arena to be counter-productive to the running of a business, in general, much less a business that claims to be a “Christian” business. I have to say that scores of “Christians” rushing to the nearest “Chick-Filet” to support Kathy kind conjured up the image of Lemmings jumping off of a cliff, but I’ll stop myself there … Save to say, can you imagine the things that we could accomplish in this country if everyone was willing to jump into their car, with a fistful of cash, in support of meaningful issues like “Let’s put an end to homelessness in America”?

People in this country would do well to grasp one simple and fundamental concept: the distinction between holding a personal moral conviction or belief and the infliction of those convictions upon another. One of the basic tenants of most religions is the concept of “free will.” In essence that is why we are here: to make choices that will advance or hinder the progression of our spiritual evolution. We can’t make the choices for others, but we can perhaps share an enlightened wisdom and lead by example. I don’t think that judgment and division serve any useful purpose toward the end of spiritual evolution and enlightenment.

I would challenge those who would call themselves “Christians” to re-examine what being a Christian truly means to them, individually, instead of merely being content to be led by others and always follow the crowd. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t Jesus the man who willingly associated with the undesirable and the impure on a regular basis? And was he divisive and judgmental in his dealings with these people? Jesus to my way of thinking was about Peace, Love & Understanding.  Jesus focused his efforts where he saw that they would potentially do the most good and he spoke and acted with a message that would knock down barriers, eliminate division and heal those most in need of his compassion and love. If your approach to life and dealing with those that you encounter along your journey is anything less than the latter, then perhaps you would do well to call yourself something other than “Christian.”

The United States of America is already divided enough these days.  Instead of finding and embracing reasons for further divide, I wish we would focus on coming together as Americans, working together to find solutions for the really BIG issues issues facing our nation right now.

Peace & Love and Understanding  ... Here's to putting them into action.


P.S.  This was written on day three of a really pounding, debilitating headache, so maybe I'm not "speaking so softly"?  What can I say, everything seems to be amplified with a headache, I guess? ... I just couldn't stand seeing another "Chick-Filet" support posting from friends and family without having a place to vent.  I may revisit this post and edit further at some point after the headache clears.  And yes, I finally did post my opinion about the important distinction between holding a moral convinction and the inflinction of those personal beliefs upon another, coupled with my hope that Americans can somehow find a way to unite behind finding solutions for the REALLY BIG issues currently facing our nation.

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