Monday, August 13, 2012

No Through Road ...

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions?” … Agree? Disagree?

This one of those little bits (pearls?) of conventional wisdom, that I tend to disregard in general. If convention’s ”doing it”, chances are: I’m not. I’m taking the circuitous route, coloring outside the lines or flying right on overhead. But the latter aside, let's analyze this little bit of wisdom in a bit more detail. Right off the bat, you would have to agree with the assumption that there is in fact a “Hell”, would you not? And I don’t believe in “Hell” in the traditional sense -–now there’s an interesting discussion in the making.

But let’s say that you go with the assumption that there is indeed a “Hell” … Then, from a balance perspective, you would have to assume that there is an opposing force or place for Hell … So let’s say there is a Heaven, and for the time being let's assume this Heaven comes with a benevolent Divine presiding power … God a Creator ... And it is this Divine power who gets to ‘determine’ just exaactly who is going to Hell. Well, I would have to question the prevailing Divine wisdom, or ruling balance, that would allow the road leading to this Hell to be paved with “good intentions.” Wouldn’t you????? To quote a friend of mine, in such an existence “If there is a 'God' [then] he must be a mean mother-fucker.” ... His words, not mine.  The point being, such a 'God' would be pretty far from benevolent and that goes against everything I have come to know --or otherwise intuit-- about our Creator thus far.

I mean, if a person’s intentions are “good” then they must be aiming to do “right” by someone or something, even if they haven’t quite gotten IT right yet? Right? Even if you don't buy into into a Divine ruling source of over-arching universal balance, a 'God', but perhaps you believe that it is a persons actions alone which will determine whether or not they go to Heaven as opposed to Hell ...  One has to wonder: is it an all or nothing deal? Or is it a percentage of intent --w.r.t. to actual outcome-- that determines whether or not your path leads into Hell? And in either case, do you only get ONE chance --one LIFE-- to get it “right”? And Dante Alighieri's cast of characters (one of my recent reads), stranded in the various levels of his highly imaginative vision of Hell, is swimming through my mind right now.

Well these are the thoughts running through my head today. My mind tends to wander to odd places when I’m stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. Hah! … And I just drove over a road sign, knocked flat, sans pole, into the middle of a four lane --each way— highway. What’s the sign say? “NO THROUGH ROAD” … Hmmm:  Perhaps this sign says it all?  ; )

Song:  "Demons", By Imagine Dragons

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