Saturday, August 18, 2012

You can have my fries ...

It's the little things, right?  Conversation with my daughter, Bethany, this evening.  I was too tired in many ways to cook tonight, so I gave in and went to pick to up "fast food" --cringe, but almost everything was grilled or a salad.

I was working on the computer while the kids ate as my stomach wasn't up for food.  Bethany sneaks in behind me and gives me a hug.  “I love you, Mommy. I just want you to know that.” She gives me another Big HUG. “And you can have my fries if you want =)”

Kids keep the world ... make the world worth ... spinning, I think.  Love you, Beth.  ♥

Song:  "The Good Life", By One Republic


Whitemist said...

Hmmmm, i like!

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Yes, Joey ... If a child is willing to part with their beloved fries they must really LOVE you. =)