Monday, September 03, 2012

Thoughts while lying on a beach in paradise ...

Photo Taken By ME : )
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"Mind over matter, but the spirit has wings!" 
~Isabelle Black Smith
... Thoughts after writing this post:  Lie vs. Lay?  Irregular verbs, transitive verbs and conjugating ... Oh my?!  Did I get it right?????  Being an engineer: grammar was never one of my strong subjects.  The English language --with respect to grammar-- did, however, begin to make a bit more sense to me after learning a foreign language.  But I do love words and word weaving, so this has led me to strive for accuracy in my writing whenever possible.  My high school English teacher would be proud of me?? ... Think I had it right with my first pass "lying" vs. "laying". Not that I would've minded laying on a beach in paradise ;)


Whitemist said...

whereever this is, i ant to be...

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Hi Joey,

Yes, this place was breathtakingly beautiful ... not to mention rejuvenating. This is a beach in Hawaii. Hope you are doing well enjoying your garden, cooking and life in general these days. Will catch up on your news shortly. God Bless!