Sunday, September 09, 2012

Judgment Should Be a FOUR-Letter Word ...

Sometimes I forget that just because I am about Peace, Love and Understanding (Non- Judgment) that doesn’t mean that others in this world are coming at me from the same angle. Just because I choose not to judge others does not mean that they won’t judge me in return. Sometimes those wake-up calls catch me off-guard and maybe that makes them hurt all the more?

Sadly if I had to name the one thing that is WRONG with world today, I would have to say that it was unequivocally: JUDGMENT. In my eyes judgment is at the root of all that ails us in our personal lives, families, communities, cities, states … nations. To my way of thinking judgment lies at the root all evil: materialism, racism, chauvinism, favoritism … to name a top few. Judgment is perhaps at the core of our human nature, but in order to evolve on a spiritual level we must overcome judgment and begin to move beyond.

Most days I have a dreamer's hope for the world, but on days like today I look at the world and see a world slowly strangling itself and it grieves me greatly …

“Scales of Disillusionment”

Coldness of metal rests hungrily beneath icy feet.
Twirling fan above
warbles in a feigned breath of lifeless air.
Intermittent slicing splinters superficial light.
Disillusionment yields a limited sight.
Close my eyes to wonder if I’m still here?
Is anybody else awake out there?
Too tired to even sigh … Breath won’t come?
Fuzzy mind’s now incapable of pondering why.
Weight of the world once seemed to balance
My scale, but day’s growing longer now.
Slowly slipping into the inevitable pale.
Wisdom of ageless sages can’t prevail.

@Isabelle Black Smith. 2012.

I have often said that “I think perhaps our truth is that we live in black and white
while dreaming in color.” ~Isabelle Black Smith

Song: "Sensible Heart", By City & Colour

7/28/2015  I have been reflecting on the concept of judgment as outlined above and it now occurs to me that a necessary distinction should be made between "judgment" and  the notion of "assessment."  To my way of thinking assessment is at times required in order to make subsequent decisions from an informed position.  Take for expample the election process.  It is entirely reasonable, if not a useful necessity, for a voter/constituent to assess the record of a candidate before casting his/her vote for or against said candidate in an election.  The latter assessment helps to ensure "accountability" in government.  Similarly, assessment of one's immediate surroundings, at any given point in time, can help to minimize risk of serious harm or injury.  And there are likely countless other examples.  So how might one quantify the distinction between and assessment vs. outright judgment?  Perhaps, merely that the former produces a useful byproduct while the latter does not?

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