Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tempting Fate?

"Tempting Fate" a.k.a. "Against the Wall"
 @Copyrighted Photograph 2012.  All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.

Climbing amongst these rocks ... unexpectedly, unprepared.  I had seen something splashing in the water while I was driving by and simply had to stop to see what it was.  I was wearing a 3 inch slip-on wedge shoe, at the time.  I hadn't wanted to slip my sandles off because the rocks had lots of sharp edges and I was afraid I'd cut up my feet.  Waves were pounding into the rock-lined shore as I raced along the rocks at full-speed trying to keep up with the sea turtles and seal I had seen frolicking in the ocean waters.  I probably should have fallen --being the clutz I can be-- but I didn't. Probably should have been swept off the rocks by a stray wave too, but somehow I wasn't.  Angels watching over me? Looking at this photograph painting now, I am sure that you've noticed the horizon isn't level?  Thought about fixing it with a one degree rotation, cropping and painting in the gapped edges of sky left at the top --know this because I am doing just such for another version-- but for the purposes of this post ... the skewed sky slanting toward the shore adds weight to the watery waves crashing into the shore, I think.  And perhaps the slanted sky helps to evoke the "madness" of the tempest stirred when one brave soul dares to tempt fate, thereby adding creedence to the title?

... And given my penchant for being mysterious and hiding, I've hidden my name in here somewhere.  Care to find it?

9/16/2012  Reading back over this ... this photo and its accompanying tale seem a fitting metaphor for my life.  Maybe it's time to slip my sandles off and *@&!* the feet?  Maybe getting swept away wouldn't be so bad after all ... Lord knows I've endured my fair share of falling.

Song:  "Strangers", Cover By Wye Oak (The Kinks)    ... AV Club Undercover Project
(check this video out:  the drummer in here is playing both the drums and the keyboard at the same time.  Talk about talent?!)

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