Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rigteousness belongs to the Creator ALONE ...

He gave them free-will, resulting in a glorious array of diversity which has woven a magnificent tapestry of life on this rapidly spinning Blue Planet, but they fail to see and accept this diversity for the gift that it truly is.  Instead look what they do with this most generous gift of free-will ... Their pride and self-centered way of viewing the world around them consumes them.  They bicker and argue over trivialities –for they cannot see beyond this here, this now.  They do this all in the name of a false sense of righteousness which they believe affords them the right to judge, condemn and ultimately control others in an effort to align others in the world around them with their narrow-minded way of thinking.  But perhaps the greatest affront of all comes from those who claim that their judgment and resultant actions are the will of the Creator.  Those who act in violence using His name are the greatest affront to His gift of all.  How much longer do you suppose He will leave these humans to act in violence using His name? Righteousness belongs to the Creator and to Him alone.

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