Sunday, January 14, 2018

President Trump is a Master at Making the Media Dance ....

I seriously have to wonder sometimes if President Trump doesn't wake-up each and every morning and say to himself:  "Gee, I wonder how I can make the media dance today?"  Because Trump does indeed make the media dance with his unconventional verbiage from the highest office in our noble land.  President Trump, the intentional Pied Piper???

I really have to laugh watching the latest looped-reel of countless news analysts and political commentators, practically beside themselves, being bleeped while uttering the earth-shattering phrase "Shit-hole."  I mean seriously, it's a word, a word most of us --if we are being totally honest-- have used at some point in our own lives.  Is it a wholly presidential word? Probably not, by conventional standards, but then again who exactly is operating under the illusion that Donald J. Trump --President or not-- is actually in anyway conventional??? Certainly not the people who elected Trump into office.  Those people wanted a hard-headed hitter who would break down the barriers of the politically correct status-quot in order to get meaningful things done.  Furthermore, I suspect as long as President Trump continues to get meaningful things done  (e.g., unleashing true energy independence, lowering energy costs, revamping an outdated and over-burdensome  tax code, making the cost of doing business in U.S.A. competitive with rest of the world, creating millions of new jobs, renegotiating bad trade and other deals, standing up to terrorists, unleashing the military and decimating ISIS, helping to facilitate a resumption of talks between North and South Korea, reinvigorating the NASA and U.S. Space Program) for "we the people", most of us realists --antithesis of idealists--out here will be willing to give Trump a pass for the less-than conventional things he may say and tweet from time to time ... even if the off-rails media fails to ever cover Trump's accomplishments.  The wordsmiths among us may refuse to recognize the President's meaningful accomplishments to date, but those of us who have the ability to see behind the smoke and mirrors of a purely rhetoric-based  coverage of the Trump Administration do, in point of fact, actually see the progress President Trump has made thus far, on our behalf, nonetheless.

As for the predictable claim that President Trump's alleged "shit-hole" remark was "unequivocally racist", I have three things to say:

1) "He probably should have said "third-world" country, but if you look third-world up in the Urban Dictionary it actually says "s***hole." ~Tyrus

2) Referring to the factual living conditions within a given country, where the majority of the population has little if any ability to control said conditions, is not racist.  Trump's alleged choice of words, while vulgar, were merely an accurate reflection of the facts with respect to less than ideal, real-world living conditions in certain parts of the world.  Although succinct, I think we can all agree that if the word "shit-hole" was used in any Presidential meeting it was indeed a poor word choice.  That being said, President Trump's remark was pertaining to specific countries with less than ideal living conditions; his remark was not in any way intended to be denigrating of the people living therein. To claim otherwise, by hurling the term "racist" at the President is misleading, not mention dishonest.  Such tactics are merely a convenient tool used to subvert actual facts to the contrary, by playing to pure emotions in order to effectively bring the conversation to an abrupt close (i.e., "Trump said a bad word which we have interpreted to be racist, so the deal's off.")  "Racist" seems to have become the great-silencer these days, often being employed by liberals who don't have any meaningful facts to support their own side of a given argument.  By employing the silencing charge of "racism" liberals hope to circumvent any meaningful conversation, where a meaningful conversation might actually wind-up making real progress toward the end of addressing real-world issues, such as a long-overdue, sensible (balanced with merit-based) and comprehensive immigration reform.  In this light don't you have to ask yourself, which truly 'speaks' louder: mere words (rhetoric) or concrete, substantive solutions (action)?

3) I also find it striking that despite the left's repeated claims that 'President Trump is a confirmed racist', African-Americans are actually doing way better under a President Trump administration than they did under President Obama's administration.  Wages for African-Americans went DOWN $900.00, annually, under President Obama's tenure, while unemployment for African-Americans hit a record 16.8%.  Under President Trump, in just under a year, wages for African-Americans have gone UP $1,000 annually, while unemployment for African- Americans has hit an all-time low of just 6.8%.  Seems to me the numbers alone just don't support the left's ongoing claims of racism.  Something African-Americans can actually take to the BANK.

I have to admit, I didn't actually vote for President Trump, but his ability to cut through the crap in order to actually get things done, in a Washington D.C. that has been plagued by stagnation in years past, is slowly winning me over.  The fact that the left doesn't seem to have many (any?) coherent counter-arguments to Trump's positions and subsequent actions --aside from obstruct and resist-- doesn't do much to currently persuade me to support the ideas being put forward by the left.  I'm simply not buying into the unhinged emotion-driven rhetoric in their arguments to date.  Until the arguments on the left begin to show a bit more substance and reason*,  I'm going to have to continue to give President Trump the benefit of the doubt.  But who knows, the left could actually come around to embracing the notion of using logical facts and reason in order to make their case.  Stranger things have happened .... Here's hoping?

*[(e.g., DACA is not binding law, it was put into place in the absence of Congressional vote, by way of Executive Order --"the President's pen"-- at the end of President Obama's first term in office, never to be successfully revisited by President Obama or the U.S. Congress until Trump pushed the rescind-button.  President Trump wants to make DACA-like protection into actual binding law, by way of Congressional legislation which is really the only binding way to do so.  This was President Trump's reason for rescinding President Obama's non-binding Executive Order, in order to prompt binding Congressional action.  In this light, Democrats should be willing to meet the President halfway in coming to the table, in good-faith, in order to finally address long-overdue comprehensive immigration reform.  To my way of thinking, Republicans would be fools to give Democrats a "clean" DACA bill, given the Democrats obstructionist congressional voting record during the current legislative sessions thus far.  DACA is the ONE bargaining chip the Democrats have, and as such they should play it wisely lest they be made to look the fool to the American people.  I don't actually think the Democrats have enough support from the American people to actually shutdown the government over DACA, but we shall see how the chips play out.  Sometimes the Republicans aren't very bright where chip-playing is concerned.  Also think the circuit court's ruling to the effect that Trump cannot rescind a previous President's Executive Order --keep in mind, the U.S. Constitution does not in any way provide for the use of  Executive Orders-- actually does a disservice to the Democrats cause because they are no longer operating under an impending deadline which would have bolstered their position and argument for immediate action. Not to mention the fact that the courts are supposed to interpret and rule on the actual laws of the land, where Executive Orders kind of operate in a nebulous grey-area, are inherently vulnerable and subject to the whims of subsequent Presidents.  Remind me again, what is the check-and-balance on rogue justices who repeatedly make activist rulings, purely along party lines, in support partisan ends?]

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Net Neutrality Needs to be Revisited By U.S. Congress

Have been talking with many millennials lately and they are extremely upset with the revocation of "net neutrality" in favor of Big Business.  Most millennials use the internet as an integral part of the their everyday lives.  In fact, the internet is where most millennials seem to get their primary news and information from, in favor of alternative sources such as magazines, newspapers and television/cable.  To most millennials the thought that some company can now limit their access to information or charge more for certain types of information literally scares the hell out of them.  Furthermore, millennials blame President Trump and his administration for failing to adequately address their concerns on the matter and rightly so.  I've heard time and again from the FCC and other Big Business advocates that "net neutrality is complicated", while these same individuals fail to offer any tangible facts or evidence in support of this claim.  Furthermore, the fact the the FCC Director used to be a Big Business, high-powered lawyer for Verizon doesn't do much to give confidence to millennials or "we the people" that a revocation of net neutrality is in their/our best interests.

To my way of thinking, President Trump, if you truly want to show that you can be a President for ALL of "we the people", and not just the president for those who put you into office, then you should take seriously the concerns of those of us who fear only the worst from a repeal of net neutrality.  You should immediately call for Congressional hearings on all matters relating to the internet (e.g., consumer privacy protections, as well as net neutrality).  Let the experts speak before the U.S. Congress, sharing facts and data in a transparent fashion for all of "we the people" to see.  Then, if at the end of testimony actual legislation is found to be warranted --in order to protect all citizens while using the internet and to provide equal access to internet content for all-- then Congress can move to enact the needed legislation that would provide for a permanent framework for regulation of the internet on behalf of "we the people."

I think an on-line petition to this end should be started, along with letters written to the President and members of Congress.  What say you???  Surely, if the U.S. Congress of the 1990's can visit music lyrics and the need for labeling music albums for rating "content violations", then surely the U.S. Congress of 2018 can visit consumer protection issues related to accessing the internet and content therein.

And on another matter close to millennials hearts, Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, of the U.S.  Justice Department might want to think through a bit more thoroughly his decision to revoke the Cole memorandum which had directed --under President Obama-- Feds not to interfere with state laws concerning marijuana legalization and use thereof.  Seems to me the Justice Department has more pressing matters to attend to these days (e.g., Russia probe wrap-up, Clinton investigation follow-up, unseating Deep State actors, immigration, heroin and opioid epidemics), especially when the majority of Americans, per on-going polling, seem to be in favor of marijuana legalization.  From a cost-benefit perspective the Justice Department and the Trump Administration stand to lose a whole lot more than they could ever possibly gain by moving forward with federal prosecutions for marijuana use in states that have legalized the product.  Timing is everything???  See Attorney General, Jeff Session's memo here.  And yes, Congress could eventually legislate on the matter, removing Federal laws from the books, but for the time being, I think the U.S. Congress already has a pretty full plate.  

Friday, January 05, 2018

Old Lang Syne???

Up late again, migraine and my mind won't shut down.  Did not get to celebrate the 'New Year' this year.  Things went south for us, here.  We did, however, thoroughly enjoy a totally pristine -- just 3 to 4 inches-- white fluffy snow on Christmas Eve and day.  I got my Christmas wish: A White Christmas, despite the statistical odds pointing to the contrary.  Sledding and snowball fights on Christmas Eve was kind of magical ,, a welcome opportunity to shift gears and recharge. You really can't beat that, so you have to look on the upside, right?  No artist's Birthday celebration either, but then I did not celebrate my actual birthday this year either.  Maybe sometime in the weeks ahead?  Time seems to be a rather fluid concept where my life is concerned.  So anyway, it still feels like I'm stuck back in 2017.  2017 was a LONG year, not an entirely bad year, just a long year.  Leaves me wondering: is a long year better than a short year?  Perhaps a long year gives you more time to get meaningful stuff (or feel free to insert a more colorful expletive here) done? What say you???

One of these days, I'm actually going figure out the meaning of the song "Old Lang Syne".  The lyrics in that song have always bothered me, on some level, for some reason.  Maybe, I'm just reading them wrong or reading too much into them? Anyway, how many of you actually took the time to take stock in 2017, in order to reflect back on the good as well as the bad?  If you did you probably wound up searching for answers at the bottom of a bottle or glass --be it punch or otherwise.  2017 was one tumultuous year to say the least, but that being said it wasn't all bad.  Seems to me we have had accountability restored in the White House and that surely goes a long way to returning power to "we the people", in my humble opinion. President Trump is not your typical politician, but in many ways that's a good thing because he doesn't waste time tip-toeing through the politically correct tulips.  Trump just tells it like it is and then proceeds to get meaningful stuff done.  With President Donald Trump WSWYG (what you see is what you get).  I have to respect that on some level, even if I'm not always fond of the Presidential Tweets.  That being said, the biased mainstream media has absolutely LOST ALL perspective where President Trump is concerned, because a Twitter account and colorful, fluffy language --what the media would desire to see as per the previous President ... But don't forget President Obama's calm, collective and repeated assurances that wound up being flat-out lies (e.g., "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor" and "If you like your health insurance, you can keep your health insurance)-- does not a meaningful Presidency make.  Maybe it's just me, but I'd rather have brutal honesty over colorful and deceptive lies any day of the week.  Contrary to what the liberal mainstream media and elites --on both sides of the aisle-- believe, "we the people" are not stupid and many of us are no longer willing to be blindly led, while being told what to think and say (i.e., politics of belonging).  The time has come for true rebels, rebels of independent thought, reason and action, to speak boldly and to begin coloring outside of the feel-good 'belonging lines', while firmly rejecting the narrative of absolutes.

With the media's off-the-rails coverage of the Trump Presidency it seems to me 2017 has ushered in the final death-blow to objective journalism.  How SAD is that?  Objective journalism used to play a vital role in support of our representative democracy.  These days, however, many journalistic voices do little more than stir and feed frenzy toward overt political ends.  So very sad!  Our founding fathers would be greatly disappointed in the America of today, in this respect, I think.  At the end of the day rhetoric may serve set the tone, but in the end it is actions --and not words-- that speak volumes to what is being done on behalf of "we the people" (e.g., record-breaking stock market highs, millions of new jobs, unemployment at all time decades low, energy independence becoming a reality --thereby lowering energy costs for everyday hard-working citizens, while stimulating the growth of new businesses-- and how about that historic revamping of the tax-code to the benefit of over 80% of Americans, which along with trade deal re-negotiations will likely bring back hundreds of thousands jobs back from overseas).  Granted we still have a long road ahead, but from where I'm standing we're off to a great start.

My biggest hope for 2018 is that the mainstream media will finally screw their heads back on straight and begin to give the Office of the President of United States the respect it is due.  That the media will finally begin covering the substantive actions of the President and his administration, instead of endlessly obsessing over the President's rhetoric, while "we the people" must continually suffer through the media's inane attempts at varying degrees of interpretation of the 'true meaning' behind Trump's words with the non-bonus of their quasi psycho-analysis of the  man behind the words.  Trump is his own man and he's redefining what it means to be Presidential in terms that work for him and the way he does business.  You don't have to like President Trump, but the Office he holds demands a certain level of respect, which heretofore has been sorely lacking, and that in and of itself portrays the entire United States of America in a really bad light to the rest of the world.  To my way of thinking true patriots want whoever is in office to do well, because that winds up benefiting the country as whole.  We seem to have lost sight of this important fact somewhere along way?  Something is terribly wrong when you want your political opponents to fail miserably, at the expense of the country, just so your party looks to be a better alternative in upcoming elections.  I think the American people are beginning to see through this smoke and mirrors and tactic.  Now that "we the people" have had a long over-due taste of actual accountability, I suspect we are not likely to relinquish it anytime soon.

On that note, I'm off to hopefully find a few hours of sleep --hopefully in the absence of dreams and visions.  Can't quite bring myself to utter the predictable phrase "Happy New Year."  Maybe tomorrow. For now, let me just wish that you find satisfaction --and maybe even joy-- in the singular moment presently unfolding right at hand.

1/6/2017(8) Well, what do you know ... Most people don't get the song "Old Lang Syne" either according to CNN polling data/article.  CNN was kind enough to provide us with the full lyrics for this 'time-honored' song --considering it was written in 1788 by Scotsman Robert Burnes.  Reading the lyrics for this song does little to ease my own confusion or dislike of this poem-song.  How about you?  If I were to modernize this song a bit, I suppose you do wind up with the 70's Dan Folgelberg song "Same Old Lang Syne", which starts off with the lyrics "Met my old lover in the grocery store. The snow was falling on Christmas Eve. I stood behind her in the frozen foods and I touched her on the sleeve." Maybe it's just me, but isn't it healthy to review and questions our "time-honored" traditions now again?  If less than 3% of the general population knows the lyrics and almost no one really understands them, maybe it's time for some new lyrics??? I'd like to challenge some of our many talented contemporary lyricists or musicians to come up with some more modern, more readily understandable (not to mention easier to remember) lyrics for this ballad.  Hey, it could happen .... My wish for 2018???  My starting pass for new lyrics is here.
1/11/2018   I finally find myself in actual 2018.  Yeah?  Another one of my tangible wishes for 2018 is that some artful communicator will give a TED talk on how to have a meaningful political discussion with someone who might not agree with your own positions, on key issues, 100% right out of the gate.  Think this insight would be extremely useful in the divided America we find ourselves in today.  Given the right skills and an open mind-set, I remain ever-hopeful that meaningful political dialogue can be restored in our nation once again.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Paradigm Shift: this time I believe change IS possible ....

 God Bless, keep and guide the brave men and women in the country of Iran who have awakened from slumber and now struggle to have their voices heard toward the end of taking control of their own lives.  Their courage in the face of extreme adversity gives hope for a brighter future for their country, their children and their children's children.  I sense a benevolent energy acting their behalf this time, an energy I have not felt before.  This time, I truly feel as if change IS possible.  You all will be in my constant thoughts and prayers, where prayer for me involves focusing on intentions and actual energy channeling by way of the Creator.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Winter Wonderland at 1400 Pennsylvania Ave., D.C.

I have to admit, it takes just about everything I have to get my own house decorated for Christmas before December 25th each year.  Thus, I've never really paid much attention to how the "People's House" (a.k.a. The White House) is decorated each year.  I know the First Lady is usually responsible for setting the theme and overseeing the decorations.  Well, this year I have heard so much negative press about the White House decorations that I just had to check them out for myself.  I found a "White House Christmas Special 2017" on HGTV and sat down to watch with my daughters. 

Image By Way of Getty Images

At the end of viewing I have to say, I was most impressed.  I love the theme of "time honored traditions" and the simple elegance with which this theme was swept through each unique room in the White House.  My daughters especially loved the East Hallway with white arching tree branches and up-lighting.  Reminded them of fresh snowfall in a winter wooded wonderland.  This is often the view looking out into our backyard when we are fortunate enough to receive snow.  Very cool!  Not sure what kind of colored glasses the press/media is wearing these days?  Maybe charcoal grey? But my daughters and I all think the negative press on this year's White House decorations is way off base.  We think the First Lady, Melania Trump, did an amazing job bringing the White House to LIFE this Holiday Season.  We especially love the wreaths adorning each of the White House windows: awesome!  Great job, Mrs. Trump!

Image By Way of

Friday, December 15, 2017

A Weaponized FBI?

And how about the entrenched power structure at the FBI??? Pretty scary when any agency fails to comply with oversight requests from the U.S. Congress, particularly when these requests --and the denials thereafter-- appear to be pointing toward a deep-seeded, long-term political bias.  Meaning the FBI may have been 'weaponized' in order to advance a prescribed political agenda in favor of one political party over the other.  Congressional oversight of the  FBI is part of the system of checks and balances.  In the absence of compliance with this oversight, the FBI is basically a rouge agency accountable to no one who "we the people" have elected to represent us and "That should scare the hell out of everyone!" ~Tucker Carleson

1/10/2018 Strikes me as odd that so many high level, committee members in the U.S. Congress are announcing their intention to retire rather than run for re-election in 2018.  Last count I heard nearly 3 dozen Republican lawmakers plan to retire.  That's a pretty significant number.  The better part of me cannot help but wonder if the overuse of government intelligence surveillance, for the supposed purpose of thwarting terrorism, has been gathered and disseminated by a weaponized FBI in order to put many Congressional members at risk for blackmail. Where the price to be paid for said blackmail 'evidence' is that key Congressional members must step-down from their seats ("retiring"), thereby opening the field for a sweeping Democratic insurgence in the 2018 mid-term elections???? Stranger things have happened ......
1/15/2018 Maybe it's just me, but if evidence has recently come to light that the FISA program has been repeatedly abused by intelligence sources toward nefarious ends, wouldn't you want to complete a thorough investigation BEFORE re-authorizing said program for another six-years?????? Or at the very least grant only a short-term extension to cover the program until the investigation is complete.  This kind of nonsense is why we need term limits in the U.S. Congress, I think.  They can't see the forest for the trees anymore .... An inevitable myopic vision seems to eventually settle upon all career politicians.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Justice for All?

Leadership means having a clear vision for the future. It means making tough calls in difficult times in order to advance the agenda you were hired/elected to move forward. In the case of the U.S. Congress that means advancing the agenda of "we the people", not "we the establishment." The outcome of the Alabama election has made two things readily apparent to me:  1) The American people are finally starting to awaken to the behind-the-scenes power-wielding machinations employed by the elites on the left, in the Democratic Party, and they are tired of being played, tired of being used --witness the Roy Moore's comeback, losing by a mere 0.7% (the last count I saw, with over 91% of precincts reporting);  and 2) The leadership of the Republican Party --chiefly Mitch McConnell--have failed their party, their candidate in the critical Alabama Senate race, and failed their Commander in Chief, by throwing their candidate immediately under the bus at the first hint of trouble, in the absence of any due process, for an allegation of misconduct not only suspiciously timed but dating back well over thirty years.

I have to say, given the outcome of this crucial Senate race, coupled with Senator McConnell's poor legislative track record to date, that the time has come for the Majority Leader to resign from his duties so that he may be replaced with a more effective leader capable of advancing the President's agenda.  Perhaps the upside of this election outcome is two-fold.  First off, Roy Moore wasn't forced to withdraw from the campaign in the face unproven allegations, which he adamantly denied.  His supporters rallied in the absence of solid and timely evidence, and in the end the easily-spooked Republican Party came back around to support Moore's election bid.  So in the end, the nation dodged a bullet by not setting the dangerous precedent 
for future political elections that well-timed moral hit-jobs involving allegations of sexual misconduct can force targeted politicians out of key races after being tried solely in the court of public opinion. Then secondly, another upside is the fact this election only serves to fill the remainder of the former Senator's (Jeff Sessions) term, that remaining term being only two years of a standard six year term --Sessions having already served four of the six years in a given term.  So in two years, the Alabama Senate seat will be up for election once again.  All of the above being said, #1) above gives me enormous hope for both political parties moving forward.  The ability to think critically, logically towards the discernment of truth is crucial to the survival of our representative democracy.  In the absence of this independent reasoning and thought on the part of the electorate an elite 'ruling' power structure settles itself into place, being near impossible to remove once it is established, and this elite power structure is not focused on the needs of "we the people"; it is focused on selling influence and maintaining power in order to advance an elitist agenda.  Sadly, today in Washington D.C. there are elites participating in a well-established power structure on both sides of the political aisle.  Perhaps this is why we need to begin a discussion about the benefits of term-limits where seats in the U.S. Congress are concerned?

On a different note, I also think that the time has now come for we, as a nation, to begin having the discussion that would allow us to prioritize claims of sexual misconduct and the appropriate repercussions thereof, for not all offenses are created equal.  Not all offenses should result in the immediate destruction of a man or woman's entire career in the absence of any due process.  Don't get me wrong, I think the #MeToo movement is truly empowering.  It has allowed .. is allowing women and men to step out of their silence and suffering in order for their voices to be heard.  This movement has begun a long overdue conversation in our nation, a conversation with the potential to move us further toward a truly egalitarian society, which is rather remarkable in and of itself. That being said, we really need to get a handle the ramifications of sexual misconduct allegations in the absence of  any prioritization.  Prioritization of sexual misconduct allegations --even though there will likely be many grey areas-- would allow us to begin building the frame-work for prosecution in order to ensure justice for all.  For in the absence of prioritization, the positive progress this #MeToo conversation has made thus far can just as quickly run right off the rails, with countless opportunities for abuse in the face of false or unproven allegations.  Having this important conversation will also allow us to put past allegations (e.g., Senator Ted Kennedy, President Bill Clinton, Senator Tod Akin) --and the response of individuals from each political party-- into perspective when discussing current allegations (e.g., Judge Roy Moore, Senator Al Franken,  Senator Trent Franks and Representative John Conyers).  It may also help to shed some light on the motivations behind a radical change in behavior where some groups are concerned (i.e., rank-and-file Democrats). "Hypocrisy is the homage vice plays to virtue"?

12/14/2017  I heard that Roy Moore has requested a recount of the election results, as allowed by Alabama State Constitution for closely contested races.  

Friday, December 01, 2017

Justice isn't really blind, it just operates within a bubble of political expediency these days?

Justice operates in a bubble these days? Perhaps the blame in the delivered verdict in the Jose Garcia Zarate case lies with the prosecutor who opted for a higher charge of outright murder over manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter --especially in light of the ricochet evidence.  Perhaps this initial mis-charging was intentional in order to guarantee a desired outcome, in a sanctuary city, in support a prescribed political narrative? I am left wondering if such a verdict would have been possible in any other non-sanctuary city? The defense knew what they were doing when they opted to have the trial venue remain in the city of San Francisco.

Given the overshoot in charging, coupled with the apparent mental state of non-well being of the defendant, I suppose the outcome in this trial is not entirely unexpected.  That being said, justice has not been served for the victim, Kate Steinle, or for her bereaved family, not to mention the American people at large.  The bottom line is Zarate should not have been in this country.  If authorities in San Francisco had cooperated with Federal officials in honoring the government's detainer request, Jose Garcia Zarate never would have been on the pier that fateful day and Kate Steinle would still be alive and with us here today.  Sadly, the jury was never given this crucial piece of information during the trial, namely that Zarate was a 7 time convicted felon who had been deported from the country on 5 different occasions, only to return the U.S. time and time again through a porous southern border.  The verdict in this case and the political pontificating of the Defense attorney aside, this case at its core shines a glaring light upon the fundamental problem with sanctuary cities scattered across our nation, namely that  they aren't safe places to visit, live, work or play and the people who run them are perfectly okay with this fact and any unfortunate consequences thereof.  To the latter officials any casualties resultant of their sanctuary city policies are merely necessary sacrifices in a war of battling political ideologies.  To their way of thinking, "we the people" and law-abiding legal immigrants are expendable.  If that isn't a wake-up call to logically thinking people across this country, then I don't know what is??!??

Kate's story really hits home for me, because my family and I were visiting San Francisco, walking in the vicinity of that same pier exactly one week prior to this tragic shooting.  Timing is everything?  My proximity to this story really got me thinking about "sanctuary cities" and illegal immigrants.  After much thought and soul-searching I discovered, like most Americans, I fully support legal immigration.  Furthermore, I think I would be willing to support an increase in the number of legal immigrants we allow into this country, on a yearly basis.  However, I would only support this increase with the pre-requisite condition that our government finally and effectively addresses stemming the tide of illegal immigrants flooding into the country, on a daily basis, particularly dangerous individuals and repeat violent offenders.  A border wall --partial wall in strategic locations-- may just be the best place to start.  To those of you who claim "If you build a thirteen foot wall, they will find a thirteen foot ladder", I would say awakened Americans are no longer willing to subscribe to the "narrative of absolutes."  In the world of logical reality, meaningful actions and accountability, the choices are no longer all simple black and white, all or nothing.  In point of fact, if you build a thirteen foot wall, you actually wind up stopping everyone who doesn't have access to a thirteen foot ladder. And at the end of the day, that just might be enough to truly make a difference in reducing the number of illegal immigrants flowing into our country and committing crimes much to the detriment of law-abiding citizens and legal immigrants alike.

Contrary to the narrative of absolutes, the desire to commit to the development and implementation of a comprehensive immigration program --that will actually be enforced!-- toward the end of curtailing illegal immigration does not automatically make decent, law-abiding citizens bad people or "haters".  Nor does it mean the we want to put an end to all immigration or that that we in anyway dislike all immigrants in general; it just means that we want to be safe in our own homes, communities and cities --even when traveling.  It means we want to reward immigrants who come into this country through the proper channels and vetting process.  That's how we make immigration work for everyone in our country, citizens and legal immigrants alike.  But 'reasonable' people nowadays don't address real-world problems with real solutions, do they?  They cower under the feel-good cover of subscribing to accepted political narratives, in the absence of all independent thought, logic and reason.  The time has finally come to wake-up America!

12/3/2017 Apparently, it is actually a Federal crime not to cooperate with Federal Immigration officials on detainer requests.  Thus, the Attorney General could take meaningful action towards tackling the very problems posed by "sanctuary cities" by prosecuting those San Francisco officials directly responsible for the release of Jose Garcia Zarate.  The question is will Sessions finally take a stand --after eight years of his predecessors looking the other way-- in order to actually enforce the laws already on the books?

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Changing of the Guard, Paradigm Shift ....

We are presently witnessing a profound shift in the power-wielding dynamics of our western society, a "changing of the guard" if you will.  I think for the first time in our nation's history we are poised to embrace the truly egalitarian society, we were always meant to be.  That being said, this paradigm shift will require vigilance from all of our citizens, in all walks of life.  Therefore, I urge you, each and every one to stay informed and to seek truth from multiple sources.  Do not be led or distracted, like sheep, by false narratives.  Do not shy away from important conversations and let your voice be heard!

12/2/2017  Just wondering when or if the digital power-wielding paradigm will also begin to shift?  Everyone may have a platform to 'be heard' these days, but given the recent evidence of suppression, on the part of providers,  and the proliferation of "fake news" stories on social media platforms:  I'd have to say that what's being heard on-line is anything but fair or balanced.  The latter aside, I love the way President Trump is able to circumvent the main-stream media with his Twitter account.  Granted, I don't always like the way he says things, but I love that the President has a found a way to take his message directly to "we the people."  Trump's tweets, to my way of thinking, are the modern-day equivalent of FDR's "fire-side" chats, albeit a bit more colorful in nature and not always wholly 'presidential'.  Then again, Trump seems to be redefining what it means to be presidential.  And despite the mainstream media's near-meltdown response, the world keeps spinning madly on ... Go figure?  I didn't vote for a President Trump, but given the response of the Left since the election --or rather the lack of any meaningful fact/action based response-- I have to say that Trump is slowly winning me over.  That being said, I think  Trump's surrogate at FCC revoking net-neutrality will only further serve to dismantle the dissemination of balanced truth via digital on-line mediums.  

12/30/17  God Bless, keep and guide the brave men and women in the country of Iran who have awakened from slumber and now struggle to have their voices heard toward the end of taking control of their own lives.  Their courage in the face of extreme adversity gives hope for a brighter future for their country, their children and their children's children.  I sense a benevolent energy acting their behalf this time, an energy I have not felt before.  This time, I truly feel as if change IS possible.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

We, As a Nation, Are at a Crossroads ....

I have been following all of the #MeToo posts and stories, well the highlights at least. It's been too hard for me to bear witness to explicit details having been a victim myself. Nonetheless, I sincerely admire the courage of others have shown by coming forward in order to share their deeply personal stories, followed by the aftermath of trying to find 'normal' once again --some of us never truly find normal again, maybe we must invent a new normal for ourselves. Anyway, the sharing of these courageous women --and men-- gives me a profound sense of hope ... Hope because the sharing of these stories reveals a long-hidden, ugly truth in our western society, namely the false-narrative that power can be used to prey upon others for the purposes of a misguided need for sexual gratification at the expense of an unwilling participant. By sharing these stories we remove the mask of stigma from the victims and refocus the blame where it should rightly reside, namely upon the perpetrators and their enablers. We've begun to shrink the cover that 'polite society' used to provide for these monsters and started a conversation that stands to fundamentally change how we deal with sexual harassment and assault in our modern-day society. Those who prey upon the innocent, our children, are perhaps the worst among the predators. For these innocent we must remain ever-vigilant, being the eyes and ears who will watch for any and all signs of abuse and then move swiftly to protect the innocent.

All of the above being said, however, I find myself deeply troubled by the allegations being brought against the Republican Alabama Senate Candidate, Judge Roy Moore, in the aftermath of the Alabama primary election and just weeks before the main election is to be held. While the allegations, if proved to be truthful, are horrible and wholly inexcusable, I find myself EXTREMELY uncomfortable with the timing of these allegations, especially in light of the fact that these allegations date back thirty, or more, years making the allegations all the more difficult to conclusively prove, by legal standards, within the limited time-frame leading up to the election.

As much as it pains me to say, given my own experiences of sexual abuse, I firmly believe Roy Moore deserves his day in court.  I do  not think this because of Roy Moore's character or his policies, or the fact that he happens to be Republican.  I would be making this very same argument if Roy Moore were a Democrat as well.  Due process is the right of all citizens and it is a fundamental part of who we are as a nation.  Due process is what separates us from countries like North Korea and Iran.  To my way of thinking we, as a nation, are at a crossroads. We stand to set an incredibly dangerous precedent for trying post/primary political candidates in the “court of public opinion”, without the due-process of law, where information --both true and false-- in this 'courtroom' spreads like wildfire in this day and age of global social media and the 24-hour cable news-cycle.  The repercussions of such a precedent will be long-lasting and detrimental to the fundamental underpinnings of our representative democracy, because now moving forward any candidate can be unfairly targeted with non-legally binding charges, in any political campaign, without due-process.  The game-changer of course in the "court of public opinion", now verses decades past, is the velocity--both speed, as well as multi-direction-- at which damage can be inflicted upon an intended target in our present-day technological web.  So which candidates are likely prevail in such scenarios, without the benefit of due process? Probably those candidates who are well-connected, both in terms of finances as well as media backing, with the financiers having their own hidden agendas. And who will want to even run for political office, given the risk of being unfairly targeted and smeared? Probably not the best qualified candidates, with the best interest of “we the people” at heart.

The Democrats are quite the hypocrites, given their unwavering support for President Bill Clinton in the aftermath of his sexual misconduct with a young White House intern, in the Oval Office no less, even in the aftermath of Congressional impeachment.  Let us not overlook the fact that the Democrats stand to win a much needed Senate seat in the aftermath of scandal, a seat which could potentially shift the Congressional balance-of-power, thereby derailing President Trump's agenda for “Making America Great Again.” And shame on establishment Republicans for rushing to throw their fellow Republican immediately under the bus? Timing IS everything. Even if these allegations of sexual misconduct prove to be true, we are all being played. Are we really okay with this?  If Roy Moore is forced to withdraw from the race, then the puppet-masters win again and they win BIG, not just today, but tomorrow and in every future political race that has yet to play.  I say, Judge Roy Moore deserves his day in court. Let the election play out, with the legal proceeding moving forth simultaneously. Then, if Roy Moore winds up winning the election and IF he is found guilty, by legal standards, then have him removed from office, where-after a replacement can appointed by the Governor of Alabama, as the established electoral guidelines in the state of Alabama dictate. To do otherwise risks damaging our democracy in so very many ways, ways which will go on to have lasting repercussions on our nation for decades upon decades to come.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Perception, the chain that truly binds us ...

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

This what's wrong with the world today: so many among us seem to have forgotten this truth we came into this world knowing.  We've become so focused on the packages we each reside in, our skin color and ethnicity.  There are lines of division being 'drawn' everywhere we look, particularly by the Hollywood elites and main-stream media.  In this mindset, the world cannot help but be perceived as a series of slights, rooted in past wrongs which true racism will never allow to be forgiven.  If we willfully close our eyes to the progress we have made in so many areas, we become pawns in a larger political agenda --us against THEM-- instead of the truly liberated beings we were meant to be.  Beings who control their own destinies, thoughts and dreams, beings on a quest to reconnect with the spiritual nature of our true being.  And counter-intuitively, it is forgiveness not condemnation that holds the key to our liberation.  We must forgive, so that we in turn may be forgiven.  Otherwise, we will remain grounded beings, trapped in a repetitious cycle of human failures, incapable of hope for a vision of an even brighter future, a future in which we have an active hand in shaping our own destinies and creating a better world for our children and our children's children after them.

"What man is a man who does not leave this world a better place?"  I would wager, the man who sows division is the antithesis of the latter.  And the man who teaches his children division digs an even greater hole for his children to climb out of, in terms of spiritual enlightenment which in the end is the point of this shared journey, LIFE, we are on.  Open your heart and let it begin to engage your mind.

To the Professor,  Ekow N. Yankah, who has sadly concluded, in his "New York Times" op-ed,   "I will teach them to be cautious, I will teach them suspicion, and I will teach them distrust. Much sooner than I thought I would, I will have to discuss with my boys whether they can truly be friends with white people."   I have to say, how sad for your children, Professor Yankah.  By your proclamation you have already closed doors to your children, doors that may have truly expanded their way of thinking and the people they are ultimately capable of becoming.  By your proclamation, your children will now have to work that much harder to get closer to a spiritual version of truth.  How close-minded, to paint all 'black' people with one brush and all 'white' people with another, when the truth lies somewhere in between.  There are good 'black' people, just as there are good 'white' people.  There are bad 'black' people, just as there are bad 'white' people, both historically as well as in more modern times.  But the spiritual truth is that we are so much more than 'black' and 'white'.  I happen remember my first best friend, at the impressionable age of 4 years old, the same age as the son of NYTimes op-ed author.  My first best friend was a beautiful little African-American girl, named Kimberly, but I never saw Kimberly as being any different than me.  She was my best friend and we had hours upon hours of endless fun together until I moved away a year later.  Children don't see 'color'; they are taught to see color.  And nothing in this world will ever truly begin to change until we, as grown-ups, parents, educators and mentors pledge to stop teaching our children to divide up our world by color.  It's that simple.  Perhaps the change starts with you, one ever-widening ripple in the pond of human consciousness?

My thoughts after reading "Can My Children Be Friends with White People?"

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Monday, November 06, 2017


" "The Vegas massacre didn't move the needle far enough" " ... I cannot bring myself to walk the path of sorrow in the aftermath of the Texas Southeast First Baptist Church shooting. Instead I find myself flooded with feelings of intense anger … Not anger at gun laws, gun owners, the military or a mental health system which appears to fails so many in our country these days.  No, this anger I'm experiencing is an anger directed at those, working behind the scenes, who found an unstable individual and then pushed him over the edge. And once Devin Kelley was over the edge these puppet-masters then put a gun in this unstable man's hand and set him on a collision course to slaughter innocents, all in the name of refocusing political discourse such that their party and their core issues are brought to the forefront of relevance once again. Believe me, this isn't knowledge I want to 'see' or for that matter to share, but the universe won't seem to leave me alone alone I have shared this interpretation of the tragic events that unfolded during a celebration of worship on Sunday.  I mean, what are the statistical odds the opportunity arises --right on heels of the Las Vegas shooting-- for the left to disparage the military, conservative people of faith and guns all in one shot? The latter has to be the liberal trifecta.  The only consolation I have is a vision --9/23/2017-- of a KARMA storm is presently being unleashed upon this world of ours, such that a light will be shown on these puppet-masters --at all levels of corruption and walks of life. The far-reaching moral arc of the universe is moving to restore a long overdue universal balance.  The time has come for the sleeping among us to awaken to universal truths which transcend political affiliation, race, gender and all other perceptions of division.

11/7/2017  Struck me as odd that several media outlets were initially reporting the shooter using his middle name, Devin Patrick Kelley.  The middle name was later dropped in subsequent reporting.
11/9/2017 " "In the absence of an armed citizenry, in times of violent crisis we will find ourselves at the hands of the merciless." "  Our founding fathers understood this and this is why they gave us the 2nd Amendment.  Thanks to the bravery of Stephen Willeford, a concerned citizen and neighbor living adjacent to the church, who arrived on the scene of the shooting with a second gun --and NRA training-- countless additional lives were likely spared. Incidentally, I have had an extremely hard time finding Willeford's name by way of the mainstream media.  Could it be the latter are suppressing Willeford's name and his contribution to helping put an end to the mad gunman's shooting spree because Willeford's involvement with a second gun does not fit their narrative supporting the need to "control all guns"? 
11/11/2017  At the end of the day, it helps to believe in a world where individual redemption is entirely possible.  We can learn and grow, we can heal, we can forgive and be forgiven ... "Whose sins we [each of us] hold bound, remain bound.  Whose sins we [all] forgive are forgiven."

Friday, November 03, 2017

Former DNC Chair Pulls Back the Curtain on the 'Great and Powerful Oz'

"This is really a full scale indictment of the entire power structure at the DNC." ~Byron York, Washington Examiner

I have to give Donna Brazile --DNC chairwoman who took the over the job the day before the DNC primary, when D.W. Schultz was ousted-- credit for having the courage to finally speak out, revealing the Clinton stranglehold on the DNC which led to the rigging their of their party's primary. That being said, however, I cannot help but wonder how the election might have turned out had Brazile spoken out prior to ballots being cast.  Timing is indeed everything.  I am also left wondering if the Bernie Sanders supporters will continue stick with the Democratic Party in light of such damning revelations?  Are the Bernie supporters tired enough of being used and played by the Democratic Party such that they will now find the courage (and organization) necessary to start their own party?  Will these events wind up being the impetus for the emergence of true "third party" in American politics?  If nothing else, perhaps these events will prove to be the closing chapter in the era of Clinton political aspirations?

11/9/2017 Relieved to see most on the left chose not to partake in the organized childish anti-reality "scream at the sky" event yesterday.  The lack of turnout for this event gives me hope for those on the left after all, particularly millennials.  The latter might have it in them to organize in a meaningful, truly representative way, moving forward after all and that will surely do wonders for our representative democracy.   
11/12/2017 I like Greg Gutfeld's suggestion, that the DNC should give Hillary R. Clinton a "life-time achievement award."  Greg notes, paraphrasing here  "[In Hollywood, and the music industry, people always seem to go away after they receive a lifetime achievement award.] " 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

We Carry On ....

We carry on ... Ongoing thoughts and prayers are most sincerely with those impacted by the terrorist attack in NYC today.  May healing come swiftly, to those most in need, with Justice right on her heels. And may we, as a nation, finally embrace the courage to begin the conversation about the need to fight terror at its sources of origin.  Political-correctness and a false sense of security in relying on technology --by way of capturing insurmountable amounts of mostly meaningless data-- alone to "save the day" have taken far too many innocent lives.  It's time to change the conversation, even if that means stepping on a few toes, so that we can get down to the business of taking serious action --hands-on, eyes and ear on the ground surveillance-- to prevent future such terrorist attacks from happening on American soil again.

Monday, October 09, 2017

The Not-So-Perfect Storm

In order to rebuild society in the image the "group-thinkers" would like to see as "the norm" in American society at large, they must first destroy the fundamental pillars underlying foundation upon which our nation was founded, chief among these being the eradication of those who contributed in any major way to the story of how our nation came into being.  It's a slow and systematic process of de-legitimization, a war being waged on many simultaneous fronts, over a period of many years --in some cases decades-- such that the end-goal of this war-waging isn't always so readily discernible to the average citizen.  When this war-waging is coupled with a fundamental transformation of our education system, over the course of the last two and half decades --with the end goal being the production of a citizenry who are simply incapable of any independent thought and the critical thinking skills necessary to discern truth from emotion-driven fiction-- anyone with half of  a non-zombie (not culturally indoctrinated) brain can see that the nation we once knew and loved is presently on a collision course with a not-so-perfect STORM.  Independent thought and the need to pursue facts, logic and reason before reaching meaningful conclusions --especially for more recent generations, witness free speech being shouted down sometimes violently across college campuses throughout the nation--  has now been replaced with a need "to belong", the 'natural' byproduct of which enables one to be perceived "as being a good person."  Compounding this absence of logic and reason from debate and dialogue, in the rare instance where one happens to chance upon such oddities, is the extremely short attention span and prevalence toward a me-centered bias among more recent generations [And I cannot help but wonder at the role social media, Hollywood and blatantly liberally-biased media outlets play in pushing this narrative of "belonging."  Particularly social media, which possesses the power to control the conversation by deciding which posts/ads to suppress and which posts to share and elevate.].  If you look at events currently unfolding, with respect to destruction of historical statues, through the lens of history a most bizarre realization hits you.  Thanks to this "solidarity of belonging" the tables have turned and those who would have once mocked the religiously affiliated "book-burners", of days gone past, have now become the statue destroyers in our modern times.  It's as if politics of the far-left has now become a religion unto itself?

Image Courtesy of "The Houston Chronicle"

Taken by itself, the push to eliminate "Columbus Day" seems pretty benign, on its surface, even though one wonders: why now and why Columbus?  Christopher Columbus was foremost a brave explorer who helped to reshape the world as we knew it, back in his time, and that feat in and of itself is commendable and entirely worthy of celebrating. Alas, "History is messy and it's complicated." ~Tucker Carleson.  For with Columbus' discovery came an expansion of Western influence which precipitated an influx of disease and other negative outcomes (e.g., immigration) that had a detrimental impact on the Native Americans and the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean. [Contrary to the popular narrative being pushed by the ill-informed left, I have found no evidence thus far to support the claim that Columbus is personally responsible --by his own hand-- for the killing of hundreds of thousands of Indians/Indigenous People.]  That's the flip-side of the coin; unfortunately we cannot have one without the other, as is so often the case where any truthful history is concerned.  That being said, if we are being truthful don't we have to ask if these negative after- effects completely discount the merits of Columbus's exploration altogether?  I mean, Columbus nearly doubled the size of European world-view at that time. That's a pretty incredible milestone, in terms of expanding our understanding of the world around us, don't you think?  To my way of thinking, logic and reason would dictate that the unfortunate after-events do not completely negate the contribution Christopher Columbus made toward the endeavor of better understanding our world, unless of course we now want to hold up a moral compass to measure the 'men' behind all great feats concerning the long history of our nation, discounting those with whom we happen find any 'moral' opposition.  But wouldn't this be an extremely slippery slope?  And the answer is: Absolutely! Conveniently, however, that's just the place the far-left wants us to be, because once we're on this slope we can begin to take down great men and women who helped to shape the nation we have today, thereby providing the left ample opportunity to insert a revisionist history in the gaping voids they would carve out.  Witness attacks on statues of other notable historical figures who have sat in relative peace, undisturbed for decades upon decades.

As I stated above, taken by itself this recent push to remove Columbus Day and replace the celebration with "Indigenous People's Day" seems pretty benign, but if you step back and look at the larger picture of events unfolding in our nation an alarming pattern begins to emerge, and when you begin to connect to the dots it becomes readily apparent that the push to oust Columbus is really just one, of many fronts, in the ongoing battle to fundamentally transform America.  The disrespecting of our U.S. Flag, our National Anthem and the U.S. Soldiers --who have sacrificed so much to ensure the ongoing freedoms we have in our nation today-- under the guise of "taking a stand against racism" is another front; timing IS everything.  On another front, in the aftermath of the mass-shooting in Las Vegas, the far left is now leaning towards an outright repeal of the Second Amendment, as opposed to engaging in meaningful discussion on the broader topic of taking expansive security measures to harden the  many vulnerable soft targets throughout our nation.  Mass immigration --as opposed to sensible, well thought out immigration and enforcement of the laws on our books--  is another front, toward the end of re-shaping our electorate.  Meanwhile the process of teaching a revisionist history of "the story of our nation" to our children  has been and currently IS on-going, as stories are being cherry-picked by the left with the end-goal being the indoctrination of generations of children who will perceive America as a fundamentally flawed nation, irrespective of all the counter-balancing historical facts that would highlight all the good this nation has done and continues to do around the globe.  The net result of the latter is the turning out of generations who will be the pre-ordained followers in the fundamentally transformed "America of tomorrow."

With all of the above in mind, I have to ask, isn't  now is the time for all good men and women to wake-up and ask ourselves:  are we really okay with this agenda of transformation and what are the long-term implications of such transformation???!!!!!!???  More importantly, if we citizens choose to remain silent or complacent as this tide of change begins to penetrate deeper into the cultural fabric of our nation:  are we not culpable in this agenda of transformation???  America may not be perfect, but it is still one of the absolute best places to live on the entire planet, and the America I know and love is a cause worth fighting for, as evidenced by the countless sacrifices made by the many brave men and women who came before us, as well as those who continue to serve our nation today.  Here's hoping Americans across our great nation will finally awaken to the reality of the transformation that is occurring in our nation, on multiple fronts.  Once awakened may these Americans, committed to the founding principle of Liberty, vocally embrace --by their words, as well as actions-- a willingness to fight for an America where diversity of thought --one of the KEY founding principles upon which our nation was built-- is not only tolerated, but valued every bit as much as a diversity of 'color' (race) and gender.  Information is truly power, therefore seek truth from multiple sources in your information gathering process.  Then embrace a willingness to look at the opposing sides of any given argument, only then will you be set upon the path to find truth.  "I think those content to be mindlessly led will always readily subscribe to "the narrative," those who seek truth would do well to look elsewhere."~Me, 7/11/2017

My post from three years back ....
"So today, let us celebrate by remembering the man, Christopher Columbus, and his crew who embodied the very essence of pioneering human exploration in their willingness to embrace the untetherable desire to set off into the vast unknown in search of adventure, reaping the subsequent benefits of knowledge and acquisition --the merits and detriments of which can, and will likely, be deliberated for generations yet to come. “In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue” and with his discovery he nearly doubled the European view of the world, for better or worse unleashing the inevitable torrents of change. Tomorrow, or any of the other 364 days of the year, we can celebrate "Indigenous People's Day"... And I happen to have Native American blood in my family heritage."

10/11/2017  Perhaps the "Populist Revolution" which propelled President Trump into office is the beginning of an awakening?  Those in the movement need to stay focused, however, and they need to connect the dots to a vision that extends beyond national security, jobs and the economy.

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

Tradegy in Las Vegas

The emotions I have been experiencing with respect to the mass shooting in Vegas, late Sunday evening --I saw these images streaming in live, as I happened to be up-- have been just too raw to allow me to write anything meaningful here.  I have found that when emotions are running high, logic and reason really don't stand much of a chance. So instead I have chosen to remain quiet, to think and to pray, while reflecting upon the senseless loss of life and praying for the healing of those most in need.

The images and video from the night of the attack show the courage of Americans coming together during the time of crisis, in order to help one another, as the gunfire rained down from above.  These acts of bravery and selflessness are so profoundly inspiring to me.  Despite the backdrop of tragedy and loss, the selfless heroism and action of so many brave men and women helped to save countless lives, and this really highlights the best of what is to be found among Americans, I think.  This is what we should be focused on right now, in the immediate aftermath of tragedy, not politicization of tragedy in order to advance a political agenda.  The latter is truly reprehensible and it speaks to the worst of what is to found in America.

I commend the Trump Administration for realizing that there is a time to mourn, a time for healing of the injured and the bereaved, before moving on to political discussions regarding gun control and actions to help prevent future such attacks on our nations many vulnerable soft-targets.  When the proper time for political discussion ensues, I am confident that with an honest and open dialogue we will be able to find common ground, rooted in facts, toward the end of outlining meaningful solutions to help prevent future such attacks in our nation.

10/31/2017 This has conspiracy written all over it, metaphysically speaking.  More will soon come to light, I hope and suspect.  Wondering what Steven Padock's middle name is?

Monday, September 25, 2017

NFL National Anthem Protests

Regarding the recent up-tick in NFL players opting to kneel during the playing of the American National Anthem, I have to say: timing is indeed EVERYTHING. While I may support your right to protest --and moreover the over-arching legitimacy of your complaint-- I would hope that as Americans, first and foremost, you would have the decency to respect two of the most prominent symbols of our national unity, these symbols being our American Flag and our National Anthem. In this time of unhinged divisiveness, more than ever, we as citizens ardently need to strive to seek out and to embrace reasons to stand together as Americans.  Even if this standing together only lasts for a few fleeting minutes, during the playing of our nation's anthem.

If we begin to willfully tug on the last remaining threads of the underlying fabric of our national unity, I fear we will soon cross a line from which there will be no turning back. But sadly, most people probably don't see the direness of this situation in the way that I do? I suppose this lack of understanding --in terms of long-term ramifications-- is overshadowed by the more immediate emotional nature of the cause at the forefront of these NFL protests. That emotion will almost always trump logic and reason is a tactic widely used by those who would see us divided, towards a more nefarious end. Another tactic of these dividers use is to frame the argument in terms that will most certainly lead to divisiveness, because the argument is set up such that two sides will wind up talking around each other, not with each other towards the end of meaningful resolution and a deeper understanding.

In the case of NFL Protests, those protesting are horrified by the ongoing loss of African American lives at the hands of some misguided, racist police officers.  They want to use the national forum of the NFL to bring the need to seriously address the underlying causes for this tragic loss of life to the forefront of the national conversation. Those protesting on behalf of the latter injustice claim their right to protest trumps any disrespect surrounding the timing of their protest, which just happens to be smack in the middle of the playing of the American National Anthem. Meanwhile, while those on the other side of the equation might wholeheartedly agree with the cause being put forth by the protests, they find the timing of these protests is unacceptable. And suddenly anyone who has a shred of pride and respect for our nation's flag, during the singing of our anthem –representing the sacrifices of so many who fought to ensure the freedoms we have in America today-- is suddenly framed as being an insensitive racist. And round and round we go?  It's absolutely crazy!!!

Image Source:

All the above being said, I think the Dallas Cowboys got it right at their game over the weekend. The actions of the Dallas Cowboy's football team give me hope for a meaningful resolution to the uproar on both sides of the equation. Prior to the playing of the National Anthem the Cowboy players, coaches, staff and owner, Jerry Jones, all took a knee in support of the protest cause. Then when the anthem began to play, everyone stood locking arms in solidarity, thereby showing respect and unity during the few moments meant for reflecting upon our over-arching unity as a nation, with allowance for a profound reflection upon the sacrifices made by so many throughout the history of our great nation. … And in reflecting upon our nation's long and diverse history, I see how very far we have come. The fact we have multi-million-dollar paid, African American pro-football players who are able to protest in the lead-up to NFL games --not to mention their fellow team members, of all races and creeds, who are supporting them-- speaks volumes to just how far we have come as a nation. And while we still have a ways left yet to go, I think we should remain ever-mindful of ALL that we have achieved as a nation.  Contrary to what so many of the dividers would have us believe, the issues facing us as a nation aren't always an “all or nothing" scenario.  There is a middle-ground, that seldom used --these days-- grey-area called dialogue.  "Dialogue", where two opposing sides come to the table in an honest attempt to explain, while earnestly endeavoring to understand and to expand heretofore rigid ways of thinking.  Despite what the dividers would have you believe, Americans, as a whole, are basically decent people, even when we happen to differ from one another along the political spectrum.  Furthermore, we are much stronger TOGETHER than we will ever be on the opposite sides of the ever-widening chasms of our political divide.  Now is the time for all good men to come together .....

10/1/2017 I am also left wondering, if the term "racist" continues to be thrown at any, and everyone, who happens to disagree with accepted liberal group-think:  won't we eventually arrive at a point where the term ceases to possess any useful meaning? I mean, if everyone is "a racist" how will you be able to discern real problem individuals from the masses?  That is to say, by expanding to the term such a broad swath of the population aren't you in effect providing cover for the real racists?
10/10/2017 Jerry Jones, owner of the Dallas Cowboy football team has doubled down on his not taking a knee during the anthem stance, according to the "Washington Times." Jones has stated that any player taking a knee during the national anthem will not be playing on the field in the ensuing game, according to the WTimes.  Jones was quoted as saying to reporters that the team cannot "give the implication that we tolerate disrespect to the flag.  We cannot do that."
10/15/2017 Personally, I think Jerry Jones has it right.  I'm tired of having politics invade EVERY aspect of everyday life.  No wonder Americans are more divided than ever?  The reasons for division are now in our face 24/7, and not just on the news, it's on talk shows --morning as well as evening.  It's in lectures from Hollywood at their numerous self-congratulatory events and other public appearances. And now it's seeped into one of the last strongholds:  our sporting events, namely pro-football.  There have to be some places where we can set aside our differences and come together in order to relax and to enjoy some entertainment via sportsmanship?!  I hope the Cowboys do well this season, but I'm done watching pro-football for this season.  I've had enough!  Players, you all get paid to PLAY; protest on your own time and dime.  I could have accepted kneeling prior to the anthem, but things have gotten way out of hand and escalated to a wholly unacceptable level.  The whole 'controversy' has just ruined the pro-game for me this season.  Thankfully, Hockey season has started now and these teams seemed focused on playing, leaving politics outside the arena.  Then there is also college football.  Nice to live in a country where we have so many choices. .... One last thought regarding numerous comments to the effect that Jerry Jones has a "Plantation mentality" ... Really??? Talk about a total absence of logic and reason.  Slaves never were paid millions of dollars to do their job.  They didn't have celebrity status and they couldn't walk away from a job they didn't want to do.  But alas, comments such as these aren't meant to serve logic and reason, their sole intent is to stir emotion which always circumvents logic and reason toward the end of maintaining divisions.
11/12/2017 Just thinking how much more meaningful pro-footballers using their "voice"to effect change,  off the field, in their own hometown communities would be.  Why not hold a press conference explaining your protest? Hold a meeting with your local law enforcement to discuss issues and possible solutions.  Maybe organize a pro-football ride along with cops out on patrol to see things from another point of view.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

The Greatest Loss ....

What would be the greatest of all possible losses to your way of thinking?  I suppose the answer depends upon your perspective, but I would wager few would argue that the loss of a child comes near the top of such a list, if not at the very top.

Eric Bolling, a former host on the news, opinion and commentary show "The Five" --and more recently, the host of the new show "The Specialists"-- has come to know this profound sense of loss, on a very personal level, this past week.  Over the weekend Eric Bolling's son, Eric Chase Bolling, only nineteen years of age, passed away, unexpectedly.  Eric Junior was taken in the prime of his life, when his dreams for the future had only just begun to unfold.  I can only imagine the depth of sorrow Mr. Bolling and his wife must be experiencing at this very moment, and my heartfelt thoughts and ongoing prayers go out to them during this time to loss and transition.

I wrote a piece a few years back titled "Where Have All the Good Men Gone" and after watching Mr. Bolling for several years now, on Fox News, and getting to know a little about him and his family, I can say with utmost confidence that Mr. Bolling most certainly falls into that category of "A Few Good Men."  Which, to my way of thinking, begs the question "Why do bad things, happen to such good people?"  It doesn't seem fair, nor does it make sense that any parent should ever have to outlive their children.  If anyone can show us the lessons to be learned and the way forward in the aftermath of such tragedy, I'd have to say that Mr. Bolling and his beautiful wife, Adrienne, are probably two of the best people to do so.

We are none of us ever promised a tomorrow.  That is why the wisdom of the ages is "to live your life as if today were your last day", here on Earth.  Easier said than done, I know.  Perhaps this is a common struggle we all share?  That being said, it appeared to me as if Eric Boiling, his wife and son tried their best to live their lives this way. So God Bless and Keep you, Mr. & Mrs. Eric Bolling.  May He help you to heal, in time, and may He show you both the way forward in the aftermath of such profound loss.  May the memory of Eric Chase continue to live in the hearts and minds of all whose lives he touched during his time here on Earth.  I strongly feel, that those whom we love are never far from our hearts and minds.  They watch over us, in spirit, until such time when we are meant to meet once again.

Tribute From "The Five":  Video Link

Friday, September 08, 2017

3-D Chess

Think those in Congress sorely underestimate President Trump, on both the right and the left.  In my humble opinion, Trump has been observing the workings of government, these past several months --both in terms of strengths and short-comings.  President Trump is NOT your typical politician.  He does what it takes to get the job done.  From my perspective, Trump has embarked upon a 3-D game Chess strategy, while the consummate politicians are still playing within the here-to-fore established 2-D boundaries.  Think there are going to be some surprised people when the dust settles on down the road.

Friday, August 25, 2017

Stranger than fiction?

I have been writing about a hurricane and the Texas Gulf coast over the course of the past three weeks, and I turn on the news yesterday to find Hurricane Harvey is barreling toward the central Texas Gulf coast as we speak, due to make landfall early Saturday morning.  How weird is that?

Makes me wonder if the things I write will actually come to pass? Like the movie by the title name of this post, "Stranger Than Fiction."  Perhaps I can write myself winning the lottery?  ; )

In any event, my heartfelt thoughts and prayers are with the people of Texas as they brace for impact.  Be smart, safe and May God Bless and keep you!

8/29/2017  Thoughts and prayers are still with everyone in Texas. Have a friend who has been deployed to help with search and rescue.  Praying especially for him.  The ability of Texans --and those coming in to assist from other states, like Louisiana-- to band together in order to get critical things done, in the absence of the division which seem to be gripping the nation at large --in the aftermath of Donald J. Trump's unexpected win-- is truly remarkable.  This type of responsiveness, working together to help fellow citizens regardless of political affiliation, should serve as the bar for the rest of the nation to strive toward moving forward.  We are stronger together than we can ever be while attempting to function independently as ongoing, isolated splinter- identity groups.
9/3/2017 Saw on the news, Friday, another hurricane, Irma is now headed potentially for Florida.  I also had a storm headed for Florida in my writing, but this storm --in my writing-- gets diverted back out to sea where it eventually dissipates, missing major landfall altogether.  Need to finish that part of the writing up? ... Have written that the hurricane will make an abrupt right turn just prior to making landfall on Florida mainland.  The storm will then head north, into cooler waters, where it will lose momentum and begin to dissipate, such that if it does make landfall further up the coast it will be greatly lessened in severity.
9/11/2017  Praying for ALL impacted by hurricane Irma, and so very thankful the storm did not make a major landfall as a category 5, as initially anticipated.  Anxious to hear news of how those in Cuba are fairing?  Have heard nothing thus far.
9/22/2017 Yet another hurricane strikes in U.S. waters, with Maria devastating Puerto Rico.  Nature heeds no fencing in?  Praying for Puerto Rico and for those who will oversee the complicated logistics of organizing and implementing relief for this U.S. island territory.  God Bless one and all!! 
10/13/2017 My sincere thoughts and prayers are with all of those affected by devastating wildfires in the Northern part of California.  May cooler weather bring much needed rain, in aid to firefighting efforts, that lives and homes may be spared.  I had not realized the fires were so bad in that area.
10/28/2017 Had the strangest dream about Nogales on Saturday night???

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Time to VENT!!!

"The Boy who cried Wolf"  & Term Limits .....

8/24/17 A.M.    To those who claim that President Trump's speech on Afghanistan was little more than a diversionary tactic, meant to refocus attention away from Charlottesville, I have to say --quite frankly-- Are you completely NUTS????  Is your perspective, where President Trump is concerned, so clouded that you have completely lost the ability to think logically and reason altogether?  All things being equal, the terror attack in Barcelona, last Thursday -- just days before the President's speech-- is logically the most likely driver for the President's "get tough on terror" speech given the following day.  While the deaths of Heather Heyer and two police officers, in Charlottesville, were tragic and wholly unnecessary, White Supremacists account for less than 1% of the U.S. population, and their views do not in anyway represent the views espoused by the majority in this nation: Witness the thousands of people who came out in support of mainstream views in the city of Boston over the weekend.  Bottom line, one crazy individual aside, White Supremacists do not pose an immediate threat to our very way of life here in our Western society.  On the other hand,  as evidenced by yet another terror attack in Barcelona Spain, Islamist extremist terrorists do happen to pose an immediate threat to our very way of life here, in our Western society, especially if we continue to do nothing concrete towards the end of preventing a terror attack here on our streets.  Bringing the fight to the terrorists, with the mission directive being to "hunt down and kill terrorists", goes a long, long way towards preventing a terror attack from happening here, in the United States. That gives most reasonable citizens hope that prevention is actually possible.  Unlike, the previous administration, the Trump Administration is willing to take decisive offensive actions that would work to prevent terrorism from striking here in America.  If that's "crazy and unhinged": then give me crazy and unhinged any day of the week.

Seriously, those of you on the Left who are unhappy with a President Trump, and have therefore embarked upon this scorched-earth campaign, you REALLY need to take a long and hard, serious embracing reality-check, because your arguments don't stand up to the scrutiny of logic and reason.  This reality-check applies most especially to those of you in the media who claim to be objective journalists.  Perhaps this is the era which has come to an end:  the era of objective journalism? You're like the "Boy Who Cried Wolf": you truly believe EVERYTHING Trump does of is of catastrophic proportions, and soon reasonable people are just going to tune you out altogether I know, I have.

"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum, even encourage the more critical and dissident views.  That gives people the sense that there's free thinking going on, while all the time the presuppositions of the system are being reinforced by the limits put on the range of the debate."  ~Noam Chomsky (via Tucker Carleson)  

Granted, Donald Trump is not your typical, polished politician, but that's part of the reason the American people sent him to Washington.  They wanted a President who would shake-up the establishment and actually get meaningful things done for the average citizen.  Stoking the fires of our division --e.g., by focusing on removing Confederate statues from government buildings, where they have stood for decades without comment or concern-- feeding upon hatred and distrust, does absolutely nothing to help the country heal.  It doesn't put people back to work or help them to put food on the table.  It doesn't help to make healthcare effective and affordable.  It doesn't bring economic relief in the form of long-term tax reform.  These are the things we all have in common, the things that truly matter, and if you and your party aren't focused on these things, then I find it hard to believe you when you say that you "truly care about the American people and the nation as whole."  Your actions speak volumes louder than your words.  Obstructionism and sowing division do nothing meaningful to advance the cause of the American citizen.   The party of the Left still doesn't get this -- or they simply don't care, which should be of even greater concern. THIS IS WHY YOUR PARTY LOST THE ELECTION.  If you had an ounce of common sense, you would come to terms with the latter and then learn from your past mistakes.  Otherwise, you and your party won't stand any chance in the upcoming 2018 mid-term elections either.  Now is the time for critical thought, thinking outside the feel-good box of 'belonging'. Now is the time for good men to stop being pawns in the establishment's over-arching agenda.  Obstructionist, establishment Republicans would do well to heed this advice as well.  You ran on a platform of healthcare repeal, immigration reform and tax reform and thus far you haven't accomplished any of the above.  You have the majority, what in the heck are you waiting for?????  Can you say: "Term-limits"????? .............

10/10/2017  VIP UPDATE:  Victory is at long last in sight.  The dreams of a caliphate have finally come to an end, with the falling of the last major ISIS stronghold in Iraq.  " BAGHDAD — Iraqi forces have driven Islamic State fighters from the northern city of Hawija, the militants’ final urban stronghold in Iraq" this according to "The New York Times."  Surprised me to see them reporting honestly on this?  Apparently, according to other sources, ISIS fighters are dropping their weapons and fleeing by the thousands, while still others are surrendering to Iraqi and coalition forces.  This sure sounds like a victory --albeit a long awaited one-- for the entire world, indeed:  " Iraq’s prime minister, Haider al-Abadi, said in a televised appearance in Paris, where he is on a state visit, that Hawija had been “liberated,” calling it a “victory not just for Iraq but for the whole world.”" ~The Washington Times, Middle East, October 5, 2017

Friday, August 18, 2017

Now is the time for all good men to stand up for what they truly believe in ....

Now is the time for all good men and women to stand up for what they truly believe in .... The future of our world may well depend upon your voice and your action.

It's late and I've yet to sleep, but as I lie in 'bed' and contemplate the notion of sleep I find my head is pounding and my heart is heavy. Another, in a long procession of terror attacks --over the course of the past two years-- has most recently struck on the streets of Barcelona, with a rented vehicle being used to run down innocent pedestrians enjoying a warm summer day on the streets of beautiful Barcelona.

I find myself perplexed by the response among people here, in the United States, to this most recent terror attack in Barcelona. Perhaps a lack of proximity to the the devastation and carnage, being an entire ocean away, helps to explain the lack of a sense of outrage, concern and a determination to do something –anything tangible-- towards the end of preventing another such attack. The response I mainly seem to be getting from people I've encountered is –and I'm paraphrasing here-- “Yes, it's a horrible tragedy. But it happened [thank God it didn't happen here] and its going to happen again; it's just a question of where and when.” Call me crazy, but I'm not okay with that, the notion that this type of violence is somehow inevitable and part of our new way of life in these modern times … violence being unleashed upon defenseless, innocent bystanders merely going about the business of their daily lives, while trying to find pockets of happiness in a world that seems to have gone blanking mad. I stop and ponder the vehicular tragedy we experienced here, in the USA, in Charlottesville, VA over the weekend, when a white supremacists plowed into a crowd of anti-supremacist protesters which wound up taking the life of a young woman and two police officers. It too was a terrible tragedy. Most people you ask will say the two events, the one in Barcelona and the one in Charlottesville, have no connections whatsoever, but I wholeheartedly disagree. When I think on the events in Charlottesville, VA, it occurs to me that while the things that white supremacists believe in and stand for run counter to the very notion of the things I believe America stands for, the rights of these supremacists to march and to say these things they supposedly believe in is protected by our constitution. Moreover, while the white supremacists have the right to speak their hateful and divisive rhetoric, in America, we have hundreds --perhaps even thousands of people-- who found the courage within themselves to meet these hateful supremacists on equal ground in order to speak out against their evil way of thinking. While I do not condone the violence, on either side of this equation, I am somehow comforted by the notion that in America we have a strong voice advocating for truth, reason and the values we as a majority in this society espouse.

When I think on the radical beliefs being inculcated in so many of the youth practicing the faith of Islam these days –followers of radical Islamism advocating the use of terrorism and violence in order to advance their agenda of hatred, intolerance and oppression-- however, I do not see this same counterbalancing force we witnessed in Charlottesville, VA, over the weekend. That is to say, I see no counterbalance within the larger faith of Islam that would –or has-- organize(d), in large, meaningful numbers, speaking from positions of truth and power, in order to courageously speak out loudly against the evil being unleashed by radical Islamist extremism. I truly believe if these young men, so susceptible to being recruited by the extremists, actually had another voice to turn to for a check and balance upon the radical beliefs --by way of an examination of the radical beliefs within the context of the mainstream interpretations of the Quran and its teachings-- that so many of these men would find their way free from the grasp of extremism. And quite frankly, until this counterbalancing voice from within the faith of Islam emerges with strength, numbers and the courage of their convictions, I truly believe the violence we have seen in terrorist attacks like Barcelona will continue to be sown upon our streets, both here and abroad, wreaking havoc upon the innocent and the defenseless.

“The thing to be feared most, above all, is that good men will choose to do nothing in the face of true evil.”

Late a.m. ... Thinking further on the above, in the light of day, it occurs to me that the one thing the alt-right, alt-left and Islamism (radical Islamist extremism) all have in common is a driving force to shut-down open dialogue, thereby eliminating any possibility for meaningful, multi-way discussions to occur.  In the absence of dialogue, things tend to escalate rather quickly towards the end of violence.

[I also have some early detection and technology driven prevention/disabling ideas  to thwart terrorism, but I'm too tired to share them here tonight.  Perhaps, I'll share tomorrow after a night with at least a few hours sleep.]

8/23/2013 Then there is that … That the leader of the Free World might actually assume a leadership role in addressing the elephant in the room by putting an end to the era of appeasement and cowering,where terrorist are concerned. After nearly a decade of speaking softly, Trump, in his role as Commander in Chief, is finally dusting off America's Big Stick … “Speak softly, but carry a big stick”, ever heard that one before? Well, thankfully, President Trump has. On Monday, President Trump stood in front of the rest of the free world, addressing his troops, and announced to them and to the nation at large that America, along with its allies in the Middle East, was finally going to get about the business of bringing the fight to the terrorists.

During his address, President Trump informed his troops that unlike the previous administration the military has his full backing and support. Moreover, from this point forward America is not going to be pre-scripting their play-by- play moves for all the world to see. Trump assured his troops that they will have adequate funding, training and the resources necessary to do their job in real-time. President Trump also announced that he is going to hold our allies in the Middle East (Saudia Arabia and Pakistan in particular, Jordan seems to have been holding up their end of the bargain) accountable for the commitments they have made toward the end of actually hunting down and eliminating the radical Islamist terrorists, hell-bent on unleashing their ideology of violence, intolerance, hatred and oppression upon the innocent and defenseless.

These terrorist have now been warned that the era of inaction, whereby governments have done little to actively combat terrorism at its source, is over.  We're through putting colorfully worded band-aids on the very real problem of radical extremist violence.  We will mourn tragedy, but moving forward we will take decisive offensive actions. The Free World is about to shine one heck of BIG light into the deep dark holes where violent Islamist extremist ideology seems to fester and breed, and soon there will be no more safe places for these terrorists-in-the-making to hide.  Perhaps the moral courage demonstrated by the President of the United States, in identifying the true evil that exists within our world today, and then putting a decisive plan of eradication into immediate action, will inspire other world leaders to finally take a definitive stand towards the end of tangibly removing the threat of terrorism from their own lands. Perhaps the leaders of the true faith of Islam will also find the moral courage to speak out against these violent extremists, using the wisdom and peaceful teachings to be found within the Quran in order to show misguided young men a better path in this life. In the face of true evil, President Donald Trump, has chosen to do something meaningful and I find, strangely enough, that his voice, his action gives me hope for this world of ours after all.