Saturday, August 04, 2012

All Creatures Great and Small ...

Questioning your Agnosticism? I love it! Now there is a precipice worthy of taking a good long look over, if there ever was one. Life’s a journey and what a shame if we don’t question, learn and grow along the way, right? Think a wise man once said “The fool thinks himself to be wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool.”

Abortion, Capitol Punishment, Euthanasia, Gun Control ( owning a gun and actually using it to protect your home and family) … hypocritical positions? I hear you, such is life … and here we are talking about LIFE. I think, most people don’t really want to take a stand one way or another. They don’t want to commit to the thinking and information gathering needed to make an ‘educated’ decision. Then again, there are many who leave educated thought at the door and let others do their thinking for them (which is scarier to me!?!) . So at least you’re willing to tackle your own hypocrisy and commit to some serious thought provoking engagement. This puts you ahead of the game in my humble opinion. And even when you think you’ve ironed all of the kinks in your reasoning, keep in mind that many of those who do take a stand “for” or “against” any one of the previous “life issues” stands a good chance of changing their positon –for or against-- when the truth of their “choice” is staring right smack in the eyes.

You would laugh at me. I catch spiders and bugs --that somehow wind up in the house-- inside glasses or jars and then release them outside.  Flies are near impossible to corner and bees pack a mighty punch with that sting, but I am a hypocrite too, I guess? You see, I just could not bring myself to catch roaches when we lived in Texas. They just scared the hell out of me for some reason? They are God’s creatures too, right? I would rather tackle a snake, tarantula, or scorpion than a roach any day the week. I’d often call Ken and make him deal with the roaches, which thankfully were never many. The other times, I just told myself I was giving them an express ticket back home to see their maker --which is a good thing right? ; ) I love it up here in Washington: I have not seen a single roach the entire four years that we have lived up here.

Anyhow, I look forward to seeing your thoughts on these issues unfold. Always have enjoyed the way your mind works. Do miss having your input in my life, but I am thankful that you are so committed to sharing your vision of the world via your blog. Take care of you!

Peace & Much Love to you …

P.S.  Here's another sign you might appreciate? Took this photo while out on a hiking trail up here.  Made ME laugh, but maybe that's just me? ... Besides, all of the important "answers" (adventures) aren't going to be found along the well-beaten path to my way of thinking.

And HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO YOU TOO!!! =)  XOXO  Peace, Love & Abundant Blessings in your  new year ahead. ♥

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