Thursday, August 02, 2012

My new favorite word ...

My new favorite word:  Quixotic.  Such a fabulous word, wouldn't you agree????? Love it!

..."extravagantly chivalrous or romantic" ...
Now there's something you don't often find nowadays?

I've always wanted to read this tale, "Don Quixote", by Cervantes.  Might just be my next read.

Happy almost FRIDAY, ya'll!  Do something impulsive ... quixotic.... to celebrate.

Going to get lost in my words today.  Always amazes me how I so totally loose all connection with Time when I'm playing with words. 

Peace & Love,


Song:  "Don Quixote", Gordon Lightfoot

Song:  "Shake It Out", By Florence and the Machine  ... (Came across this song today.  Reminds a bit of the dream I had --wrote about- about the moon the other night and my life in general, where the second girl in the tree at the end would be my inner child.)

A poem to go with this song & video ...

“Sweetness of Surrender”

You speak to me finally with two faces, I see:
The hidden nature of your own conflicting duality?
My own subconscious mind finally awakened …
Now conscious to past regrets long since mistaken.
Reconnecting against better judgment’s worldly reason.
Seeking truth for confusion’s swirling thoughts of treason.
Opened and vulnerable, on my knees I bleed once more.
Unworthiness and doubt the seeds of my neglected store.
In childish hopes of finding a long held wanting of release,
My Inner Child rises to grant unanswered chaos final peace.
With her grace, illusion is at last with liberation forcefully shattered …
Together, we two, now step forth to embrace the truly mattered.
The Life we seek comes from up above and infinitely all around.
In surrender there is an indescribable peace that will never be found.

@Copyrighted Poem, August 2012. All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.

A friend of mine said she loved this poem, but did not understand the last line.  So here is the explanation:   Yes, the last line can be confusing, because it is our human nature to always "think", "reason" and "seek" ... What I meant here was that indescribable peace cannot be found by us, it finds us when we are finally ready to surrender to it ... like an innocent child : )  ... But maybe you were able to figure this out all on your own?

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