Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Blogger!

Happy 10Th Birthday Blogger!

Quite an accomplishment! Thank you all, for providing an alternative to Face book, and the like, where some actual thought can occur. Leading a busy life, coping with the challenges of parenthood -- most challenging job of my life to date! -- and not having much time to myself, Blogger has a been a great place for me to vent and to see what others are actually thinking too.

I have no delusions that legions of people actually care what I think, or happen to say -- there's just too much glittering competition out there to compete with -- but being able to reflect on my life and the world around me -- to clear my head -- has been good for me. And just maybe, from time to time, what I have to say might make its way to just the person that needs to read it (e.g., Children: Opening our Hearts and Minds, November 3, 2008, Label: Abortion).

Writing my Blog has also made me aware of the fact, that I actually do enjoy writing -- go figure? And this realization has inspired me to take some of the many stories, rattling around in my head, and formalize them into the sci-fi thriller (book) that I am very near to completing. Once I finalize the publication details, I'll see if I can post some chapters on my blog. Until then, keep up the great work! Love all of the new tools, gizmos, and gadgets. My eleven year-old has fun trying the latest gadgets out and updating my blog for me. You guys rock! As my youngest says, "Peace, out!".


  1. Good for you on the novel. I've been trying to write one for over 30 years, with no success.

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  3. Herana,
    Thanks for the comment. I have been out for a few days. Glad you liked the post and template ... well, it's been so long now ... over 3 years ... but I think this is just the blogger 'basic black' template. I may have modified it a bit. You can add an image to any blogger title via the layout page. I like to keep it simple ... the black symbolizes the vastness of space beyond our known world. Peace ....

  4. Anonymous ... You are most welcome : ) I hope that it was a happy one. Here's wishing you many blessings and abundant joy in the year ahead.


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