Sunday, July 19, 2009

Giving up my one (?) vice ...

Day 4.5 without coffee. My stomach (internal digestion) has, once again, dictated that I give up one of my greatest pleasures in life: coffee. The headaches -- probably from withdrawal -- are starting to subside, and this time my cravings aren't too bad. Ken has been sweet about not brewing a fresh pot of coffee when I'm around. In place of my coffee, I am now consuming nearly a box of green tea day. Oh well; it could be worse.

Here's an added bonus: my mid-section is visibly trimmer after just a few days without coffee. And I haven't stepped up, or modified, my workout either. Heard this was true. So all of you, trying to stay in shape for swimsuit season, here's a quick fix: GIVE UP THE COFFEE! It really helps!

Here's to your health. Cheers! I'm off to get another cup of green tea.

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