Wednesday, February 28, 2007

ABC's The View -- Morning Banter 2/28/07


I don't normally write into shows, but I happened to be home today and saw part of the show this morning 2/28. This particular morning Rosie cut you off repeatedly, while totally dismissing your feelings on the subjects of the War in Iraq and Homeland Security vs. Personal Privacy altogether.  Why are her personal feeling any more relevant than yours?

First let me say: you go girl! I personally happen to agree with you 100%! And how very rude it was of Rosie to just dismiss your point of view entirely. From a liberal perspective if you disagree with the accepted "party line" you forfeit your right to speak altogether?! Rosie can play the "age" card, but the planet stops spinning if anyone ever brings up her sexual preference/lifestyle choice -- freedoms that I might add are protected by the hard-won battles and loss of many U.S. soldiers lives in previous wars.

This administration has made mistakes to be certain, as has any administration under the microscope while actually in office. But to my way of thinking this administration has prevented another terrorist attack from happening again on our U.S. soil and that more than makes up for any perceived shortcomings or minor outright mistakes.  It is my sincerest hope that this administration will get a fair shake when historians look back and assess the Bush administration's overall accomplishments while in office.

Unfortunately, Rosie and many -- not all, but many! -- other liberals suffer from the delusion that "they think they know what's best for the rest of us" and therefore we, 'mindless peasants', are not entitled to hold our own opinions. Most liberals assume that 'we the people' are just plain wrong, an unfounded albiet convenient mistruth.

I thank God each and everyday that we have a strong president in President Bush ... A president who is willing to make hard choices in order to keep this country and its citizens safe. If Rosie, and her 'stick-your-head-in-the-sand' fellow liberals, had their way the terrorists would be here, in the U.S., tomorrow wreaking havoc and continuing to take more innocent lives of our citizens.

While I do most sincerely regret that so many of our dedicated soldiers have been injured and lost their lives in this war, that is --as our history has shown us, time and time again-- unfortunately, the price we as a country must pay when the need arises in order to ensure our hard won freedoms remain intact -- freedoms I might add which so so many Americans now-a-days seem to take completely for granted, including Rosie and many liberal like her.  For my part, I do pray for these soldiers and their families daily. Unfortunately, you cannot negotiate or rationalize with an extremist terrorist mentality. The Islamic extremists want our (Westerners' and U.S. citizens in particular) death and they will settle nothing less it would seem. Leaving a stable Iraq, with running water, electricity, and functioning & effective government is key to keeping extremist factions from over-running the country and preventing terrorists from having yet another safe-haven in the Middle East Region.

[As a side note: remember that "unpopular war" in Vietnam? Well,that was a media directed war if there ever was one. It turns out that the journals and intercepted documents from the Viet Cong (spelling? need to look this up) Generals show decisively that the Viet Cong were literally on the verge of breaking -- they were short on supplies with no way to reinforce them -- when we pulled out. Sometimes, the right thing to do is to stay the course and make hard choices.]

If Rosie wants to do some real good: she can start by being quiet and listening for change. And while she's at it: why not put her 'media clout' to some immediately realizable good by launching an initiative to help our wounded soldiers -- and their families -- returning from war adjust to life after service in Iraq (i.e., help w/lost incomes, medical costs, job retraining,loans, counseling, etc.).

My father served proudly in the military for over 23 years and I, personally, know and care about many military families. I have lived and travelled all over this country and many places around the world. I try to keep an open mind and respect other people's points of view and coming from this worldly perspective I often forget that there are still those in the world with a narrow world-view and a rigid not forward-thinking mindset. I try my best to patient, understanding and respectful of all points of view ... that being said, it just irks me when someone like Rosie completely dismisses another person's point of view as irrelevant!!  Honestly, if it weren't for you, Elisabeth, single-handedly balancing out that show it would have to renamed the "Liberal View."

You've got a lot of weight on your shoulders girl: so hang in there! And know that you are not out in left field and not alone with your ideas, ideals and beliefs.  Thank you for being a lone voice of reason on a show which these days seems to be teetering on the brink of madness.

God Bless You!

[I wrote my draft here and did an edit/final version before sending this on to Elisabeth at the view.  Never did get back to update this post.  Have done so now 4/10/2013.  Better late than never! : ) ]

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