Thursday, February 08, 2007

How Do You View the World?

If you are sitting on a beautiful beach, near the ocean, and you have the whole beach to yourself -- without a single man-made intrusion in sight. The sun is shinning, but not too bright, the weather is warm and breezy. The waves gently roll in and out, as the sunlight dances in a sparkle across the water. You feel calm and serene ... suddenly you see fins circling in the water offshore. Is it still a beautiful scene and tranquil moment of repose? Or is the illusion shattered?

The answer depends on you and how you view the world. How do you view this situation?

By the way, I love plants and have much success growing different varieties -- both indoor and out. My nemesis' thus far have been ficus trees and African violets. I recently kept a ficus tree alive for 5 years before it got too big to have indoors and I had to move it outside. Unfortunately, it died in the winter outdoors. On the other hand, I can keep African violets alive, but they never flower again for me. Even if I use the pricey African violet plant food.

Well, an African violet that I've had for 3 years now, without any flowers, is suddenly blooming all over the place. And I haven't done anything new? I had even stopped giving the special plant food? Well, I took this as my sign -- I had prayed and asked God for a sign -- that things are going to start looking up for me health wise -- it's hard to be a mother of 3 little ones, with all that I have to do, when I usually feel about 75% on a good day: Well, I awoke the next morning full of energy and well rested ( I can't remember the last time I awoke from a nights sleep -- more like tossing and turning -- and felt rested). I got more done that one day than I have in weeks.

I've even finally had the time -- and presence of mind -- to sort through the maze of natural remedies (narrowed it down to four books and took pieces from each) to begin addressing my chronic & severe reflux disease that I've had since being pregnant with my middle daughter. I have a plan now, and so far I feel wonderful! More importantly, I have not taken any acid reducing medicines (e.g., Zantac or Prilosec) for five full days and I feel great: My doctor had said that I would have to take these medicines for the rest of my life! Not!

I also found out that my chronic sinus problems, and taking too many antibiotics, have caused some long term damage that I need to work to correct. But I have a plan for that too. If the natural remedies work: I'll be sure to share them with you. The number of reflux cases in the US is not coincidence and millions of people are suffering needlessly -- both physically and financially.

When you have your health: your view of the world can improve significantly!

Take Care and God Bless!


Anonymous said...

Maybe they're dolphins? No worries be happy!

Anonymous said...

If they are sharks, I just wouldn't go into the water. Sharks have to eat too.