Monday, August 03, 2009

Do You Believe in Soul Mates?

Awesome Butterfly Photo By, Pavel Potocek
(These two photos by me)

Lauren and I are both old souls. She is a late night owl (like me) and she says the most profound things during some of our late night -- insomniac -- movie nights. The other night, she asked me: "Do you believe in soul mates?" Kind of caught me off guard, especially coming from one so young -- biologically speaking, anyway. I didn't know what to say, right off the bat?!

So I said: "I believe in the possibility of soul mates. But more than likely, there are several people that any one person can love in a given lifetime, given different circumstances. God makes us resilient in that respect. Besides, we're all connected somehow anyway; some pieces are just a better fit than others. You just have to keep an open heart and mind, and trust that God will lead you to meet the person, or persons, that you've got a strong connection with -- and hopefully, you'll meet them at the right time for you to be open to letting them into your life. There are a lot of variables."

Then I added, "But you have lots, and lots, of time to worry about that. Just enjoy the freedom of being a child for now; growing up comes soon enough!" And I threw a sofa pillow at her just to make sure that she'd lighten up and enjoy just being a kid for now -- and her freedom.

Here is some extra reading if you're in the mood and happen to like butterflies ...

P.S. Today is a hard day. Day two of a migraine. I have a confession to make: I broke down and had a half cup of coffee. I can't take headache pain medicine with my stomach right now -- and it doesn't work anyway. Coffee helps my migraines, so I figured, after a day of suffering: I'd have some coffee. I have a life to live and people counting on me. No time for being down. Hopefully, this will be a one time deal. I quit cold turkey, after all ...

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