Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dream Interpretation of "The Hunter's Moon"

Luna - By, Evelyn Pickering DeMorgan (courtesy of

I’ve been up all night – no sleep this night – but, I think that I’ve finally figured out what my dream under the Hunter’s Moon meant:

I was visited by a spirit being -- one of my soul guides, or perhaps a guardian angel, perhaps even the Creator himself … (still working on this part). This being set me up into the heavens in order to help me to realize that I was, in fact, a part of something bigger than myself no matter how alone or insignificant I felt at the time.

While I was visited by only one of the three possibilities in the "Hunter's Moon", the spirit being gave me hope for a connection with the other two possibilities from the poem. The spirit being conveyed to me directly, by a warm and gentle touch to my trembling hand, that I was deeply loved by the Creator. His touch was also meant to convey that I should keep hope and an open heart, for a love fully returned in the one to whom I had pledged. And in that fullness of a love returned, I would at last find the fulfillment of a soul mate. Lastly the touch was also meant to convey that I should not to close myself off from new connections and friendships in the future: they would be worth risk, even if that risk sometimes involved pain and rejection …

In sum, the dream meant:  to keep hope alive and peace will follow.

On that note ... here’s a tribute to friends past, present, and potentially future:
Live each day to the fullest, as if it might be your last, and don’t be afraid to dance! Do this and you just might sing a little along the way. I  still haven’t sung yet, but I’m hopeful …

Song: If Today Was Your Last Day, By Nickelback

God Bless!


P.S. Had a dejavu moment just before I crashed for two hours ...
I guess that we do what we know... Maybe this time we'll get it right.
[I did write a sequel to "The Hunter's Moon" ... Not sure what I'll do with it?]

Found this on-line interpretation with regards to "dreaming of the moon": 

Moon Dream Meaning

Psychological Meaning: From time immemorial the moon has been regarded as the source of fertility as it governs the tides, rainfall, birth and menstruation. Within dreams, it can therefore symbolize the possibility of personal growth. The moon usually represents the feminine aspect of the self and anything hidden or mysterious. Its associated with water also identifies it with the imagination. A full moon may indicate completion whereas a new moon symbolizes new beginnings. An eclipse of the moon may show that your feminine side is being overshadowed by something. A Freudian interpretation of this would say that an eclipse represents getting rid of the attachment to your mother that is detrimental to your personal growth. If the moon eclipses the sun, this may show that unconscious forces may be overpowering the conscious ego.
Mystical Meaning: Palmistry tells us that the lunar region of the hand (opposite the thumb) is the area where you will find the lines of travel. To dream of the moon may therefore indicate a journey ahead. This is likely to be across water.

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