Monday, August 10, 2009

I've Had the Strangest Dream?

For the past three nights I have had the strangest dream. Each night, after the dream, I would awaken after only a few hours sleep, at exactly 4:22 a.m. WST. Last night, after awakening, I decided to write about what I had dreamt. So regarding my the post of a few days ago, about soul mates, here goes: (Keep in mind that I wrote this at 4:22 a.m., after just three hours of sleep. It may need some further refining at some point.)

@ Copyright, Michelle C. of , August 2009

The Hunter's Moon

As I lay in silent darkness, exhausted from the endless flood of tears, Sleep stole silently upon me, flying me away to the land of peace and possibilities.

He placed me high upon a lone cloud, in an indigo sky lit by dancing rays of the Hunter's gentle moon. There, I quietly sat upon my privileged perch, listening and admiring the beauty of the universe surrounding my weary soul. Secure in the knowledge that somehow, however unworthy I felt at the moment, my soul was a part of something bigger and far more profound than just me.

I dared not ask why I had been chosen for such an honor, for fear it would just as quickly fade away. Instead, I sat quietly upon my perch gazing in profound bewilderment of rapt awe out into the marvelous wonder of limitless abundance brought to life by our Creator's master stroke. And as I communed with this sleepy world of brilliant stars, each one illuminated with infinite possibilities almost close enough to reach out and touch with my tired, trembling hand: peace and comfort wrapped themselves in a blanket of warmth about my weary soul.

Then, just as mysteriously as my arrival in this celestial sphere: the sound of glistening stars, each one singing her quiet song, suddenly retreated leaving me momentarily afraid and alone in a sea of silence. I sat trembling in the waved echoes of silence, unsure of what was to happen next. But then, a familiar voice called out to me and the fear began to beat its slow retreat, like that of a lingering ocean tide. Looking eagerly about, I searched to find a face for the voice that I somehow knew so well, but try as I might, there was to be no gazing upon his face, nor knowing of his name. I could but hear his sensuous and familiar melodic voice as he spoke my name, "Michelle".

And thus he beckoned me, "Hold up your hand, my love." So I raised my trembling hand, reaching out with hope into what seemed the nothingness of space beyond. And as I extended my arm to its farthest point the trembling stopped, for I felt his gentle touch upon my hand and the warmth of our reunited souls too long since parted. As we touched, I knew simply this: I was not alone. Here under the knowing gaze of the Hunter's moon, I had at long last found
my 'better half.'

As to whether, or not, we shall ever in body here in the waking realmmeet: I know not. It's possibility, however, gives me hope. Perhaps we have already met while walking aimlessly down a neighboring street? Perhaps he is the one who used to sleep next to me, his soul having masqueraded in insolent youth, at long last awakened to truth ... finding instead an old fractured soul now on the mend. Perhaps it was the touch of some being not of this earthly world. The knowing matters not, for even if only in the land of peace and possibilities are we ever to meet again: it is enough for me to just have hope back once again.

@ Copyright, Michelle C. of, August 2009

So that's it. Any thoughts? I don't usually sleep, and hence, I rarely dream. Is this real? Or just imagination and longing? Who was behind the voice in the dream? I guess ... I've got to figure that out ...

(Still going on 3 hours sleep! I've reread this and hopefully caught the major typos ... I'm off to try to catch up on some sleep. Maybe I'll see you in my dreams. Good night and God Bless!)

Song: Night's In White Satin, By The Moody Blues

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