Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Music for reflection ...

"To the Unknown Land", Edmund Blair Leighton, Date: 1911

Need to hear a new song on log in ... Nickelback is just too upbeat for me these days. Tried to fool myself, but it isn't quite working. I'll get there ... just not there yet.

Here's some music for quiet reflection, or meditation -- whatever works for you ... I love Loreena McKennitt's voice: mesmerizing ...

I'm off with kids trying to squeeze in some last minute, end of summer, forays. School starts in a week and half.

Peace ...


Song: Incantation, An Ancient Muse, By Loreena McKennitt

Song: Gates of Istanbul, An Ancient Muse, By Loreena McKennitt

[This painting spoke to me, because it made me ponder what life in the here, and now, means to me ... and what I believe comes after. It is also about letting go of things which I can no longer carry and trusting that they will be alright without me.

What does it say to you? ]

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