Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Moonlight Reflections" At Year's End ...

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"Moonlight Reflections" At Year's End 

... I tend to get a little sentimental and mushy on this night of the year. I'm a mix of emotions, hopes and dreams ... reflecting on the past and hoping for the future, while not allowing myself to be too rigid in my plans for the upcoming year.  "Never say never" ... one of my ruling mantras ... comes to mind and this requires a certain amount of versatility and flexibility.  So with Hope, Peace & Love in my heart:   I wish all of you, my beloved friends, family and ALL who pass this way, a truly Blessed Year ahead, in 2012.  May you experience True Peace in your lives, May Love reign in your hearts and May the Abundant Blessings of a Loving Creator richly bless You and Yours.  Happy, Happy New Year!! =) XOXO


Song: "Auld Lang Syne", By Lea Michele ... from "New Year's Eve" movie sndtrack.


lorely said...

Never give up on your dreams...let the idealist live knowing that actuality is only a moment away...Happy New Year Michelle!

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

:) I try not to give up on my dreams. Have to set them aside from time to time, but I keep hope that they can be dusted off and resurrected at some later date. "Actuality" ... Actualization: Think you hit the nail right on the head with that word, my dear Lorely. Therein lies the key indeed. Happy New Year to you too! May all that's best in 2012 come your way. ... I see you have some new writes on your page. I'll be there shortly to read up. Cheers!