Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing?

We saw some snow falling tonight, but alas it wasn't real snow.  Still it was neat to see : )  This fake snow falling is likely the closest we will be getting to a "White Christmas" this year, in Seattle, as the forecast is for 40 deg. F and rain Christmas Eve, with a high of 45 deg. F on Christmas Day.  Some winter magic might still happen ... After all, weather forecasters are seldom 100% accurate in their forecasting and they only need to be off by eight little degrees, right?  I hear that my family and friends in Texas might be in for some snow down south.  Lucky them!

Seeing this fake snow fall tonight prompted me to look into what it would take to deck out your yard with fake snow.  Here is a really cool website that I found:  Zigmont Magic Effects Inc.  So it would seem that we could have our "White Christmas" for a price.  ; )  Ah well, fun to imagine and dream ... still I'm thinking that there "ain't nothing like the real thing."  Hopefully, some snow will make its way up here before winter's end.  I guess, we can always drive up into the mountains if we have to.  In the meantime:  I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas.  How about you?

P.S.  I remember when my oldest niece & nephew and my eldest daughter were very little (ages 2-5)... I bought cans of spray snow and bags of that cotton fill for making pillows.  Then, I decorated our small back yard as if it had actually snowed.  I hung paper snowflakes from trees, bushes and the swing-set. I made fake snowballs out of styrofoam balls and I let the kids assemble a small snowman out of larger styrofoam balls.  They had a blast!!  Afterwards, we went inside to have some hot peppermint cocoa to warm up and decorated Christmas cookies.  Fun times, good memories and just goes to show what you can accomplish with a little creativity and imagination.  I doubt that my children, now older and wiser, would go for the latter these days?  But at least we still bake dozens of Christmas cookies and then stay up all night watching Christmas movies, drinking hot cocoa and decorating cookies.  Enjoy your children; they grow up so quickly  ♥

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