Monday, December 12, 2011

I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas ....

Tis the season to be jolly ... or they say, right?  So today, I'll not think deep and solemn soul-searching thoughts. I'll focus on the season and being "jolly" ... "Fa-la La-la-la-la" (Did I get that right?  Remember, I don't sing.  Not yet anyway.)   Well,  it is frosty out this morning.  Everything is coated in thick layer of frost.  Almost looks as if it had snowed outside overnight.  So very pretty!  It did snow briefly yesterday afternoon.  I was driving home and suddenly is started sleeting.  Within a minute, the mixture had turned to snow.  It snowed for a few minutes and then became a really heavy, large drop-sized, deluge.  It was kind of cool, but a bit odd?  Then again, I am told to expect the unusual up here in these parts with all of the "convergence" zones ... something we did not have, or did not have many of, in my native Texas.  Still all this frost and a teasing of snow yesterday is making me really want to have "White Christmas."  Think that's my Christmas wish.  That would be so very wonderful!  Here's hoping : )

If I wasn't so tired I would post a snap of the frost covered beauty outdoors right now, but I don't have my camera handy and 2 days of 2.5 hrs. sleep don't add up to producing a worthy photograph anyhow.  So in lieu of my own photograph:  I'll re-post the image from my poem the other day.  Perhaps, I'll update with a frost photograph at a later date?

[Such an enchanting photograph ...Dream-like Winter Wonderland.]

So what kind of happy, quasi-happy thoughts can one have when deliriously sleep deprived?  Hmmmm ... my mind wanders to coffee.  I'm not supposed to have coffee, but today I am making an exception and having half of a cup.  I have to drive a lot today and coffee helps with my alertness and responsiveness.  I amaze myself with what I can do on little or no sleep.  Makes me wonder how much more I would be able to accomplish if I ever could sleep like a normal person?  Opps, getting off course for "jolly" thoughts, aren't I? ... So as I sit here on a short break, I am wondering (since I actually happen to be having a mug of coffee today):

Q:  Is the way one takes their coffee telling perhaps of how they approach life, or more specifically how they approach (handle) difficulties presented in their life?

How do I take my coffee?  Hot and Black ... no cream, no sugar or any of that other exotic stuff that you can put into coffee.  Nope, no bells or whistles for me ... I like to keep it simple and get right to the heart of the matter maybe?  Well, I will have to think some more on this question.  What do you think?  Does how you take your coffee say something interesting about you?????

Okay to close, I will post a poem that I wrote just for fun awhile back about my love for my favorite forbidden beverage: COFFEE.  Have a wonderful day and don't forget:  "Tis the season to be jolly."  Peace & Love ...

"Ode to Coffee"

Enticing, awakening, mind-melding, pain deadening elixir of life.
Though to my poor stomach you bring only greatest of strife.
Dark, velvety, chocolate perfection, where rainbow swirls
Often dance delicately atop your lake in absence of accessories.
O sensuous seductor, how I long to bring you to my lips, but
Know full well one sip of you would swiftly bring me to my knees.
Heavenly, aromatic blend sing of mysterious and forbidden spices.
O exalted one, your song to me it endlessly entices.
Liquid temptation in a pot, for alas I know I can have you not.
Black, no sugar, no cream ... Can't I still dream?

@Copyrighted Poem, 2011. All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.

What do think:  would the poet John Keats approve? ; )

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