Friday, December 09, 2011

Love Is ...


Love is not a person,
          A place ...
Love is not a thing.
Love is not a shiny ring.
Love is not a bitter sting.
Love lies in the act
          Of Forgiveness
          And in the fleeting moments
          That make your heart want to sing.
Love is an everyday embracing
          Way of Life ....
          A way through all external strife.
It's found in surrounding those
         Who are present, in the moment,
          On your journey through this Life
         With unconditional YOU.
Love is simple.
Love simply is ...
         A gift bestowed unto us from up
         Above, that we may go forth
         And shower this world with His eternal LOVE.

@Copyrighted Poem (to be published), 2011. All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.

12/10/2011 ... Well a friend of mine feels that my thinking here is naive ... that Love is so much more complicated.  I think that perhaps my friend confuses Passion with Love.  Passion, in my humble opinion, is an entirely different animal altogether and a decidedly more complex one at that.  I think that this poem just expresses a need that I have these days to simplify and get back to basics.  I think that this poem expresses Love in its purest form: that we are vessels for radiating God, Our Creator's Love out into the world.  I mean, it's as if I've been full circle with Love ... born into the light, traveled through the darkness and now it seems ... after this long and rather tumultuous journey ... that I've arrived right back where I started from.  As I said a few weeks back in my post on "Rain" ...

"... I am amazed at the circular nature of life, truth and personal experiences .... that often what we seek lies at the end of a circular journey and only when we round the last of the journey do we begin to see that light and dark, supreme hope and utter despair, love and hate, ecstasy of joy and the abysmal depths of sadness often go hand in hand. We must first experience the darker one in order to be resurrected to savor the other."

And going full circle ... seeing the full evolution of Love and arriving back at the beginning is very liberating.  It bestows upon you an indescribable peace and that is a good place to be.  So that's all that I was trying to express in this simple poem.  Sometimes, simple is all you need right?

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