Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Never-ending Quest for the Missing Piece ...

Do you ever feel as if an important message ... a missing piece or part of you yet to be unlocked ... is waiting for you buried within a book, a poem, a piece of ART ... a conversation with a stranger?  And you have to find it:  you're fueled by an inner burning desire to experience it, unlock it, before you can move forward in your life? And sometimes, when you are fortunate enough to make the connections to unlock a missing piece: you are utterly overwhelmed by a profound sense of oneness with the larger universe as a whole ... with the source of energy that unites us all.

"Descent From Heaven"
@Copyrighted Photo, 2011.  All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.
(other cemetery photos on my flickr site)

I don't know how anyone can ever find the time to be bored?!  There is just way too much to see, do and experience on our quest to unlock the mysteries of this journey we call life.  ... I am deliriously tired now, I should try to unwind and sleep for at least a few hours.  In the arms of my angel, perhaps I will find some peaceful sleep this night?

12/12/2011 ... While driving today it occurred to me that I'm always saying "Peace & Love" to everyone.  To me, those are the things that make you happy ... help you survive in life.  So I want to wish those blessings for others in their own lives as well.  "Peace & Love" is just my shortened way of wishing the latter for others ... or so I thought?  But there might just be a bit more to this saying of mine ... Starting with my fascination with photographing cemeteries in the spring of 2010 (which my family was thought was really odd and creepy) a friend of mine pointed out that a big part of me wanted to "rest in peace" ... not to die, but to find peace for a painful part ... parts ... of my life.  Well photographing cemeteries is where I happened to come across this enchanting statue in the photograph above.  There is something about this statue that just speaks to me ... I keep coming back to her again and again.  And today, for some reason ... tired as I was ... it just clicked that what this statue means to me and what I was searching so desperately in my own life was "Peace in Love." It's not Peace and Love as separate entities ... it's that the way to find peace is through Love.  All of these ideas finally began to come together when I wrote my poem (in the subsequent post), "Love Is".  Well, I just needed to document this revelation for myself somewhere.  Maybe it will make sense to those who read here ... maybe it won't?  As I always say:  the universe (God our Creator) works in mysterious ways.

In Sum ...   "Peace & Love" <==> "Peace in Love"  ... So now when I say this to you, you will understand and more fully comprehend my blessing and sincerest wish for you in your life, this day and all of the days to follow.

1/20/2018 After seven years of struggle and contemplation, I finally figured it out.  In order to find peace in love, you must forgo the illusion that there is in fact any such thing as romantic love.  There aren't different kinds of love; there is only one kind of love and it is universal, all encompassing.  There is no you, no me, no past, no future.  There is no TIME, there is only this moment and we are all one.  In this light, I can let go of my need for more and release the idea of you to the universal whole.  In this moment, the only one that truly matters, I simply am .....

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