Saturday, December 17, 2011

Do You Believe in Reincarnation?

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so very real that it seemed as if you had physically been transported to another time and space?  A dream where the world is alive with color ... vibrant colors ... and there is texture and smell to go with sights and sounds?  I don't often have dreams like this, but I have had one such recurring dream lately -- over the course of the past few months. Dreams such as these make me think that they come from experiences in one of my past lives and I do wholeheartedly believe in reincarnation.

These are two paintings that come pretty close to elements within my multi-dimensional dream.  My dream centers around a stolen pair of shoes.  Is that odd?  ...  I recall that I could also feel a gentle breeze blowing across my face as I ran playfully amongst the trees, with the patches of the sun's warming rays breaking through the treetops from time to time.   So I wonder, have you ever had a dream like the above, with textures and smells that accompany an array of vivid colored sights and sounds?  ... "The stuff that dreams are made of " ...

Do you believe in reincarnation?  I would venture most people never ever really take the time to think on the subject and as such have no opinion (or instinct) one way or another.   Let's face it, re-incarnation is not mainstream or really a topic for 'normal' discussion.  Most often, I believe that because reincarnation is based upon a set of personal beliefs and experiences it is often difficult to translate into meaningful explanations for individuals outside of the immediate experience ... dream or memories of recollection.  Besides, most people walk through their lives half asleep.  The notion of pondering reincarnation probably never occurs to most and when it does they are all to eager to dismiss it because it is a concept that is so foreign and frightening to them (i.e., pondering reincarnation requires addressing death and one's own "mortality") ... because as yet, there is no tangible 'proof' that reincarnation is possible and does occur with regular frequency.  To my way of thinking, however, working within the narrow confines of our 'tangible', concrete daily reality is so very limiting when you consider the vastness of the ever expanding universe itself ... isn't it?

I always say:  "Change your perspective:  change your life."  Right now, I am thinking ... "Change your perspective:  enlighten your life."   We have centuries of history dedicated to the pursuit of worship of a supreme divinity, a God ... A Creator. We take His ... or Her ... existence completely on faith, do we not? As such, would it really be such a stretch to then also entertain the notion of reincarnation?  If you accept an improvable belief in God, I wonder how we would assume that He only gives us ONE chance to get it right?  We are, for the most part, a stubborn and narrow-minded lot, we humans.  Therefore, I should think that it would take at least a few iterations before we would begin to dissociate from a self-based focus of our lives, our world and the universe at large.  Once the focus shifts away from self then (and only then?) one can subsequently begin to tread upon the path of enlightenment on a journey back home to our Creator.

Well, these are my thoughts on reincarnation, inspired by a recurring dream.  I do sincerely appreciate other people's perspectives, however, and I accept that some of us are further along their journey home than others.   So take this discussion ... pondering ... for what you will.  Perhaps, I have given you something to think about?  Perhaps the unfolding of this discussion within you will be a step along your own personal path toward further enlightenment?  Whatever the case may be:  Peace and Much LOVE to those who pass this way.

[Paintings above are courtesy of  1) "At Fosset, Under the Fir Trees", By Fernand Khnopff;  2) "April Love", By Arthur Hughes.]

12/19/2011 Early A.M. ... In rereading this very post coupled with thoughts on the true meaning of Christmas, the 'Christ' in Christmas, non-Christian religions and atheists ... and having had many interesting discussions with quite a few atheists:  I am left wondering if perhaps the subject of reincarnation might be a bridge to an understanding between all of the latter?  It is a rather intriguing notion to me ... I'll have to see where my pondering of this leads?


lorely said...

I do not believe in reincarnation as I can not find any Biblical basis to support it...however I do have very vivid dreams almost as if I'm transported to another time or place while I am dreaming. I guess you can say I dream in HD sometimes

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

Very cool ... "dreaming in HD". I love it! = )