Monday, December 26, 2011

Illumination ...

I created this painted image from a candlelight photograph that I took a few months back.  I haven't posted it or shared it with a larger audience until now because I wasn't quite sure where it went?  Sitting here today, in the early morning hours the day after Christmas:  I think it belongs here.  So here it is ...

@Copyrighted Photograph, 2011.  All Rights Reserved.

(To Be Titled)

Haven't come up with a fitting title for this painting yet ... Sometimes words alone are just inadequate, aren't they?

1/2/2012 ... Then again, maybe sometimes you just have to wait until you are ready to hear the words?


There are old truths that breathe to life in Fire.
Past secrets rekindled in the rebirth of flame.
For all truth lies within the scope of Light
And Fire is one of the oldest elemental rite.
Thus Fire saw man through emergence
From his deepest darkest night.

@Copyrighted Poem, 2012.  All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.


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