Friday, December 16, 2011

Poetry 'Down Under' ....

A footnote just for me. I had one of my poem's read on air today, in Australia of all places.  One of my newer Facebook friends broadcasts as a host on a music & poetry show every Friday night.  He asked me to send him something early this morning and then he read it on the air not 30 minutes later.  It was kind of cool to hear one of my poems being read out loud, especially with a heavy Australian accent.  Thus far, I have only written my poems and read them in my head to myself or posted them here, on my blog, and/or in poetry forums on Facebook.

So today literally was the first day that I actually ever heard one of my poems being read out loud.  It never occurred to me that I had not done this ever ... read my poems out loud?  I usually write my poems and only read them back, in my head,  with my inner voice. It wasn't until this past year that I even began sharing my poems with others and I have only ever done so in written form.  Thus, it was almost a surreal moment for me when I heard my poem being read aloud on air, in Australia, this morning.  It really makes me stop and think ... though, I doubt I would ever find the courage to record any of my poems in my own voice?  But you never know.  One step at a time right?

Yes, it wasn't really until this very year that I even began sharing my poetry with any audience, other than myself  (Hey, I count ... don't I? ; ).   I remember in high school, I used to write poems and tape them to the wall in my closet behind my clothes for safe keeping.  My mother went into my closet one day and found a few.  She stayed in there reading for quite some time.  When I came home from school she said that she never knew that I wrote poetry and that my poems were "beautiful."  I took the 'posted' poems down from the closet after that and hid them away with my other secret writes, and my words of poetry had been hidden ever since until this past year.  Truth be told, I really did not write much in college at all.  After college, I stopped writing all-together ... It wasn't until about 2 years ago that I started writing poetry once again.  So perhaps, I am now 'awake' and emerging?

The universe works in mysterious ways, does it not?


lorely said...

Good for you! Keep emerging! I'm very much the same...I have yet to read my writings out loud to anyone other than me...someday perhaps. Other than my blog my writing is very private.

Michelle (Isabelle) said...

I'll do my best. The urge to run and hide is always something that I have to fight, but for now I am still out 'here' and emerging. If you decide you want to share in some poetry groups on Facebook let me know and I can recommend a few. You keep writing too : )