Sunday, January 01, 2012

Purple Clouds: Genesis

Finally had a moment to review the photos that I took at the end of my "Purple Clouds" walk a few days back. The sun had begun to set and with its setting had begun to wash away the exquisite lavender color from the sky and clouds.  Once I returned back home, I grabbed my camera and took a few quick snaps before the color completely faded to indigo.  It wasn't a lot to work with, but I was able to salvage one shot.  The first (below) is the 'original' and the second photo is an art render that I have since titled:  "Genesis."

"Purple Clouds Brood with Ominous Foreboding"  12_30_2011
@Copyrighted Photo, 2011.  All Rights Reserved.

"Purple Clouds: Genesis"
@Copyrighted Photo, 2011.  All Rights Reserved.

What do think?  These clouds definitely appeared to have a will all their own ... swirling madly about in the lavender-kissed sky ... almost as if they did indeed have messages to relay.  A most unusual sky on a cold and fiercely wind-blown day ... hence my write from the other night, "Purple Clouds" poem.

Who knows?  Maybe these clouds just portent that mystery and magic await?  : )  And on that note:  Venture forth with a bold heart to embrace your new year!

Peace & Much LOVE,

P.S. Today is my artist birthday ... My ceremonial observation of my day of "awakening" and rebirth.  A healthy way for me to find reasons to celebrate and embrace the new year with a happy heart.  So Happy Birthday to me==Isabelle : )

... And a friend's poem today reminds me that children embrace neither 'wisdom' (or lack thereof) nor uncertainty.  They live joyfully in the moment.  Beauty and Truth embodied in purest simplicity.

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