Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Saddest of all Cages ...

Today, I am thinking about 'cages' ... They come in all shapes and sizes, cages.  Some are physical cages, some are mental cages ... emotional cages, self-imposed and/or societal norm cages, but to me the saddest cages of all are perhaps the ones that the imprisoned cannot for themselves see:  Narrow-minded, rigid ideologies and thought processes. When most people think about cages, I suspect that physical cages are the ones that most readily come to mind.  One's body can be imprisoned tis true, but to my way of thinking a heart and mind that strives to remain open, wild and FREE can never truly be caged.

"Young Girl in a Field", By Contemporary Artist Anita Tobkes
(please visit Anita's Site to view more of her wonderful work)

Early a.m. ... A friend of mine wrote a political poem in one of my poetry/ART groups earlier tonight and I am wondering now:  Are political ideologies cages?  Useful tools for politicians to manipulate voters and 'the people' at large? And sadly so many do not realize that they are perhaps being used to further an unspoken agenda that IS NOT class warfare.  Information, NOT rhetoric, is so empowering and truly enlightening, dare I say 'liberating.'

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