Friday, January 20, 2012

When Time Stands Still ...

Nighttime photography, experimenting with ISOThis is 3200 IS0 it is very grainy, but I like the effect. Of course I added lens flare to enhance the lighting.  I love light play.  I am working on some words to accompany this photography, but thus far they haven't worked themselves out.  

"When Time Stands Still" 
(low resolution)
@Copyrighted Photo, 2012.  All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.

This photo render fits the bill for outside the lines, you think?  Feeling a bit constrained these days. So many thoughts and ideas searching for an outlet ... Hard to keep them all contained.

My thoughts and prayers are with Gov. Rick Perry who made the decision to withdraw from the Republican Primary today.  Rick Perry is a good man, with an impressive record, and I don't rule out the possibility that his time as a viable Presidential candidate will yet come to pass.  God Bless, Governor Perry!

Early Morning Pondering ... 

"When Time Stands Still" 

A subtle pause,
Gentle skip
Of Cosmic Beat
Stills the dancing of
Nature's Rhythmic Feet.
A single moment
Left endlessly upon
Itself unwinds ...
Time's Hands held
In perpetual blind.
Natural Law here
Knows no bounds.
An eerie silence
In the void surrounds.
Look deep inside
For what heeds be found.

@Copyrighted Poem, 2012. All Rights Reserved: Isabelle Black Smith.

I happen to have a writing blog where I keep most of my "good stuff" ... my writing of poems, poetic dialogues, short stories and other fictional writes, what ifs ... This blog not open to the public at present.  My need to hide has prevailed in this area.  I've managed to share a few of my poems in my writing/ART group, but not many poems beyond that.  I have from time to time let a few writing friends into my writing blog to explore, but a few months back I disabled the guest access account.  I don't know: old habits die hard? ... The Sounds of My Silence, Echo in the refrain that is my life ...

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