Thursday, January 12, 2012


Thinking today:  that less really is more.  Fighting another cold, but my immune system seems to win out rather quickly most of the time.  I truly believe that attitude is more than half the battle (most of the time) when it comes to illness with respect to colds, viruses and the like.  Got some good news today ... drum roll please ; ) ... Looks like we are in for some possible SNOW ...( the wonderful white, fluffy stuff )... this upcoming weekend in the Seattle area.  The kids and me are excited!!! =)))))))))))))))))))))))))

I am too foggy to post any photos at the moment.  Perhaps, I will revisit this post and 'accessorize' at a later date.

Some additional food for thought ... pondering.  Someone was telling me about a phenomenon of heightened awareness that sometimes manifests in certain individuals as a result of long term sleep deprivation.  So perhaps, I can thank my insomnia for my "awakening" experiences?  Definitely something to ponder and explore further for more information.

Okay ... "Haaaa-Chooooo" ... Going to make some hot tea and sit by the fire for awhile.  Hopefully, I will sleep some tonight?  Sweet dreams to those of you who are so often and easily graced by Sleep.

1/12/2012   (Hmmm 11, 22, 012 ... patterns abound) ... I am back to "accessorize", as promised.  Here is a photo that I took to christen ... welcome in ... the New Year.  I love the clouds up here in the Pacific Northwest.  There is always such a majestic painting in the sky, so full of life ... energy ... ever unfolding. And no two cloud skies seem ever to be the same.

"Happy New Year, 2012!"

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