Saturday, January 07, 2012

Lady In the Water ...

"Lady in the Water" is a most magical and enchanting tale ... Awakening children, of all ages living in modern day cities and suburbia, to the possibility of other worlds existing within their very own backyards.

"Moving Water", By Gustav Klimt
(Image Courtesy of

[ This painting is a famous work of ART.  The woman, sea nymph, in the movie was not clothed either and the title
of this painting fits so nicely with the theme of the movie ... moving, movement, inspiration.  The human form is beautiful.]

I Love this story. My daughters are all finally old enough to watch the movie version of this story, skillfully crafted by M. Knight Shyamalan. M. Night also wrote the children's book "Lady in the Water" ... originally a bedtime story for his own children ... which was the basis and inspiration for the movie "Lady in the Water".

I watched this movie tonight with my daughters and after tucking them into bed, I felt inspired to visit ArtMagick and create an art album for this magical tale: Album "Lady in the Water". Even if your children are too young for the movie (it can be a bit scary for smaller children): they will still thoroughly enjoy the children's book; I highly recommend it.

Watch the movie or share the book with a child and rekindle your imagination, awakening once again to a belief in a higher purpose for our being.

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