Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tranquil Offering ...

"Snowy Enchanted Wood"
@Copryrighted Photograph, 2012.  All Rights Reserved.

Today was the day for "surreal" ... Everywhere I pointed my camera the mysterious and unexpected seemed to lie in wait. Thus far 2012 is living up to my expectations that I am in for a wild ride this year. The latter aside, the unexpected can be soft, a tranquil offering ... a brief moment of repose.

We have had snow here in the Seattle area for four days now.  We added another 2-3 inches today and we are supposed to have another big snow storm blowing in late this evening into early morning.  I love how snow makes everything beautiful ... a whitewash of newness and innocence.   So although it has been COLD here lately ( I truly do NOT like being cold), it has been absolutely beautiful!  My only regret is that the skies have, for the most part been, dark, grey and overcast. Thus, I was overjoyed today when the sun made a brief appearance this afternoon and small patches of delicate blue sky emerged ... even though the blue sky appearance was brief and fleeting.  Lucky me:  I had my camera on hand and out when BLUE arrived. 

P.S.  Know how words sometimes pop into my head for some unexplained reason?  Then they rattle around in my head until I find an appropriate avenue for their escape?  Well today the word "supernumerary" is rattling around in my head.  Such an odd word and definitely not mainstream for me these days?  Wonder where it came from? ... I looked it up to get the 'official' definition and it turns out the word 'supernumerary' is akin to 'superfluous' (another word I've had rattling around in my head of late) but with specific respect to people, parts or numbers in particular.  Hmmmm ....

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