Thursday, November 09, 2006

What's in a Politician?

The elections are over and our people have spoken. Republicans are out. Democrats are "in", taking control of both the House and the Senate. Or to put in Bush terminology: Republicans "took quite a thumping." Or to put it in terms of my five year-old: "The Democraps won." -- gotta love the innocence of our little ones! : )

I guess that Republicans had it coming. There has been a lot of infighting within the party which has perhaps contributed to the Republican controlled Congress accomplishing very little with its majority and control of both the House and Senate. So let's see if the Democrats can do better. Hopefully, they'll accomplish objectives to improve America, without damaging the recovering economy. Perhaps Democrats' efforts will be less hindered by perpetual debate over the status of the war in Iraq -- thanks to the "Iraq Study Group" and a change of leadership in the Department of Defense?

As for the infighting within the Republican party, it has been said that "there were too many Republicans in name only" and that this election has flushed them out. Now with its party in-line, perhaps the Republican party can focus on key objectives and issues without the hindrance of political infighting. Perhaps the Republican party has finally returned to its true conservative values.

So what key attributes do you look for in a politician? Maybe: 1) Honesty/trustworthiness, 2)experience, 3) endorsements, 4) party affiliation, 5) moral stand on key issues such as abortion and the death penalty? 6) other.

I am truly curious to know? Leave a comment for me: put the above in the order that is most important to you, with the first on the list being the most important and the last being the least important. Also, if you would like: list your party affiliation -- if any -- as well.

What issues do you hope will be addressed this Congressional term?

I would like to see seatbelts put into every public school bus -- and eventually a law requiring private schools to do the same.

Our state has thousands of children riding on public school buses everyday with absolutely no seatbelts. From what I have seen, most private schools use vans and these come equipped with seatbelts. As a parent, I wouldn't let my kid get on a bus without seatbelts and I'd let the school know exactly why. It's craziness to put our kids on school buses without seatbelts.  I can't be the only one who has taken the time to think this through?!  For the time being I drive my children to and from school each day, but many parents do not have this option.  And it's not always the easiest thing for me to do.

Legislators argue that it is just too costly to retro-equip buses with seatbelts. Well come on people: let's get our priorities straight! How about channeling some of the money for endless -- and often needless -- road construction projects and putting it into seatbelts for our children's school buses. And further, let's pass laws requiring new buses to come equipped with seatbelts straight from the factory.

I am surprised that organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics  is so blaise about requiring seatbelts for school buses, when this organization has in recent years lengthened the amount of time/expanded weight & height guidelines for children using car & booster seats (up to about 70 lb. now).  They have made these adjustments due to new data on crash statistics related to children, but still no one from the American Academy of Pediatrics broaches the subject of seatbelts on school buses? ... Follow the money???????

I wonder: what issues concern you?

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Anonymous said...

1 - honesty, 2 - party affiliation, 3 - experience, 4 - moral stand on issues, 5 - endorsemments. Republican.