Thursday, November 02, 2006

The "Lost" Craze ... Or Just Plain Craziness?

Yes, I am married to a "Lost" addict. I have brother who is one as well. To be frank, I can't stand the show! But I am subjected to it, each and every week, as my husband religiously watches the program -- wish getting him to attend church on Sundays was as regular as his viewing of this show.

At best, "Lost" is just plain terrible writing. It seems as if the writers keep flip-flopping on the direction they want to take the show so as to not disappoint the dwindling fans that they've been trailing along with their big carrot for 2+ seasons now.

I have another theory: the whole show is a government -- or private corporation -- scientific experiment to identify key personality types and traits of those unique individuals who will continue to watch the show, season after season, as the show continues to painfully twist and turn without ever delivering any tangible explanations for what the island is, who the "others" are and why they are there. Nor does there appear to be any consistent sense of direction as to where the show is heading. Maybe these key personality types -- who continue to watch the show -- will make good assassins, or soldiers that "they" can stuff in a cave/hole underground to push a button, or buttons, in the event of a major war on our turf? Sound familiar?

In any event: I am sick and tired of "Lost". I've "lost" my husband every Wednesday evening for an hour, and I want him back. So "Lost" producers, writers, etc. I issue you a challenge:
Enough already! Stand and deliver us something tangible or get LOST!

P.S. I am going to have a "Thank Heavens It's Finally Over!" party at the end of this fiasco!
Want to come?

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Anonymous said...

Count me in for the party.