Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Time for the Republicans to take off the Gloves!

So my husband says. Isn't it convenient for the media that they don't cover the fact the aftermath of investigating Iraq DID find that there was in fact weapons grade plutonium in Iraq and also viable components for manufacturing lethal nerve gas on a large scale.

The media was so quick to jump on President Bush for his blundering of the reasons for going to war with Iraq, yet when the WMD evidence did finally come to light -- due to relaxation of security issues surrounding the information -- the liberal media buried the stories. "WMDs found!" is not headline news -- that's reserved for Bush and company bashing. Instead the "found" story is relegated to a mere footnote, 3 to 4 stories down. How can anyone say that their is not blatant bias in our media?

What's even scarier is that most people don't see this bias, don't get it, or just don't care! It takes some effort to find out the truth: You have to read multiple news sources and listen to alternative news and talk radio. Even if you don't agree with the alternative opinion: don't you owe it to yourself to hear both sides of issues so that you can make informed decisions and opinions?

I challenge you to try to get both sides of the issue. Try it: this week pick up an alternative news source. I recommend the "Week" magazine. They report excerpts from several reputable publications in one convenient location. So you get different views on the issues in just one read. Try listening to one of the talk radio programs on AM radio ( News Talk 820 or KRLD 1080) while you are stuck in your car driving. Try watching FOX news once a week -- or just flip back and forth between your local news and FOX and see how the headline stories compare from night to night.

Looks like we're in for a wild roller coaster ride if we wind up with a Democratic House and a Republican Senate. I just pray for the safety of our country on multiple levels.

In the meantime, Republicans perhaps do need to take off the gloves and address the mud-slinging head on. Not doing so seems to have cost them quite a bit in this election. Republicans aren't perfect by any means. The American people have spoken ... let's just hope and pray for a more informed electorate in the next election. And if an informed people arrive at the same conclusions: so be it.

God Bless our Democratic Republic!


Anonymous said...

I agree! Democrats cut to the punch and look where it got them.

Anonymous said...

After 9/11 the democrats, and the majority of Americans were 100% on board with going to Iraq. It
wasn't until things started to get tough and the elections drew near that the democrats began to try to distance themselves from the war. How convenient for them.

As idealistic as "no more war" is: throughout history the agressor has always dominated over the peace-loving, non war-like. It is an unfortunate reality of human nature. If war is "obsolete" for Americans then so is the great country of America. We will cease to be a world superpower and may eventually be conquered by our enemies. In the short term you would most certainly see more 9/11 terror attacks on the U.S.

Americans need to wake up and realize that there is a price for freedom and someone has to pay. They should be thankful that they live in a country with a strong president who isn't afraid to do the right thing and men and women who still believe in fighting for the freedoms that all Americans enjoy.