Friday, February 13, 2009

The Government Has Transgressed Its Constitutional Authority?

I followed up on the link previously given and found no draft for a resolution "enumerating present day transgressions by our federal government".

Apparently, however, many states (at least 8 and maybe as many as 20) are drafting such resolutions, using the words of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson and our own U.S. constitution themselves.  These resolutions will be written to assert the claim that our government has "transgressed its constitutional authority" and will further call for decisive action that would ensure further transgressions be put to an end. These resolutions are prompted by congressional passage of the most recent "stimulus" package --by both the U.S. House and U.S. Senate.

This "stimulus" package was finally released in print as of 11:00 p.m. EST last night.  The resulting document was a whopping 8 inches thick, filled with hundreds of handwritten corrections, cross outs, and side notes. The latter document release is supposed to contain the details of the $787 billion reconciliation between the U.S. House and Senate versions of the most recent stimulus bill. The most disturbing thing is that the U.S. House and Senate are supposed to vote on this final draft today, Just hours after its initial release!

I just don't see how our elected representatives in the U.S. House and Senate can possibly read this document with such a short turn around times and still make an informed decisions regarding how they will vote?  Even more concerning, to me, is the fact that not only has the "pork" in this bill come to light -- which many are now claiming was inserted merely as a distraction for other more nefarious agenda items -- but there are also claims from those who have attempted to tackle this monster document that steps to socialize our nation's health care system have been tucked into this bill as well. Likely, additional socialist agenda measures will soon be uncovered, hidden within the 8 inches of text, cross-outs and side notes, once we all have a chance to further digest this massive (and wholly unbelievable?) document.

For further reading on how other concerned citizens feel about the passing of this unprecedented piece of "stimulus" legislation, check out this letter to President Obama and Congress, from the Heritage Foundation, dated Feb. 13, 2009:

I have to wonder sometimes, these days: what is America coming to?  From what I have seen, heard and read thus far, I would have to say that I am on board with those that say our government has indeed overstepped its bounds. I fear, however, that this is only the tip of the iceberg.

[How we did get to this point?

1) A recession -- which is not always bad for a nation's economy, as it flushes the bad out of an economic system (e.g., housing derivatives) and resets prices to a more affordable level, which is good for consumers. Americans have just gotten used to living high on the hog. They assumed that big market and strong economy was just the norm and the way things would always be. They were wrong!

America has survived deep recessions in our nations past, and we may yet survive this one: if the socialist agenda of our newly elected government can be reigned back in and doesn't do too much damage.

2) An unpopular War -- In Iraq and Afghanistan, with the unpopularity being fueled by unfair media reporting and coverage, and a liberal agenda setting the stage for the rise to fame of Barack H. Obama.

3) A massive mobilization of the electorate, behind a charismatic individual, who stood to change history by becoming the nation's first "black" president and who was extremely adept at utilizing 1) & 2) above to his advantage, as well as uniting millions of people -- informed and educated along with uninformed -- behind a platform with little substance aside from the promise of "change."

4) A splintered Republican party.

Millions of Americans who voted for President Obama and his party -- which subsequently gained control of the U.S. House and Senate -- essentially gave Obama and his party a wild card to do whatever the **** they wanted. And they are! You asked for and you got it. I just hope (and PRAY!) that our nation can survive this presidency intact. If you aren't scared yet: you are either stupid or in denial.

With friends like these in Washington: who needs foreign enemies?! They can just sit back and watch in delight as we destroy ourselves from within?! Too bad we can't take a vacation from our government! I had hope for Obama in the beginning, but with the passage of the recent stimulus package I just lost the last thread of hope.

We may all have pressing issues and concerns in our own daily lives, but we've got to get a handle on Washington and hold them accountable before this current administration spends and legislates America's way into 3rd-worldism via socialism.]

God Help us!


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