Friday, February 06, 2009

Final Hours: Economic Stimulus Package ... the TRUTH

First of all let me say this to ALL of the Senators on Capitol Hill:

If you won't listen to public opinion (60% of Americans now oppose this stimulus package), and you won't listen to all of the economic & financial analysts , and you won't listen to your peers, then LISTEN TO YOUR OWN CONGRESSIONAL BUDGET OFFICE. The Congressional Budget Office says this bill is wasteful spending that isn't going to stimulate the economy in the short term!

Republican and Democrat alike, PLEASE save us, and our children, and our children's children from this bill! We can do better. We owe it to ourselves, our country, and our children to demand better.

This moment will live on in infamy. How will you be remembered senators?

As someone who towed the party line at the expense of the country?
As someone who worked in the 'spirit of bipartisanship' (per President Obama), only to leave our country with a legacy of debt that will last for generations and do little, if anything, to immediately stimulate the economy of our nation.

I am not saying don't act; just act judiciously. Reject this bill and start fresh with a new bill that is truly bipartisan and in the best interest of our country as whole.

( I know how Collins, Snow, and Spectre will be remembered ... especially when they come up for re-election in 2 years. It's not too late to walk back across the aisle senators.)

Last night, President Obama called for bipartisanship, but acting haphazardly on a wasteful and ineffective bill is not bipartisanship: it is stupidship. Bipartisanship is not Nancy Pelosi saying 'we won, so we're writing the bill. Now, shut-up and sign.' Bipartisanship is working together, with ideas from both sides of the aisle, to draft a thoughtful, targeted, and effective economic stimulus package that will work to create jobs and move the economy in the short term.

This current piece of legislation serves special interests, won't truly stimulate the economy, and is anything but bipartisan. It needs to be scrapped and new, truly bipartisan, effort needs to be undertaken. Contrary to what President Obama said last night: our nation will not suffer an economic meltdown if this bill is not passed this weekend. The CBO, and most economic analysts, predict that this recession will begin turning itself around within the next 18 months -- even if the congress does nothing at all.

President Obama's grandstanding and PR move at the House Democratic meeting, in Virginia last night, was sad but predictable. Obama tried to strong arm the Senate Republicans into signing his "stimulus" bill by applying a last minute media blitz. When in trouble, or doubt, Obama turns to his fan club, the liberal media -- who has been said to have a "man-crush"on him -- for support, rallying of the masses, and of course spin.

Last night, Obama criticized those who have called his plan a spending bill saying, with emphatic incredulity, "that's what a stimulus bill is (come on people get with my program ...after all I am the anointed one?!)." Well, President Obama, yes a stimulus plan can involve spending, but it should be spending that is specifically targeted at stimulating the economy. Spending that will truly and expeditiously stimulate the economy and create jobs in the here and now. Spending that will stand up to economic/financial analysis and public scrutiny -- yes, some of us out here have a brain, truly care what our government is doing, voice our opinions and stay informed.

A stimulus package SHOULD NOT BE spending that resembles a Democratic frat party, with Democrats cramming in every piece of left-wing agenda legislation that they have been trying to push through congress for the last two administrations. In fact, a "stimulus" package doesn't have to be spending at all. Here is an example of a stimulus that would not involve any spending: offer American companies, manufacturing products or providing services via foreign workers, significant tax breaks for bringing jobs back into the U.S. and employing American workers -- what a concept!

President Obama also said something to the effect of 'why wouldn't we want to replace the government fleet of cars with newer more fuel-efficient and greener vehicles?' Well, for starters we just gave the Big 3 auto-makers a huge bailout -- wasn't it $600 billion. What about the commercial and defense aerospace industries? These industries have also been hard hit with job layoffs, and more layoffs are still coming down the line. What is this bill going to do for workers in the aerospace industry? Have we forgotten about them?

I haven't felt the need to state the obvious lately, but $350 billion for 'birth control and sexually transmitted disease prevention. ' Please, someone spin that one for me?! How is this going to stimulate the economy in the short term and create legitimate jobs?

Stay strong our Republican and honest Democratic warriors in the Senate. Do not give into temptation and sign this pitiful excuse for a piece of legislation. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't; so what's the rush? Don't be fooled either by the magic number $800 billion. The Democrats --and sympathizers -- have added fluff to push the stimulus package up to a whopping $932 billion (last count? who can keep track). The fluff is just a distraction. Then, in these final hours, they will appear to compromise and pull the crap back out, thus allowing you to feel as if you've held your ground. Don't fall for it!

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